Michel Houellebecq in Tel Aviv Mall

Michelle Houellebecq landing in Israel mentioned the visit of a Hollywood star sleepy town. Tel Aviv was divided immediately among fans Omaaakim though. Like, what do we need this Houellebecq. Who at all? Many were shocked also that he said he was pro – Israeli, if found cheating on information provided by authorities. “Am I the only one not admire his books? So here is another conclusion from the evening: his personality well I do not fall”, announced winning poet facebook page to see it cocktail. The peak was Houellebecq mis-shapes club party emerged ecliptic. This infuriated the visitors set in place, as if the author bothered them over the phone late at night. Rumors of his success that night, came through Twitter in real time. I remained at home.

My encounter with the star was on the dance floor, or the invitation-only cocktail dips, but Steimatzky Bookstore Dizengoff Center branch, while devoted to the signing of the books. Prior to arrival, Gyabbu facts Steimatzky impressive towers of books reached respectable heights. I am very excited diagonal arrangement, but Michael, an artist – a poet with helmet hair, looked at me dismissively and said “It’s beautiful to you? It’s the most Steimatzky.”

Since it’s still in the business literature that require a type of Aindbduelizm, people seemed pretty shocked that they Mahtimym the famous star of the book bound as if they were fans of Justin Beaver. The fortunate ones hid the books for signature file. If you know French, you go with a copy in the original, mass-separated you from the crowd. A woman with a copy in German (eBay) immediately won a silent appreciation of her surroundings. But as expected Steimatzky elitist destroyed the atmosphere, when it decided to put a disc of Gidi Gov background. Someone put a protest headsets.

Full of envy, I remembered the day I signed the failed Shenkin bookstore stamp on the anthology took part. I sat outside for several hours and no one came. Just pick on people who entered the store to purchase and sign them. Finally, in despair, I discovered at that time inside the store sold few copies, but the people escaped from me to not sign them. The store closed last month after the next Steimatzky branch crushed him. Not long ago, I passed the window and saw there a fashion or something.

I met Irina wroble Grobmanm magazine editor “Zerkelo” magazine impressive figure in the Russian literary scene in Israel. Is not going to buy a book of Welbeck, of course. Just came to present the artist painting her husband did Mikhail Grobman, use one of his paintings of Houellebecq quote that Islam is dumb. She offers me a postcard with a different drawing Grobman involving male genitalia. Birth stands creates a Russian named Valerie Eisenberg painted on his shirt and green triangle. He insists that there Houellebecq is not French  name but not Arab. French girl corrects him. “I hate Houellebecq,” he says. But waiting to Oracle like all of us. I’m trying to find out if he’s close Eisenberg millionaire.

The place is full, but very quiet. People do not talk to each other and a strong sense of embarrassment. I’ve never seen such a quiet line in Israel. Since I only do a little noise, someone feel safe to ask me if it’s okay to take a book signing before paying.

Then, belatedly, he came. Comprehensive store’s known him a huge smile, like mohels with experience. The silence rips a baby crying embarrasses Mom elitist. Star sits under a giant green plastic sign which appears in the picture in a raincoat, a Parisian coffee apparently. Almost expressionless face. “Oh, do not see,” says someone everyone hiding her. If a girl whispers: “Be quiet, now we are in mode of action.”

“I came to buy the book and suddenly Houellebecq case here,” says director Yariv Horowitz. A girl she thought before tempting Houellebecq, when she heard the stories of the ecliptic, disappointed looks id of the author, “He seems Sleazy.” I would like to examine what exactly write Welbeck dedication. Girl with headphones and shows me that he signed only his name. Her hands still shaking. “I do not understand why they are shaking,” she says.

Houellebecq, an author I like, especially the descriptions of sex he writes, sitting silently pilot 5 seal clerk Joy . Murmurs, Achsabpio tucked a cigarette. It seems like he’s going to eat the cigarrete. “That showed a man urinating on the world,” says a guy named Ran. The most beautiful nose he pulls a fifth of a smile. Hair brush and it reveals a gold colored watch, sipping a plastic cup from Aroma chain of restaurants. The autograph table, under the tower of books, there is also a glass of water which is not touching, alcohol bottle. “I’m depressed at least as Welbeck,” said Dan C, Tel Aviv central figure someone, formerly known branch that came to see Houellebecq, but forgot to take a book. “Take my signature.”Sharon Rottbard asks her husband Amit publishing partner in “Babel” (Babilon), Sharon Rottbard, stand at Houellebecq, to help him spell the Hebrew names. I ask her on a wild night ecliptic. “No. We took him there,” she says. She also tries to refute the rumors about him antipathy. The second time they bring the Welbeck to Israel. Last time, in 1999, not yet published his book in Hebrew.

Back of the store, walking a religious man occasionally peering at Welbeck, in his book about the city of Safed accepted as an alibi. “I read the newspaper and wanted to see how the Rebbe that,” he explains to me why it, a little ashamed. I ask what his conclusion. “We are all human beings,” he says, and returns to sit on a couch in the back. Two girls striped shirt who arrived there by chance, duplication of tin cans sold in reason. someone trying to get me to photograph her, so as not to lose the line, from which you can not see it. I’m slipping.

“First time I want a signature,” says Ran is trying to distance himself from the business. “It is clear that on previous occasions I have asked you. For example with German artist, humiliating him friend. Ran continued: “It’s embarrassing what’s happening here. Just a scene of his books – Houellebecq sitting, people standing chin fans ask him to sign.”



Hungry Mimouna


Founders Garden crowd the streets begin to fill the central Mimouna. Moroccan elderly Filipino carry a wheelchair. A large sign advertising the ‘medallion transit camp of the’ Federation of Moroccan Jewry, one side of the stage. “Soon we will open the tent so you can greet the Mayor Mercy Melloul,” says an official guideline on stage.The name of the mayor, who was released just analysis, interspersed with songs, too.Bass luck hiding the mayor’s name on the sign behind the stage.

Mahal was built garden center honor, color, huge and busy food sweet. Is fairly empty because I arrived half an hour early. Like all media arrive soon, I should stick to Isaac Herzog. After he said what he said or not said about Amir Peretz Moroccans, he now comes to finance it. I have a feeling that Herzog does not reach the end. But it is already here, arrived first, ahead of time, as Sachpau Blvd.

Instead of substantive election, Labor Party swept to the question of what he said Isaac Herzog on my mother Moroccans Yachimovich Princess used against Ram Caspi. It would be fascinating enough electoral system for the differences between the candidates, reasonable people total at last. But here I am funded with Isaac Herzog, the Mupltut kind imposed enormous fish flour, face to the politicians. I should try to understand if the Moroccans Excuse Herzog. As if there is such a thing as ‘Moroccans’.

Someone arguing with the guard he wants Mupltut. “It would be enough for everyone,” says Aponkecioner Benzi suit with gold. Who had to eat a lot Mupltut to not get involved with the hosts is Herzog. Trying to push him to a chair of gold. “Do not try to put me in a chair, do not want”, he dares to say, say on his behalf.

Entered into colorful tent-motion Peacocks Meir Shitrit. If time was the golden boy of politics, with only the thin, broken voice puts his fears, something has changed.Herzog looked shocked, in Venice jumps back his hair, he puts on his glasses and then removes them every five minutes. Minister Sheetrit many elegant, with a beautiful tie, looked happy and relaxed. I hear Herzog huddles with someone Federation of Moroccan Jewry and says “There were misunderstandings,” and the other nods. But do not think that moving someone. Federation slipping all the people of it, as if they did something wrong. I ask them about the statement, and they say I have not heard about it in fear.

‘Contempt’ s is the guest of honor, an example of integration “, tells me someone. “His mother then Egyptian.” Integration Herzog was easy enough I suppose, his father and grandfather was chief rabbi president, and since then the Father is close to a stone.A woman trying to divide fezzes everyone just trying to put the red hat on his head, but Herzog refuses.

Reuven Rivlin comes at me and shakes his head despite not ever met before. He seemed most happy wearing a red fez, he talks about Mimouna motto this year, Social Work, and say nice things about the treatment of foreign workers, but pompon of fez entered his eye. I ask him why did not leaders in the fez as a duty in the Knesset, and he does not support, saying “just ridiculous media acts like. But put you in a turban, so Atahabs. Rivlin excited that officially returned from the islands of Tonga.”Incidentally, the King of Tonga said hi to your dad,” he says despise Y.. I ask Rivlin way it was. He says, “The main thing is that they will vote with us. They believe they are part of the Ten Lost Tribes. ”

“Herzog-year member of the Honorary President of the Federation”, tell me Moti Elmaleh, nice speaker of the Moroccan Federation. I ask Herzog few years is a member of the Presidium, and he says he was not a member of the Presidium of the honor. “But I’m a lot of years coming events. From childhood I celebrate the Mimouna.” It also offers all the media make Mimouna national holiday.

A little art. Gift Melloul, tent designer, explains to me that the table in front of me had twenty thousand shekels, and is the only of its kind. “Winning pitchers are 150 years, each twenty thousand shekels.”

– Oh dear. I saw one of them fell.

“It’s on my side. This section designs.”

– But what to do with pitcher Percy Moroccans?

“It’s the same thing. To give the wow must pitchers Persian”

Sheep continues, but Herzog remains. Belatedly, the mayor comes and sits in a chair of gold applause of those sitting who are concerned about his health. Official event can begin. Herzog guest speaker costs. Almost nobody claps. After that, the mayor also speaks almost no one (outside the tent city his associates) did not clap.

