Cultural Guerrilla in Sheikh Jarrah

On Wednesday, June 23, at 20:00  we’ll arrange a special occasion in cooperation between the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and guerilla culture group of poets. Joint protest of the incident, testimonies, poetry and music. Loudly express our unqualified support of residents of Sheikh Jarrah and East Jerusalem against the folly of courts and security forces, the daily bullying against new tenants, and against the injustices of the occupation of Jerusalem, Gaza and the West of pursuing Palestinian civilians – Israelis.

A more cosmetic surgery and did not recognize it – it was Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem Palestinian village, the residents of the 48 refugees muezzin tower stands near the gas station. Before tile roofs and 200 units of concrete housing complex parking lot for the convenience of worshipers Shimon the Righteous. Before there were houses to ashes and democracy carpet wiping feet. Before the declaration of a settlement to the world “Hersh sheep” Holy Jerusalem Israel’s independence day.

Middle of the night – time favorite of law, dozens of police surrounded the house from the back of the Al – Cord force residents to evacuate the lot into the street. Morning had already arrived liberators Sheikh Jarrah organization “thing of Shimon (justified) International to their new home. But the law has not come early, he came there to say, very late. The law was holding a title deed of date, not out, married and Ottoman stamps and ink proudly in a shiny new signatures and supreme judges of the district stating unequivocally – 48 settled land the legal owner (ie, only if he is a Jew)!

So neatly, house after house falls captive citizens legal inequality. Huge police forces assigned to evacuate not only mothers and children, but supporters of violent repression and protest. Struggle Sheikh Jarrah has long been the punching pillow not only the security forces, but of anyone who wishes to promote hatred and fear, to silence any criticism and incite against activists and human rights groups against the Palestinian population.

Last stage the most violent purge Sheikh Jarrah Palestinian residents (settlers complication establishment strictly chokehold on Jerusalem) has already begun, but as long as the struggle will continue – it will not be the final stage. Vigil in Sheikh Jarrah, continues to gather week after week and is growing.

Sing songs and stand upright with the culture of injustice disclaims seeks new vision for the Israeli and Palestinian society and healthy life together, and equal right. “Holy Jerusalem is occupied” and here – we combine cultural guerrilla liberation movement charming Sheikh J. Host. Clowns bring poetry and humor, drummers Natupp Revolution poetry, bullhorn megaphone more poetic prophet plug struggles Yeruham, Kiryat Gat, Rehovot, Titan to change direction and build a new company.


Avner colleague
Uri Agnon
Oren Jeremias
Eliana Almog
Almog Behar
Osnat Skublinsky
Ariel cylinders
Boaz Yaniv
Daniel Oz
Yehuda Uzzi
Joshua Simon
Yuval Ben-Ami
Yuval hebrew
Paz, Yuval

Naaman dovish

Yael Birnbaum

Yankele Rotbelet
Marwan Dance
When Shmuelof
Natalie Levine
Naama courts
Eran Hadas
Eran Cgub
Roy Chicky Arad
Ronnie Hirsch
Shai Arie Mizrachi
Tell Masalha
TAHAL spread

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