I’m trying to find out what happened. It seems sad that people out there that are not received Muplta. Mupltut concentrated encampment politicians, who eat even though they are not hungry. And outside, there is hardly Muplta Medicine. People tell each other ‘company Dine’ But what funding without pastry honey. The audience surrounds the yellow iron poles. They are quiet, but sad eyes say one thing: Muplta. Tray occasionally comes to the masses, but he already Achorsm by the politicians closest to the municipality. The few who get Muplta cause jealousy out there. Maybe it’s as if the social situation in Israel, the possibility of a place that eat up vomiting, Achsabced other hungry people. Someone offers to open the doors to the masses, but a young man with a beard that casts a veto. Outside, you can not buy Mupltut. It has maximum sugar white grandma hair outside the compound sold two men in five shekels. People are begging me to bring them Muplta. I try to sneak out beleaguered shipping, finds only a light blue sugar cake. But I can not find the people who wanted to. So I can myself and it tasted pretty good.

(Ha’aretz published a shortened version, and rose to the Internet for some reason. Thank Lraz, by the beautiful editorial comments)

Japanika Sushi Rothschild street, Tel Aviv \ \ guerrilla culture in Ackerstein bricks factory, Yeruham – Personal Summary

Eighth candle of
Hanukkah: Chinese workers
with kaffiyeh

Sushi counter
I put a coin
Take a coin

She wants
Combination B

American girl with
A white purse with
American girl

Bottle of soy sauce
Half full
With air


The poetry  demonstration in Ackerstein was one of the successful events of “guerrilla culture”. I think it was a turning moment in our activities. Employees took part in earlier and there was a  strong religious atmosphere to the demonstration. Leah Shakdiel and a religous local journalist named Mimi, spontaneous emotional speeches. Shakdiel  greeted  Giora Ackerstein, the CEOm because his granddaughter was born exactly on the demonstration day. She blessed her that you understand her own money is an effort of others and appreciate it (hope I’m not too interferes with her), put Moses spoke meets Egyptian persecutors beat is on, and discuss the concept of ‘we’.

Eli Eshed, a famous blogger of pop culture, read verses from Amos, he wore a red shirt (his hat mysteriously disappeared and appeared that evening on Ben-Gurion’s grave and then disappeared again). Despite the difficult situation and the great injustice done to the factory workers, so the owners will gain a few more pennies, we went from the demonstration in a good mood. We left with a feeling that we strengthened the staff and they strengthened us. that was different from such an event In Kiryat Gat’s textile factory Polgat, a year before. Then, we fell depressed that the plant was closed.

Workers in the struggle against evil (Ackerstein also build the separation wall and probably will build the wall against the African Holocaust on Sinai and Israel border) and I am convinced that the workers will win it. Because they have nothing to lose – they work 16 years longer, 12 hours a day, receiving 20.70 Shekels per hour (6$). They just want to live from theeir work, what’s the story?

This is the front of the state of Israel in 2010, not the battles that go out against imaginary enemies from the Akirov towers. The battle of us is not against  Iran,  Syria, or the Palestinians. The front is the town of Yeruham.

The most exciting moment was actually our relations with police, who generally harassing us. Here, In the poor town of Yerucham,  kindly policeman turned to us and said he was angry at us. When we asked why, he explained, “because you do not come to us, to demonstrate for Yeruham police.”

Here are some photographs of poets Daniel Oz and Hadas Gilad .

Two interesting texts written after the event:

The coverage of the new site south of Dimona News , Dan Bunbeidah

Ethan Kallinski the poet Alex Ababieve , Black Labor

Note Ltokabakist rising without name:

1. Anything can be achieved even if the vicious way of auction. If you were building a guillotine on the way here’s a tender, it was still an evil.

2. Mr. Giora Ackerstein provides a livelihood for many families, but poor living conditions in this humiliating and dangerous threats as shown in the ‘facts’. What is certain is that many families provide a livelihood Ackerstein, which is not so poor. And he did not appreciate it.

3. I’m not here to defend my paper, but I hope they do not employ people who work with them for 12 years, ten hours a day, still a salary of 20.70. I hope they were not hiding cases of physical injuries. You could say the Yediot Aharonot, and Globes, where I worked before, many things, but a treat employees with respect proportionately. Of course there are a lot of repair. I hope that spins agency talkbackers let you work more than 20.70.

4. If you think I catch a ride on Ackerstein, know that I would love to get a ride, allow employees, two-thirds of them want to join what must you do by law.

Eli Hirsch’s Poetry Book

Eli Hirsch launched a new site that presents the reviews he writes literary supplement of Yedioth Ahronoth

The site itself is certainly very important, because Hirsch (along with Menachem Ben) is one of the few who critic regularly  Hebrew books of poetry. I have reservations about Hirsch’s taste in poetry, which is after all “good taste”, for better or worse. But there is no doubt raising the reviews to the Internet is a matter that is important to document the period in poetry. Eventually, the site is really a new encyclopedia of poetry.

-Should pay attention to the interesting exhibition of Tzeela Katz RIP – Eran Hadas Walla! Culture

Promenade without a sea – Elements in the poetry of Dalia Hertz, Natan Zach and the israeli sixties

I have been asked to write about Dalia Hertz, but I want to use it a springboard to dwell on formal methods – topic her singing, but singing is also common in her time.
One of the main issues the authors worked of the sixties about jumping interested reader is also visible flickering and still not treated serious, he blasts, even the loopism – the English word Loop. Poetry of the time, as formal, but also about creating. Born in the seventies and the adults of which can compare this record jump, which record player repeats the same musical court cases. Nathan Zach is the most extreme example who uses this element, which has become his hallmark exercise, like Napoleon’s triangular hat, or – say his supporters – Stuttering by Moses, but Dalia Hertz makes extensive use of more sophisticated and perhaps this technique.

Run: I wait. Margot

Many songs in “Margot” (1961), Hertz’s first book, with the opening encounter immediately get stuck brake. The title track opens: “I made her coffee. I was late.Margot poop after \ ten minutes. The point is that I want to be \ around like you (…) Margot returns. I’m helping hand. She coughs. Recall the words of \ have me want to be like \ Margot. ” the loopism here, formal mathematical, is double or triple.First, literally, there is unnecessary on the organ back to the song or the subjects, words, roots (as I. K R) that she wants to be Margot, and the double delay (I marked underlined and emphasis the rehearsals, which I did well with the other demos I hope the magazine designers “position” that will respect). Second, the fact remain, the lack of – to move, hang, coffee and chatting with Margot to belated. Besides, you can also specify a doubling of Margot and the song speaks – this long which is six times Margot tries to be like. So with Margot Margot meets 2 (the author would like to make Margot) – this also blasts. Even at the end of the song ends and wait. Margot “, indicates that something important is happening right now, this is a song full of lag, some lag, but this great!
Topographically possible to compare the song and other songs that use this technique to her residence in a small village which is a round loaf, hamlet not – Global him repeating cars, houses remain the same, dominated the grocery (or shop) remains in place, from a passing car on the way those points, But in scales, cheeses and axes occasionally jumping startled passengers.
Bushmen quoted parts of a song “Margot” Almost nothing happens. They lag the sky – on purpose on the border bureaucracy. You could – in the case of prose Fried Chicken – cut them, they sense fat – a song, but the thin fabric created here, they have a vital role: it is also a camel’s hump is fat, and without funds will not be rewarded. And sometimes songs like the camel Mthoakaym Two – hump, or three – hump.
One of the things I learned about myself as a poet, the transition from writing songs like – Haikou (established), more standard format songs, is that sometimes it is important to leave the belly of the song. In fact, much harder to use fat and succeed to raise a song, than to choose the decision Ahdyattiat, modernist option or Ahhiicoait Ahmuutrat for decoration or belly.
Margotte, rhyming is Gihmtiat Popup, upcoming anti – Rhyme or nonsense “I ask. Margot returns. I’m helping hand. She coughs” is a clear example (you can compare it to rhyme “I ask / pray”, song “Alive” by Ofra Breast / Ehud Manor few decades later).
Song without name on page 17 in ‘Margot’ is also open loop: “I blanched \ Suddenly I blanched \ as a wallas a wall stood around me. As Ned / profit, they said, suddenlypale as a sheet.” If we limit the returns can be reduced to the song I blanched as the “twin wall / standing around me / like Ned” (repeated elements, three different organs, stressed here on the bottom, tilt emphasis.) There is no need that content back, doubling the mass of the song than 8 words to 17 words, that is over 50 percent of the opening text is based on the double shuffle. This loopism bishop highlights here. the loops that grows that this is a wall that she imagines herself to him, is the wall that closes with her too. The song later also use the word ‘delete’, creates a resonance enhancement of this blasts.
First at home in ‘things’, song book locks species ‘Margot’, using this motif Loopism, although in the subject: “If I got to it from me / we / I talk on the boardwalk / bored / So we met and things.” Translation prose: Mrs. Hertz goes hand in hand with the ‘things’; fact they came to her, it does not matter, they go on the promenade, bored and then meet.
Here, the last song, ‘things’ and which correspond to open and sit Margot, too boring everyday rules, with the dramatic break-ins, just clips. Two songs are the dialogue is not – a dialogue: dialogue and monologue. The promenade of the time indicates boredom, beat, the blasts. To this song that I’ll be back later in the Promenade article.

Zach: getting into

Natan Zach, Hazel poets of the period, went a step further and made them shuffle Abatakatanut trademark. Many of his songs is the only formal means. Sometimes he left no room to talk in a song, except the very repetition. I quote two poems are full of Natan Zach (from the book “songs”), “Evening Song” “night / when she told me my girl / youto walk down the street / I would go more complicatedget in and walk /walk and walk more complicated. Or “alone” (which ends with perhaps half – Exit) “is not good that man should be alonebut he alone among the so and so. \ Hewaits and he alone / He paused and alone / And he alone knows \ even if Itamaamacome.” Abnyrah is sometimes unpleasant, at the opening song called “an accurate description of the music he had heard of Saul in the Bible:” Saul is listening to music / Saul hears / Saul hear some music? \ Saul hear music.
Return this works better for Zach’s wife at tea my teacher Lmtamtika (dictates Lmtamtika original). Also because there’s been mathematical, and partly because the word is also stuck Mtamtika (dead + dead + statistics). And because after his wife died, he must be alone, then stuck Achabshir. We can assume that before she died, the condition of the teacher and his wife was stuck Uparbuli. Here too, humor breaks the loopism this melancholy, more thoughtful songs. After all there is out of melancholia blasts: funny song came out, it seems the poet’s death certified math teacher’s wife. Return a broken record that serves the song. An example similar to the way back to serve the song was over something she’s estranged Aaron Shabtai (Tanya, 2008, or the country in 2007) to “Ben-Gurion Airport, which describes the echo return the terminal, although there is Atakatanut, but repetitive, or” box ” of Nimrod Kamer from “I want to file you” (2009) in which repetition monotonous description of what he did with his girlfriend during their relationship once frustrating, testifies to the generality of the relationship. Displays in reviews – some the the “d-time” option relations pale. And here also have volcanic eruption montonic: the enormous amount of email received speaker Bashir.
Loopism comes as the use of square roots of words which indulging in double symmetrical Zach: Itamaama, Mtamtika can also specify the “anyway” or “This Is It” (the song “a final farewell,” the second song in the “songs”) or “sniffing” ( song “alcoholic”, the third song in the “songs”). Ie the first three songs in the “songs” (released in 1960 and 1962) both stuck, as opposed to the book, “songs” (unless you refer to the letters that Jean Yore Dea M also repeated the title word ‘songs and different ‘).
The same is true of other books of pure honey in what is considered his period: for example the song ‘What sweeten days’,’ How come star (one dare), and countless other songs that contain the same trick, just better or more successful Zach. It is interesting that it was chosen to researchers Zach’s claims at face value Zach felt that his writing is devoid of – symmetry and without an artificial order. For example, in “Love in the back” (2005), Professor Yair Mazor said that Zach is the symmetry of the lack of background – symmetry is grotesque effect of symmetry (I’m short the claim).Rachel Weasberod Bible “other days” (2002), devoted an entire chapter of pure artistic means, and therefore could not ignore the rehearsals with him. But she interpreted it and restore the natural speech, a claim that does not meet with the pure content to mention here, but is a reasonable interpretation of ‘Margot’ and ‘things’ of Hertz, which is hands-free language. Reader Open University’s official, appointed Weasberod number one after the other five pure poetry and artistic means, perhaps because students should be tested on this, good Lord have mercy. Element ‘return’ pushed her number four. My opinion is the measure Zaki, such as Cubist technique Picasso and other artists in his day, for instance.
When the runner, introduced her as having influenced the number of visitors over-Secretary-General. Hamutal woolly also referred to the researcher’s influence clear on the run at a landscape – Nationalism, Gender and subjectivity Israeli poetry fifties and sixties “(2006) from gender. The central theme is the comparison of Hertz between what they call “feminine women poets, urged the claims of Practice Run axis imagination – pure. Today’s comparison between different songs, “Zach’s second book, released a year before” Margot “, I do not think there is too much similarity between the Hz pure greatness and better songs. They are opposites: Zach understated minimal run thrown chatterbox. I will note, perhaps intuitively or gastronomic, that a good runner when wet than when dry and pure than good. Even their repetitive use is reversed. His use of thoughtful, her stuttering. I mean, with Zach the blasts is designed to show him Achamakne, puzzled and in Hz.

Avidan, Amichai: There’s nowhere to go

Avidan is also in this Loopism, but less than Hertz or Zach. In The Boxes hysteria “(Songs of pressure, 1960-62) came out around the time of” Margot “Hertz, and” songs “of Zach, Avidan opens Abnyrah win is clear:” There are people who do not have anything to lose, some people \ that them. What, they do not, what.nothing to lose? “.
Or the song “power of attorney (personal problems 1954-57) beloved by many:” What justifies more than \ the loneliness, the great despair \ strange carrying the burden of the \ great loneliness and despair big \ is the simple fact, cuts / We do not really where to go. ” Thematic here Atakatanut formal. What’s the song later, this house comes back more or less. And as for Zach in “Arab city” or in The Friends of the runner, use of the word about Judaism, to suggest the movement is in the negative sense, stuck. Zach is going to more complicated. Hertz is going for a promenade bored. Avidan and with nowhere to go early. Something I do not agree: there’s nowhere to go.

Avidan loopism with tiny – Atlaviabit (almost completely absent in the first book out of the fifties) dissolves with his progress as a poet shattering for science fiction,
Firing anti rattle rattle Vahciput – poetic. He lived in a small Tel Aviv, but his picture in Tel Aviv following a fictional, so you can also read the “Tel Aviv nights with David Avidan – guide to the night”, one of his important books, which describes Tel Aviv MB – corporate fiction. In the book, he describes rounds in Tel Aviv with the car, techniques mackerels, while central heat and power detection, revolutionary sexual attitudes, but the last chapter, he describes Tel Aviv, futuristic, Avidaniomit, raging 24 hours a day. Course in the last Gulf: Desert Storm Songs “(1991), his last volume of poems, dealing with the Gulf War, in the middle school, Avidan presented a picture of a Patriot missile launcher facing the sky. A picture that contains all the latest pathetic Avidan, who wants to be launched into the sky, but in fact be broken. Believes in the sanctity of American produce bright, but a dead end Patriot missile failed, noted screen, end up hurting his own side: Avidan wanted a world of tigers and sheep, and was the first to be eaten. It is interesting to compare the Patriot with Avidan and the artist’s work a Strauss, a decade later, she stands under the guise of an Indian rocket placed in Jaffa, next to the Iraq war II, so did combines art, kind of ballistics. Even his longing for Llweini spyware and traveling LSD, or the dignified manner and his fondness for seances, related to his leave Amanyrah Ahatakatanit – Domstit. I think that criticism, the nature of bourgeois stuck drawn, it is preferred to the melancholy side of stuck Avidan, poems “family”, not the wild side, his spaces ridiculous, culminating in his film “message from the future” (1981). During the psychological, I will note that preference may be more of his songs stuck Zach became “hits” are related to the melancholy element in the blasts, favored by conservative or bourgeois literature students who are currently sour their lives, because he is secretary of the blasts in themselves, their little doubts minimum pretensions family ease digestion, compared with the invasion of subversion and danger ballistic world. Although you can find the songs stuck in popularity even more Troielit explanation. Detective culture, Eli Eshed, referring to composing songs of poets, said the free time to writing poetry and harms the ability to compose, however, creates a back blasts, the same rhyme and weight, easy on the Composing songs, success, and touch audiences beyond poet poetry enthusiasts. This is particularly true pure (“Alone”, “How come the star”) but the Avidan.

Repetition paper is also in Yehuda Amichai, Poet for a period of “generation who, although less than in pure or Hz. It can be found at the opening of “fail again” (not to remember, 1971): “Last year, \ I was happy here / I’m happy here this year \ because a year ago / I was so” open “rash quiet”: “Rash quiet \ end year / on the brink. Who? \ on the brink / without a door. ” To a full course at Mercy “: opened in” El Maleh RahamimGod had it not been full of mercypity were in the world. And not just a “symmetry ends in” know that if God full of compassion / mercy in the world were / not only there, become one of the best-known songs, also thanks to the education system.

Diving board

Can be summarized that this is a crucial means of style poets of this generation. I do not want to enter the debate Zach – Alterman. I have no party interest, and I want it shares. I do not think this debate is too important, anyway, people would get tired of writing verses Apompuzeime or miss them even without Edhiptho of Zach. This war is particularly interesting talks poetry cafe or public lectures subscribers, the revenue side of literary scholars and poets. Since this section is not written charge and there is no point bothering to add another floor on rickety foundations of this argument.
However, you can raise a claim Ahsixteiz Singers, led by Zach, gave up on a string – this weight for Halupioat. That they surrendered one Mnyiriste through art, in favor of another, even more fake. Ensure that Mgihiach the claim that poets’ generation who “wrote a free rhythm, then this Halupioat shows the locked served their time more Mbshir disciplined, even if it is a rhyme and collected, is at least moving forward, from the past into the present, or present to the future, Instead of the past into the past. Of course, through art Melanie is also a beautiful thing that generates bright blue when shrapnel smashed, with sophisticated content or subject, such as Saturn’s political sonnets, songs of wild Omamushtrim Avidan or text slob singing Sivan Dr. Baskin or container, for example, today.
There is no formal means of termination of this or that, but: A.. Argued that there is such a formal way. On. Claimed its use was common or too common in a certain period. III. Attempt to understand the role that formal means, and what political position – poetic. The question is whether this means It describes the spirit of the author and mood Run – Zach – Avidan, or glued. Ie we specify whether Venice is like a casino or she reconstructs the Venice Venice blue Nevada, casino of Sheldon (This example is problematic: the Venezia is should be noted).
I think this measure is most natural. You may even be the connection between this character blasts tiny grocer – the life of Nicky Mapai in Israel at that time. If we continue political arguments – they are always poetic questionable (questionable as generational claims, I cast shells not trained here), you could say that it related to the jammed state Israel’s then, isolated island in the Middle East, a small town to slam on the promenade, like the song ‘things’ that run huddle with things on the boardwalk and
Does not even look at the sea (the sea, the waves and the sand is not mentioned in the song what is happening on the promenade, only the poet and ‘things’), with no allies other than ‘things’, talking about death (mine acquaintance) and with a sense of Shaw – Shaw song ends military with whom this book (“It’s confidential, it’s top secret”).
Disclaimer on the symbolic weight bead (perhaps) some Aenternzioanaaliut, although they strange climate of the Middle East as fur hats, and the transition Latakatanut, suggests Israel might be small, should be investigated by someone else. In any event, even if far-reaching Abteenutye I, I think there is a situation where contact means art of the period, as Azrieli Mall, Temple of the neo – liberalism Index – a comb, the separation wall, affect served our time. Even his famous essay on ‘poor stuff’ than 1986 Sarah Brietberge icon is talking about features fixed more or less and materials of artists from Tel Aviv “and” with it “mood affected period. This article is brought, by the way, Zach’s quote, too, that maybe he and the Loopism contemporary poets can read through the article of the Code.
If we continue to analogy in the art world at that time I recognized that the video works – art made by artists from Jerusalem the day, users Abnyrah similar moves back forcing Simpolim visual and sound again and again. Video Art and the Tel Aviv it flows better. It may be related to the secular blasts felt in West Jerusalem. As someone who lives in Tel Aviv, then, maybe it’s really true comparison Vsixteiz Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West that gives you a limited number of places, you navigate the content again and again, desperately belligerent. Front of Tel Aviv is seen as part of the world.
However although this technique is sometimes interesting to use (like in the song “Margot”), I must admit that I did not have too much fun sensitivity of this technique.Perhaps because I live in Tel Aviv and more open which is very easy to travel to Cairo, or Paris. No longer a hole in the Levant.

Another thing to stop him is the ease of use of this Abnyrah, in which each line can turn a thoughtful existential chance to sing – pop. For example the opening of the article can become, “I was asked to write about Dalia Run \ about who I was asked to write? The Dalia Hz. But I \ I just want to use it as a springboard \ if I wanted to jump \ board will be \ Dalia Hz. Even if I wanted to cut \ board will be \ what I was asked to write about, Dalia / she board \ Run “.

The article was published issue “was” Run the new Dahlia.

Precious Shmuelof Greetings, Friends mg Rilla culture “on his new book,” Why I do not write love songs Israelis. ”

Evening events in the next few days:

Saturday – 23.1 21:00 – syncope, Haifa – delirious night (with Reiskynder, run Doll and antibiotics) – NIS 30

Tuesday – 26.1 21:30 – Tksiderma, train 18, the police, place a new stuffed Horowitz – a performance that opens the secret place

Cancelled – Friday – Sheikh Jarrah,

Friday, 05/02 12:30 – Rothschild Street at the kiosk – Festival 15 minutes (every artist performing 15 minutes)

Saturday, 2/6 17:30 – Pat Festival / Keith , Pat House / Keith, Pranzviz Street, along with Ram Orion Vhapervnz.

Massada Street, Haifa – story of Co-existence

Massada Street, mid-week. Flashing lights and music mark the opening of an exhibition at a makeshift home. some guy puts lebanese pop through the Youtube. Beside him, hurling two Curly Arabs Darbuka-guys. Western girl with a blue shirt dancing on a blue background painting. The crowd at the opening divided almost fifty fifty between Jews and Arabs . Hagai Ayad, a central figure gay scene and former culture of Tel Aviv, leaning against a wall, not far from another oil painting showing the remnants of oysters eaten we late.
On the other side of the road – Cafe Massada, bubbling core of local scene. Handsome Arab bartender customer ID on the Russian Jewish apocalyptic short story written last night and she looked at him with veiled. On the wall, shining images of Egyptian movie stars from the Fifties, an initiative of Lina Falah, an artist and philosophical table, currently engaged in real estate, and one of the founders of successful place, take comfort in that it gets free coffee.
Continue a bit, some flat picking up a guitar sound, a bit of noise in the store’s urban Pneakistem shirts or a boy his mother, then a curving street, entering a small community center. Just took place here as part of the events of the Gallery ‘Art precaution, the street became one big exhibition, including Falafel. Twenty Haifa residents standing under a pink and many kind of macrame passionately about the connection of art and society. Outside, a coffee urn Works, some political posters of the left factions tiny fifty years, an increased concentration of young people with a mustache, beyond what is in the West. a grown man and ice, his face almost transparent, blue sweater and shave sloppy, shaky voice says, “but what we say in Tel Aviv? Do we know in Tel Aviv? Can someone answer me “and they all taxes that they should not Tel Aviv.
Piece of a street along the 200 meters, are located a used book store called Goldmund ‘,  Pardes publishing house, a clothing store Second Hand shop, T – shirt urban shop, two bars, four cafes, one with orientation for Gay Arabs, recording studio , a poetry journal called “Elat Hamastic” Feminist Art Magazine named “Artotal” ‘conducted by the artist Rachel Luria, and there are some rumors about local bands and theater, set up the environment.
Israel has only a single cultural center swelling all the time – Tel Aviv. Many writers and artists working across the country. But that supports a prosperous scene and throws herself to a variety of areas, operates, for better or worse, only the center of Tel Aviv. Currently, only one place can win the city’s basic voice first Hebrew – Massada Street in Haifa.
Unlike present-day Tel Aviv, all Massada speaking ideology. But the reasons for the flourishing of Massada Street, both in the pocket, and tied to exorbitant housing prices in Tel Aviv, Volume grew out of idle broke artists, but today makes the city rich.This is a healthy opportunity to usurp some other cities of cultural hegemony.Jerusalem also occurs but Masada complex Hadar neighborhood in Haifa, coming out of nowhere, suddenly – that is big enough. Many young people are flocking from all over cheap and pleasant to live on the street. Rentals of the three-room apartment costs less in the Hadar neighborhood studio apartment in South Tel Aviv. As more places are opened on the street, so the attractiveness of the compound climbs. I hitched a ride with a friend in Tel Aviv street. As the interviews progressed, she began to try to find an apartment in abandoned me.
Hagai Aid a theater, a new immigrant from Tel Aviv street, enthusiastic: “I was on Sheinkin Street in the eighties Achsahrahub burst. Since always lived around the ham. But I left here Achsshinkin became the mall. I do not want to live at the mall. Masada today is real on Sheinkin Street. I live on the street versatile environment called Melchett. I went here because this area has come up with people trying to re urban art, just like then. It’s a place that gives inspiration, a place to mingle with artists and people who try to define themselves. Tel-Aviv has become too capitalist, must have a heart of Tel Aviv ‘.
– Where there are more studs?
Truth in Tel Aviv. World Haifa disadvantaged gay, but I’m working on it.

Karmelit Named Desire
Uniqueness of Masada (but it has a station Karmelit), that scene is Jewish – Arab excited. This is not the co-existence initiative funded by the European Union, but simply living side by side. Sharing between neighbors is a natural interest in the face, but today’s Israel, where Jewish and Arab culture continents moving away from each other all the time – it’s a miracle.
I never liked the term two – existence, assumes that there are depths of threats to bridge them. Ubmsda really is Abahed – existence. Like men, more or less get along with women and adults with young, without much effort.
June hyacinth, musician (band decapitated Lips “), is one of the founders of Alternative Music Label Pat \ Keith. He went to Haifa to open instead of disabled musicians. Shinaah her bags after his sister, rays, a fashion designer. June hyacinth: “I wanted to create a musical scene in Haifa. It’s not easy, but I can say that every night I can get drunk with interesting people. This month we had five shows in five places in Haifa and two kinds of festivals. And the crowd arrives. There is a sense things are happening. Haifa is also mixed city. cooperation between Jews and Arabs is the chance for life in this country. not out of it must be together, but it’s interesting to live in together. If there is a chance for this place, Israel is only through the model of Haifa, Haifa through the mix. ”
Eran Prager is the owner of Cafe Masada, the scene where he opened two and a half ago (“Everybody thinks we’re open a lot of years”). He sees his own action, beyond the boiling espresso, something political. Prager accidental accidentally arrived, after his girlfriend then, and opened the Cafe Masada ‘to establish a coffee would be rested for Arabs and Jews. Responses to requests: “This morning a customer came. Pointed to this sign, ‘freedom and justice to Gaza.” Demanding to download. That it is not suitable ”
– What do you do in such cases?
. “I say, not fit, you go.”
– Posted Ssarabtam time to serve people in uniform?
New worker arrived and thought we were not serving soldiers. On his own, he refused to put a soldier. And created a story. But what he did against the spirit of mine. We want everyone to enter and talk and listen. I know sitting here left-wing soldiers without uniforms, I was a soldier like that.
– It seems you do something more ideological – art than running a coffee shop?
Politics here is the only thing that saved me, because I was really dull run a coffee.Treat customers municipality is boring.
Lina Falah, 29, Druze, the last in the country Sami’a, accommodation is a tall girl and determined: “Talk about Haifa as a place with coexistence. But there are only exist in Haifa and sub – existence. Or as they say the Arabs, coexistence between cute and rider. Abmsda have Two – a real existence. on the street you see Jews and Arabs who left exposed to the Jews and Arabs not to be exposed at eye level. It happens at the meeting in a cafe in artistic activities. ”
– How it works and why here?
It happens in a very organic, it just happens. Begin with the Jews who come to live here tolerant Arabs, that the street has a name of a bohemian leftist. People who consider that maybe Itahachko evenings.
– There are still conflicts?
Very little.
– And Druze? Standing in the middle?
Language I can say I knew the first time really I connected with them Druze. My Druze essence is just a curiosity here. They say, ‘Oh, Druze, cool.
– The rest of Israel more difficult for you to be not Jewish?
I am not an example. People do not know if I am an Arab. I do not look, and I have an accent, and Hugh hated.
– So you want here?
I’m pleased with her actions. But like drugstore Laundromat 24 hours. (In the background shouting that there has been a drugstore) Ok, so take off the drugstore. I just want a Laundromat.
Rachel Lurie, editor Artotal, an online newspaper Pmnisstti art, artist and poet herself: “Many years have severely fantasies Web newspaper difficult. I decided to fulfill them now because it is a possible target Barrtotal create an artistic dialogue that goes beyond art.
– Weird Sabmsda has two newspapers, you Mastic.
That’s very nice and I’m proud to be part of Mastic.
– Fun in Haifa
I’m a little roll in Tel Aviv. The combination is very interesting here. I live in students who do not live near the market.
I see a lot of side effects and some crime. Just quiet. There are many Arabs and Russians, but all in all nice.
Hadas Ben-Artzi, actress delighted to play my father’s next film, Eagle, is a colorful character. We’re going to eat hummus in Abu Shaker downtown, ten minutes walk on foot (“I’m trying to convince them to open a branch Abmsda. I have no power to go down every time”). On the way, she waves hi to all security guards and selling Triiningeym loses her dog Ahatahsit Matilda at every intersection possible.
Ben-Artzi: “When I came here for learning in London, I did not know who is against whom. So I decided to like the Beatles start performances on my roof. Provide a platform for artists from Haifa, not only from Tel Aviv. It was important to me to be cultural and that it will not easy. It was not long until Shliroay my roof reached 1400 people. I write a script on the street now Masada. like a Florentine, just a little different, because there are Jews and Arabs here. I call Lmsda Street lost souls. It gives legitimacy to a street. It does not happen anywhere else here. Even if You’re two blocks up, you’re at the foot of Caramel, and it is impossible to create.

Masada shall not fall again

Haifa beauty is still the same sleepy town mall mall moving crises. In the coming years, is Thank up the third largest city in Israel, in favor of Rishon Lezion. Masada complex is a weekly Zebahabat in the city. On Maxim magazine comes out singing called Mastic, the editor Lila Weber Meital Nissim, and gives expression to young artists around. To understand the uniqueness of the compound can be told that the newspaper is distributed at four points of Haifa in Haifa, and all along the street Masada.
– Copyright Hifaim veteran as a. Joshua responded in the magazine?
We did not get to them, not tried. We operate only in the ghetto of Massada. There is no one consultation, there is no action here, we can learn from it. And that is precisely good: everything you do here is significant. All pioneers, it’s like to go into the wilderness without a map. He is also a pain in the desert flower.
Weber Lilac’s gaze distracted and dreamy. I saw her first appearance on the roof of the music label organized by Pat \ Keith half a year ago. She demanded to be given respect for the Lhifaim, not just artists who came from the center, a swing to go with another poet, mustached, and eventually appeared in two Halokl – patriotic applause of an enthusiastic audience.
For some reason, it is her innocence and directly led to a move that was supposed to be a highlight of the scene and eventually set up his dream of Masada terrified Art Haifa against the establishment dismal reality.
To promote, Mastic, Lila thought the organization of the art exhibition from the booklet. Because she did not quite understand art, she says, decided to take more curators to manage project. At this point, the idea came from her slim Weber, became a huge exhibition for anything called ‘art care, which took place at ten locations in Haifa, with a number of curators, dozens of artists, nearly all local.
The exhibition was to be a show of strength of the work area. All businesses on the street have become galleries for the exhibition. With commercial Biennial cast on the advice of some urban branding consultants, with external curators, an event created here came from the bottom up and swept the whole street with thousands of visitors to the exhibition and then a street party. Instead ₪ million budget, the show closed here ten thousand shekels. Many people arrived and at eleven pm and the music was supposed to be closed by law and a host of old neighbors who want to sleep.
But the fate of parties organized by young people just do not close at eleven. Catastrophe occurred, there was a party Casual: veteran officers were experienced formation event day. Neighbors have complained about dancing under the house, because there were police officers, a Police patrol car was sent to take care of business. They reached the street which was full of dancers drunk disbanded after a successful exhibition, some artists and exhibitions. Like the American Civil War began a few kids throwing snowballs at soldiers English, H, one artist, was drunk and decided to dance on the car because she thought it was disco lights, a fight developed, which gave police the green light to go celebrate.
I received numerous complaints of police violence. Walid Zoubi, a trainee doctor in a hospital, Caramel. Is one of the regulars sitting at the Cafe Masada: “I went to a party, after a successful exhibition. Police came and asked me a go. I told him, I live here, where I might get around? Arad city down? I do not bother you. Then Lena came and told her to leave. She said, I live here. He told her, shut the fuck up, ya dumb. She said, do not talk like that. Then I see the Lena gets hit and flies to the floor, unconscious. ”
– She did something?
She did not do anything. Is a girl, all gorillas. Bomba received large. She was just a circle on the forehead, like animated movies. She fainted and gave her a neurological evaluation, no signs of bleeding in the brain. What I’m trying to wake her. She sees the man hit. Pointing to, say, shoot. He was afraid of tearing it off the car. I tell him, it hurt. One choked me, the two pushed me. So I flew back, because I do not want to stop. After it gave her more blows in the car. There was a party really, really good.Bummer ending this way. Was really Cool and beautiful.
– And how your feeling now?
It’s discouraging that you are trying to revive the neighborhood. My neighborhood is important to me. I am originally from Nazareth, but see the type of home. There is also the positive side. Police kidnapped persons, they have no political awareness, an opportunity for them to understand that if the police act like Haifa, how it is living under an army. They understand the degree of frustration. Why people end object.
– And yet the relationship between Jews and Arabs here are very different from the country.
I do not like at all to talk about Jewish-Arab relations. I went for coffee, and it occurs to me to even think who a Jew and who is Arab.
Hagai Ade, now works as marketing of the Haifa Theater. Although little institutional position, frustrated police: “Police do not know to deal with region. She interprets wrong. Instead of nurturing, Masada is the key to understanding the city revival, against everything establishment workers. If there is a chance to be the focus of Haifa culture, so it is just here.”
Chen, an artist, who was among the first riot, grabbed quite a bit: “They burn gas poured over me. Something you throw the Arabs, a small amount. They dismantled me at least a half tank. When I started turning blue and I could not breathe, they beat me with clubs. I am a woman, not interest in them, stomach, near the womb. Friends took me to an office of publisher Pardes rescue me. They stripped me, because everyone started to vomit because of the smell of the clothes. What an awful police are not called an ambulance. Ahrebctam, swell? Call an ambulance. I have scratches Ein yet. all hell shower. days resin. All the chest and left arm was full of burns
, I left meat out. It was a dark day. No one knew where people were. Did not know what state I am. Sought in hospitals. Street for two days later seemed shocking. “.
Eyal Lavi, with Goldmund books: “Without police, Masada is not a violent street.”
– So why the police kept an eye on the street?
Because there is a lot of people with Arstut. The police have an instinct, a man with dreadlocks, do a search. This street is very leftist. A high percentage did not do military, the connection of Jews and Arabs here, great. It’s a natural thing, no one think it makes the region.
– No friction between Jews and Arabs?
During the ‘lead casting was the tension, but people sat talking.
– There’s a bumper sticker, for example, slaughtering pilots.
This coffee Masada. Place of his political opinions known. I vote Meretz, and is considered here and nationalism. But it’s Heart of Masada. This coffee house is an institution.
Il Friedlander, 52, is curator in charge of the social art presented at the Community Center. Is a European-style silver, looked a little like an orchestra conductor. After the successful opening of the art care, decided to get himself on the street: “I stayed all night at the opening and I was already drunk. I saw the party. It’s not the kind of reasons for my age, I wanted to, but I saw the police take young people and take them. I started screaming. I told the cops, what are you doing here? Will go away, there is an art, there is joy. There are exhibitions. I grabbed a police officer and began to preach morality. He told me, you under arrest for assaulting an officer.Stories of people said they pushed me and I fell. But do not beat me, just pushed, acted on his face did not like humans. I found myself screaming with rage, that the first clouds I did not understand what is in this turmoil, like never belong here.
– You look respectable person, not someone who stop and put under house arrest.
I’ve learned something from everything. I learned that the government here is not for me. He him. This layer of elite that cares for herself. I, the Pacific Citizen, on their cocks, the police here do not deal with criminals. But with Lflapim, artists and students, people with long hair, God forbid. Since I cut my hair did not stop me on the street.
Eran Prager, Masada Cafe owners, he has an earring to pay the harassment: “I are investigating at least once every two months. They take students by the police, if he know about it once the drugs, were they doing with the search procedure for these students, teaching them how to look at us. I happened a few times they were interns. ”
June hyacinth, musician: “Teaching is supposed to be head over town, the place will live in peace. But they go Where they have considered. Last year, six times I searched for knives in the street.”
– How did you react to searches.
I told the cops, ‘Hey, but I’m Ashkenazi.
Kimchi Rafi, Director of Economic and Social Branch North College, one of the organizers of the exhibition: “There is an amazing activist scene there, of Jews and Arabs. Haifa is the most central place in terms of organization Ahpmnissteim the Arabs. It’s no accident in Tel Aviv has no problems, that Tel Aviv and yellow, the Ashkenazi high socioeconomic class. ”
– Yona Yahav came to see the exhibition?
No. But he sent his messengers to take all the spruce. See how lovely. That scene.There Soho.

– What happens actually?
“Haifa undergoes a process Frifrilizcia. Has a move where the city actually lost economic forces and human favor of the State of Tel Aviv. Some race of the establishment is trying to be like Tel Aviv. To organize mass events that will become the commercial role of Haifa, Tel Aviv. I believe her approach is to try be a tail to lions, but to make the Haifa to be the leader of the North. Battle of the failed privatization, in care of art, said, come see what a wonderful creation occurs here. especially in this room, the neighborhood began to Haifa, Haifa’s Farrah.
– Citrus Now what?
“Railway station that anyone can go it moves away. If you can indicate strong areas, if you fail, do you coming south. Room apartments have a cheaper, it allows students to Arabs, to live there. Haifa is the cultural capital of the Palestinians in Israel. If you A young Arab man who lived in a village in Galilee, want to experience urban life open, then you came to Haifa. ”
– And the exhibition?
Look knocked. The police knew that was going to be an art event with a seria of openness. Known to be sensitive to the people on the street. So that day they send cops fucking experienced Lanupshon Hanukkah? Then Achsazrah a phone call, send policemen. Police officers see a lot of people think and what to distribute. Do not blame them. Are children aged 20. Behave like scattering scene. We worked a few months volunteers, was an outstanding success. But again the title is – violence Abmsda. (Haifa police response: “The police are taking care of law enforcement and responds to events. Every complaint will be reviewed on its own merits)
Efrat Levin, the moving spirit behind the exhibit, concludes sadly, “do this pioneering art here, because there’s nothing here. It’s not like Tel Aviv and you’re just looking for a niche. One Gallery has a commercial here? No, no nothing, nor ever was. violence in the exhibition for me is part of reality. This suggests that art tries to beautify and illuminate, a more powerful reality. ”
– How did you feel about something in fact so much time volunteering, you did something so beautiful, and finally it ended like this?
The horror of the world.

Posted five days ago on seven nights a shortened version, titled “Sunrise Show Abmsda”

Prophet in jeans – 25 years for Dan Omer’s Death – Israeli Beatnik

“Everybody wants to be prophets and eat from the plate,” said Dan Omer  in an interview to “Haolam Haze”. Even 25 years after his death, Omer was probably the closest thing a doomed prophet wh in the Hebrew literature, although the bottom line really did not eat from the plate, so that today only few know exactly who he was. And those who know – some of them would rather not remember.
Omer arrived early enough headlines in the short-lived career , randomly. In 1966 he published the book “the road”, a futuristic nightmare novel center with a German girl. The name ‘in’ than corresponded with the ‘On The Road’ of  Jack Kerouac. Omer tried to write like the beatniks, over-used the term ‘cock’. It was understood as an attempt to pornography and the book was censored.Supreme Court Justice Moshe Landau, the court defined the book, “Practice really disgusting about sex whose distribution is not allowed even though the scale stick, which we got used to these days. Horrifying descriptions of sex and blasphemy for signs of boring writing and literary talent.”

Good morning revolution, Dan Omer

Disqualification of ‘the road” led Omer to hunger strike in front of the Knesset. Protest tent Cafe Ta’amon “continued illegally selling copies of the book banned. He lost the trial and then appeal, but won the war, Israeli literature won him: “way” was the last Israeli school censorship rejected moral reasons. It realized it was too silly.
Moshe Bar, a bookstore owner,and friend: “Dan was a hero for the youth in Jerusalem. All visited him at the protest tent. This was a time revolution was a revolution and friends were friends. He despises permanent work in terms of surrender to work. He knew he was paying a price . He was not a food several days before someone invited him. Why? that he wrote. an angry prophet like him – there is no ”

The year was 1966, as stated. Dan Omer was 26, pretty thin because of the hunger strike. West, defeat the censors “the lover of Lady Chatterley” opened the dam and the free sex era. But Ahsixteiz Israel going to be short because of war breaking out in summer of next year, and change forever the central questions occupy the local culture.
“Way” was a very interesting book, like a bucket of 14 books – published best-selling Dan Omer. A powerful book, but not pleasant reading. The sequels do not cause discomfort or pleasure, but very disturbing. There was always something there, but the original work was his center of gravity. The work of Omer met through the “grunt”, a collection of American poetry Ahabetnikit he translated and included the Ginsberg, Corso Uprlingetti.Joel showed me to her home in Haifa when I was Hoffman. He had a photographic copy of it with pins. I’m pretty stingy and moved a year until I found the book at a lower price than 150 ₪. The book hit me. Curly bang reverberating from the book, also expressed his release points, showed that there is life beyond the legitimate cultural poetry usually politely Vmachahachahat advertisers here or choose to translate. Since, I try to publish poetry without scoring.
Through the “grunt”, Omer tried to import the song looked to Israel. This translation is not – perfect: it’s brilliant translation. Natan Zach Translate years later, the poetry of Allen Ginsberg may be true, but did not have the spice of madness that Bezeq Dan Omar. What’s the point an exact translation of the songs fact that to begin are not accurate? This book was a fountain turpentine desert for young people, who knew only the respectable Hebrew poetry, he showed her song belongs to the bad boys of the class, not only Laharsnim. The poem “growl” Ginsberg’s legal affair dragged. She was considered too obscene banned the United States. Issued by her publisher, Lawrence Frlingtti, was arrested. Today it is considered a classic.
Looked, swollen poetry movement against the American controlled and dignified, was not significant in real time. Israel was not wearing anyway. Alexander Penn wrote about looking at “I beatnik / If I had a pita \ I Pitnik. Americans will learn it on non conformity, communism, and it could be Star Singer? But today among the young singing Israel’s fashionable late decades, singing Ahabetnikit has finally Edna squad Address “style which distinguished the first issue of their magazine, the effects of the” kind “and Moise Ben Harosh young poets as Van Newein. A week ago when Shmuelofappeared with his launch of Allen Ginsberg poem translated one Fishof (first published in the studio). Poetry has entered the eighth, and use Babbitt has great power politics and cultural battering ram, seven. San Francisco a year ago, by accident, I almost had to take a ride with Lawrence Frlingtti, one of the three poets are translated in “hot.” Is now over ninety-year-old enjoys mythical status as publisher of Ahevitanyakim boss of the world’s major bookstore poetry, City Heights. Despite his age, he drives a red Toyota pickup truck, barely see the road. Fortunately, or not lucky, I got another ride. The next day he suddenly coffee jumped by case settled because it was the only empty table where poets. He took a sip of coffee, and went on Toyota. immediately jumped on the coffee some older poets excited, snarling ‘I drink the coffee of Frlingtti.

Mount hands

After “the way”, an eagle at the center of Omar Dan. Meaning of occupation of the Six-Day War (which six volunteer, even avoided before) tearing it. He was signed few of the prophetic ad left-wing “compass” in September 1967 calling for immediate withdrawal from the territories, one in fact had predicted one of the processes vandals lied about Israel since then. Present-day Israeli mainstream, was a betrayal. With euphoric state, the very officer Omar opinions, that tended to be too annoying. He decided to leave London to establish a commune and lead a revolutionary movement, together with the local branch of the compass, and even claimed the CIA. Islands. Yee bothered to follow him.
Dan back in the seventies Omar big time. ‘This world’ suggested Amos Keinan write a literary column. Keenan too lazy and recommended Dan Omar. Section “paper tiger” Omar became a literary critic who knew the most brutal tongue of Hebrew literature.Aaron Megged wrote about, “continued Beredidotho literary disabled.” On a book by Amnon Navot: “less promising novel Israeli fiction in the eighties and the worst novels.” On the young flush Rooney wrote: “wild growth of marginal culture in school. Lulls the reader.”
Invective techniques were fixed Omer: when he wanted to hurt someone, and that’s what he wanted usually use the name of exile. For instance the editor of “Now” Gabriel called Mr. Munbeaza focus and added it the name was probably meant to hurt, “the professor from Be’er Sheva.” Today, the focus misses the then enemy, reconciled with him before he died. Focus: “Omar was a strange, our powers. Gunfighter wild goat found in the Hebrew polemic top. He did not write his own poetry is important, but it does not matter. Today there are no side effects like Dan Omer. There is hardly a lone horsemen with their own opinions. I see imagined him. with old thin face, sitting on a cloud in the sky, arguing with the poet Maxim Gilan.
Hebrew poetry has become more disciplined geeky?
Hebrew poetry is not disciplined, this company.
Dan has Omar legacy?
Do not think. He was forgotten shame. It must not be forgotten. Is an important man.I’m not saying that great with him. We fought. All right.

For action, the literature section, a paper tiger, has become very popular, so that increases the circulation. Pitchforks pierced through the minds of the less holy holy cows. Amnon Birman, Atsabcne member of the Jerusalem bohemia, tells of the importance of the Tiger: “In an interview to ‘paper tiger’ I said Avidan started to lose his bearings. Avidan was friends with my father, Abraham Birman, who was his English translator. This world left on Wednesday. On Tuesday At midnight, my father gets a phone Avidan. He answers the phone in a panic. Avidan other end. He says to him, you get older, your son expressed freely. Avidan off, and did not come to the funeral of seven of the Father. ”
Uri Avnery, editor of this world, was delighted with the purchase: “Dan Omar was very aggressive and it was good. Literature, like any field, perhaps more than any field, needs people that make an argument. I gave him total freedom. Has never censored or repaired, and it made much annoyance. I got a lot of criticism about how I let him write. ”
Today there are phenomena like Dan Omar?
The press has become flat, has no mountains, everything plain. Society needs to advance debate, people who have opinions and want to express them on their noses and the wrath of others. I took it, because I thought people would provocative read, even if they are not interested in literature. It worked. ”
But it was also insulting to receive a green phlegm you bother to book a few years.Dan Omar died at age 44, there have been many joys. Baruch did not deny a man who said ‘good riddance’. Some have compared the sense of joy can feel on the death of Rabbi Kahane. Menahem Ben and today, it suffered quite a bit, insisting that Dan Omar was punished by God stroke for his sin as a critic ( a graceful response Menahem Ben ). Amnon Birman disagree, “said Omar died that Dan did not contain the hatred. It was defamation, but there were many who loved him.”

An Israeli dream, Dan Omar

Mr Line

I met Dan back at Ariela Omar, in the second floor where you can read periodicals. A few years before I took the day off from any spot dedicated to reading literary journals. Absolutely, the first sheets of ‘line’ beginning Ahsixteiz presented the most advanced and interesting texts. Signed editors bar Jonah Fisher, Rachel Shapiro and Dan Omer.

Beauty of the ‘line’ is a wild selection delicate at the same time very careful of the materials, a natural combination between art and literature. Still, few refer to the “line” as a milestone in its preliminary version.
Poet Harold Schimmel excited when he recalls the days of line, which was first given to the journals where his songs: “I wrote a time on American art. The editors said, we do not know how you pay.’ll Write a check for your name, fill in what you think you deserve. This Their management was. Dan Omar was very against what was going on in the country. He was the opposite of Libra. which was nice, he then did not write Hebrew. and he just published his poems in English, Hebrew and all the vocals.
Assessment of him as a poet?
“My wife once said Dan Varda he knows he is not the same league of Amichai and others, but it is important to write songs. He said that poets Type ‘A’, but also poets Type B and C has a right to exist. They work as hours dedicated not less. This approach appealed to me. My wife was also impressed by his modesty. ” Schimmel also published poems in ‘yellow pages’, a magazine for value Den Omar. Then ‘yellow pages’ also became Omar Dan’s company, through which he received payments magazines where he worked.

Finance Jonah Fisher, grazed for editing, tells how he began ‘line: “I Mhuclaartz in 61 and played with the idea to edit a magazine for art. I met Abteamon Dan Omar told him. Dan said that he would like to spend a magazine for poetry young. So I said, let’s do together. Dan Omar knew the blessed object, will be willing to finance the first issue. Dan, our friend Rachel Shapiro. We worked together for two years at my apartment to get the first issue. when he appeared in the paper, Baruch said he will not want to finance.’ve lost money, so we continued. We worked pretty harmonious Together, the flow very well, when it flowed. until that happened that caused unpleasant to stop any possibility to cooperate and we stopped to say hello to one another. ”
Difficult. What I did was so nasty. It’s like a couple divorces, all the good years are affected by separation.

Radio cute man

Filmmaker Micha Ambassador Dan had a friend of Omar, “We knew for many years. We cooperated together when I was on Army Radio Radio Magazine asked him to be my Ahsiidakiak.
How Radio reluctant in those days employed proud?
The right of the commander of Army Radio. It made lifting an eyebrow. That Dan did not try to be Apoca muddy. He tried to provoke and arouse attention, do not take things to their bodies. He had good instincts for public relations. We knew other boys young guard. He was Shmucnik impressive. Very moving. After that, he mocked the Christian faith Radziner Hazan Yaari young guard. ”
Were you fighting?
“I do not think so. This can be attributed to the censure. Not so easy to quarrel with me. I realized pretty quickly that the best way to irritate him, she did not Marivaux him. It Ichas him even him. He was looking for Don, no question. Not afraid to fight, verbally and physically. once got beat up a bunch older, ashtray once got beat up a taxi driver who was all the years he remained silent, and to confirm or deny that he killed Bernadotte.
You were among those protesting the censorship “in”?
I came to the tent. Identification. You know, I thought then and I think to this day, fortune who took it away in two minutes, attracted attention. The tent had a little anecdote. Extra Fine coffee friends came to see him and to show.
You can talk about the legacy of Dan Omar?
Eventually, he was producing a lot. Wrote all the time, he was great – like me. Things went well and for quality. Once a song. Once an article. Groups were always the most important they thought them to be remembered forever, and vanished.

Year of nothingness

David Monsein is a real estate according to his profession, but professional bohemian by any other measure. It’s about the first time he encountered the phenomenon: “In the sixties, I went up the street. I saw a swarthy guy with a goatee looks at me suddenly. I tell him, what is looking. He says, I’m looking at. I asked what he was doing. Say, I’m a young poet. I tell a joke, you can read me? He says, meet again in three hours a weak. I laughed, but it intrigued me. , I come to the cafe, waiting at a table Read it to me. He says something like “It was a night of nothingness, the clock stopped on the porch playing cards, beauty gave a divorce himself. Since he is very into bohemia. In the evening we used to go every day Lbeachhuas. Was there Raip Elias Maronite Christian who ran the place. One day he tells me Dan, you are drinking every day. you are here anyway, want to be waiters? we said yes. So Raip said, ‘OK, you take the top, is lower. I worked one day, is a long time “.
How Dan Omer was the waitress?
“He took everything seriously. Then, he was the one who led the retirement of Nitzan Ltamon bohemian coffee. Shkedy coffee bud regular customers came, my brother Amnon – Naomi, told him he had a debt, and asked him what about the money. Then Amnon said to him ‘If you need money, you work. Following this, Dan Omar led the disposition of bohemia bud Ltamon. who was by then coffee shakes. There were tables and beautiful, beautiful images like in the sixties. came Coop and made changes and made the order, Formica and taste. It has become a central place. In 65 Dan Omar was based guys had to say. He told the London, it was like to go to the moon. He came back in love with Alan Ginsberg. was a revolutionary of coffee shops. ”
And you?
“Omar’s and my views were completely different. He was a compass, I was not, I would do with business. I said Let’s get him the book ‘Jesus in jeans. We got stuff we printed it.”

It was a good deal?
“Even half a book did not sell. We released him, he added a sticker on his name, and sold himself. I have not messed around in publishing, only myself.”
What’s unique about Omar?
“I’ll tell you a story. One day we hitchhiked and got to the kibbutz. The man did not eat or drink. Said, I do not take food from a kibbutz. If I do not work, I can not. He did not eat or drink for two days.”

Amnon Birman, Atsabcne League, comes once a week to Tel Aviv. We meet at the Cafe Bialik, I tell him my mother was director of logic puzzles forum brings me a book and crossword puzzles with a beautiful dedication. Birman came to prepare another puzzle to tell about his old friend: “I really liked it, there were many who loved him. He loved me. Do not know if there was a lot of people. September 67 Compass members including Dan Omar was called to depart from the territories. It was very popular . There was also Shimon was a columnist for Ha’aretz, there were letters to fire him because of the ad. Once it was possible to put all these people in an apartment, now can not put them in Bloomfield “.
His love of literature?
You can compare Dan Omar Amos Keinan. Both writers fail, not good, because they Plkttistem, see reality in black and white. They were Msionarym. Amos was a genius satirist. But when he tried to write a book, I could not read. And Danny. Like Keenan, Dan was an excellent editor and translator of genius.
Dan would you say that?
No, Keenan did not say.

Outside the black and white pages, Dan Omar was a tireless forgetful. Nurit Manet, his third wife journalist Yedioth Ahronoth former tells of their first date had shouted at people. “He took me to the party’s newspaper covering television. Until we arrived, he was warm and charming. When we party, his tongue cut the bodies. He met guidelines are known and told them ‘you free food. Everyone went off and could not comment. Since then, the quality of the fight was gone , you do not see her anymore. Even that amount of knowledge that man was a phenomenon has gained. He had a photographic memory, and read very quickly. He was turning the page, already digested. There were few books read paste daily. He had a huge archive of all home related Israeli culture, from late 19th century until his death. everything was sorted. He was set for war. The soldiers were in Tours arranged. It really was a fighter, a general of all this information. Dan saw himself as a knight whose function is to keep the Hebrew culture, the integrity of the culture Hebrew. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to form the blood-creates adult mass. At the age of 40 you are just starting to write. Hebrew culture has lost something clean, not busy serving no one ”
Against who?
“I remember he had a hard fight, for example, Dan Ben Amotz. Every Friday, Dan Omar was out with his own. Dan with his adopted son. Amotz Danny White said, if you dare today, would remain forever. It became a terrible hatred. The amount of knowledge that the person This phenomenon was gained. If the quote was arguing, he would take the book. He had a photographic memory.
How quickly read?
Were slightly smeared and read two books. He was turning the page, read digested.
What was his agenda?
That changed with the birth of Athaliah. He woke up at 11. Weekend was all night writing the paper tiger. Also wrote the city and then all of the local newspaper reports.Zisi autumnal saw it as an enemy nation. Where he could, he fought it. He represented the opposite, his existence, his decision making. Literary aspect.Autumnal trying to be civilized, serious, dignified, important, and hierarchical. The last thing that really matter content. Dan was reading all the newspapers and literary supplements from England, Germany and New – York. Today, the Internet Sminternat, but he knew the amounts of agar and filed, in what was then the world’s very few systems. He built archive regarding to Israeli culture, from the late 19th century until he died. And nothing was done regularly. Reads, sorts, cuts. It was hard to fight it, because everything is so well sorted. He was always a collector. His dad was town clerk, and brought the first computer ever enters the system. Dan prepared himself for the computer age is very young. When we reached the National Library, took us there with a red carpet. So adored him. Consulted on the materials arrive. He received them very beautiful gifts. If there was multiplication of rare books, they would let him.
Book through the net was a provocation or literary value, too?
Things that were absurd in the way, became a reality. Cynicism and the ability to like it fine and obvious. So it was a protest, not to go there.
What’s the best thing he’s written?
He did not write it. He wrote poetry, which later seemed too sweet. Dan’s tragedy that he died before what he really wanted to write. All that was preparation. This is the real tragedy. That he had not what he wanted. Infinitely many investigations have left.
What is he alive?
Did not let him work, he was very black list. What kept it, had radio and television. He made a huge work of translation and research without his name. That’s what support it. Nobody gave neatly ordered not to employ him. But they were all sycophants, has not and Out. This is a very specific atmosphere. Its leftovers you see today.

“God freed ridges down its assets,
Wore blue jeans and faded …
Down and joined the herd without the leader, a herd with no thought
Parisian fashion flock adapted Caprice. “
Dan Omer, from the song “Long Night”

The word ‘Probaktoar’ is commonly used derogatory word. But a provocation – even cheaper – is part of the work, it just means art, some of the criticism that creativity can and must take. Provocateurs are those lie down on the wire and then vilified. Without challenging as Dan Omar culture and society was left behind. Nurit then girlfriend Anna recalls: “One day, Gideon Hausner, the prosecutor of Eichmann, across the street, Dan Omar said, ‘Hey I know you. Hausner was satisfied. Dan Omar says,’ Yeah, you’re the Metropolitan Opera. Hausner told, Not at all. So Dan said, ‘What, you do not voice of six million Jews? “. He did not like the Ahshuanim Pro.”
Sometimes it was more difficult

The Surprise Birthday party of the minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer (Fuad)

Surprise birthday party event’s 74 halls Fouad fell near Kingston’s bachelorette party a girl named Danit, set it at a restaurant next to no name. Three beautiful tiger style in the city of Or Yehuda, each several inches on the heels of the height of the number of seats Labor Party tried to enter their event, but had problems with security chain. They stood with bags full of bottles and win it with the police sad. What are they guilty bachelorette party fell on that day of Fouad’s birthday? The police insisted, the girls insisted. Great luck suddenly discovered the senior officer familiar with the same Vmachris Danish, rustling his many decorations on the dress Ahbeleinit more beautiful when they hug.Ahbeleinit invites him to the wedding beautiful. And slip some available.
I think to abandon the journalistic mission to follow. It sounds more interesting item to crack. But trailing away. Apparently due to liquidation in Dubai, this silly trivial birthday have extraordinary security arrangements. Fouad is the equivalent perhaps of our God – Mbhuah. Because I have no GPO certificate, refuse to get me. I made a big mistake and got passport instead of an ID card, security guard on suspicion of looking at my many signatures from Egypt and Jordan. She told me to sit and wait for the decorative rock, along with an Ethiopian who apparently works without any certificate. We look at along the green lights spilling over the rocks around the hall and the guests who come to Kingston, mini minor politician spat officials, most of them very nice.
Last time I saw Fouad, was Achsahatahra Labor’s odd primaries against Avrum Burg.So I took his shirt headquarters of Fouad will do the job, I went with her occasionally.Beautiful orange shirt. I especially remember this event planned at the height of Fouad activists speech, fly pigeons to symbolize his commitment to peace. But they refused to leave the cage.
Event heats up slowly and I went to the bathroom. Mr waitress naughty go from one cell. I lather my hands, accidentally breaks the pink liquid soap dispenser, and run quickly away.
Port services, ten Bedouin march toward a gold dress quietly, refusing to give too much information about them. Bedouin gold number one: “Our mentality Fouad know and we know his mentality. He honored us. We respect him. He’s trying to help us and that takes time.”
– For a long time?
Yes, sixty years.
They walk slowly and suddenly a woman with a ponytail bouncing blue pants funny: “You are pretty nice. You something. You are so beautiful.” The self-confidence, is probably known to man, But I do not know who she is and probably will never know.
Eric Chinese became the first singer on Fouad says, “He’s a bastard”
– It fits into Israel is our home, your party?
“He appeals to all parties. Is very suitable for everyone.”
During the short interview, his agent requires me three times to register when the next appearance of Fuad. I’m in a hurry to escape, and finds Raanan Cohen as an excuse. “Fuad I like that he a man of action”, says Raanan Cohen, who until recently was chairman of the Industrial Development Bank, and according to himself had done a good job. He says he now wants to be chairman or chairman of the Electric Factory Pais, two fun jobs.
– What did he do?
“He’s a man of action”.
– But what he did as an act?
Changes in various infrastructure systems. Such as roads.
– There’s a certain road he made you more like?
All infrastructure.
– He did more than you or less than you?
I do not do comparison. I suggest you open the internet and see what I did.
Later I ask if you ever did to him a surprise party, this question it is very stressful, for some reason.

Secretary General Labor Organization, a man named Michel Halimi, Fuad explains another advantage: people overseas like to hear it. ”
– What’s the most important thing Fuad did?
“He has done so much that you can not choose.”
– What?
– Has identified a bridge for you to him?
“All kinds of nodes.”
– I do not have a car. What Fouad help me?
“He has improved interchanges.”

Nice girl named Liat Shochat, standing near Halimi, says she has to say, after that first she was ashamed to speak: “I Company Or Yehuda Council host the Fouad and we are very proud that he came to Or Yehuda.”
– I must mention in Or Yehuda is very beautiful. I was not here long ago, the city looks great.
“Do not write it, i am in the Labor Party.”
– I really like the traffic lights ongoing Ducks. And a very beautiful green lights.
‘It’s not us. We in the opposition. No way to write good things about the ducks. ”
– It’s just ducks?
“There are pelicans flamingo.”
– What’s wrong with them? They are really cute.
“Dealing only with this city.”
– How would you define the ratio of Or Yehuda Fouad?
“Fouad is the king of Or Yehuda”
– And the Prince?
“Unfortunately there is no prince. Fouad was very helpful to the city.”
– Would be another twenty years Fouad Street in the city?
“I’ll be the initiators of the request.”

Moroccan cigars emerge, and that signal the entry of Fouad Peres. Reuven Rivlin trying to shake their hands, but was pushed sideways for a purple hair and orange sweater that really jumps on both detected by Galia Slomaonub, a member of the Labor Party and head of mortgage bank to a medium: “I’m very attached to Fouad.
– In my opinion the nicest here. You deserve to be Sarah.
“Maybe MK. No one tenth straight step, as we say.”
– And if you be so MK from Fuad?
“When we get to the river go through it.”
– Has been caught under the MK leaves your benefactor?
“Step by step.”
Later, she tells me about a teddy bear full of candy and the bank’s Board donated Ethiopian children in Jaffa. She says I have to see this. She gives me her phone and loads it pay me to talk to her, she has a lot of items related to bears in them candy. , I slightly pressed any context with her.

All important ministers huddled around a central table, center Peres, Ehud Barak and his wife, Mrs. Fouad Yaakov Neeman. The center of a table lamp Emerald ugly, I do not understand how the ISA approved. Corner, Tzipi Livni looks a little rider block. Very crowded table, right shoulder and rubbing his shoulder. Barak and his wife pink pressed completely against the traditional grapefruit juice. That the guards push them back too .
Everyone in this table, suddenly become snobbish and do not want to be interviewed me. Even ministers and two as Braverman. I look Alilaizm – are quite smug look like children of six in the garden. They’re trying to maintain civility and not eat, but Defense Minister could not resist that fork after vine leaf vine leaf, which put them in a small tortoise. Snobbish as usual table, and I go to the other table where the Minister Gideon Ezra and Amnon Cohen of Shas sit and eat okra. Ezra: “Fouad Turkey ties strengthened recently, with all blunders were.”
– You say that Israel is destroying our home, Fouad facility?
“In the case of Turkey, certainly.”
– Why do not you sit with the ministers accepted, but on the side?
“We’re not pushing.”

The speeches begin. Eric Chinese rose, and Yaakov Neeman tapped with his finger on the table to show people. All waiting Eyal Golan. Peres says, “I was a lot of bar mitzvah celebrations, I saw no such celebration. You are the minister brings the sun’s energy.” Fuad’s younger grandson, was eight years old, should be an exciting record of the event, but from things he wishes unclear. Turns out that Ehud Barak has a birthday this week. Saying that, the wound crashed to the floor potted roses and carnations.
During the boring speeches, I try to write the story, to send it on time. But there are plenty of distractions. Place a plate over to the Moroccan cigars including pastels and all sorts of oily foods. Boaz Shapira cool and admired from Channel 1 takes quite a bit. Radio’s cute reporter Tamar Levy takes a bite cigar and returns it to the plate. Is, I think a mother. I can a little pastel, get tired quickly. I go back to the entrance, trying to write out the item. Suddenly, I find a character curly stroking my legs., I raises his head and examines the character and revealed miracles made, musician and camp award. I try not interview him because he always interviewed at these events, but it requires saying “Fouad is a person with a soul the size of his belly.” ice guard turns into a tight dress I see back, surprised to discover his bald head tattooed. After a few moments reveals that Eyal Golan, a singer that I really like, but do not appreciate the clearing a new image.
Then indicate Fouad surprise party and discovers that this was a scam: “organizing accidentally sent me an invitation that says I have a birthday and keep it secret. But I’m mostly angry that she wrote, did not bring gifts”.

Here are pictures of scenic Dadush