Israel’s Next War?

Near Israeli coast there are natural gas reservoirs that are enough for 70 years of clean electricity. The public does not realize the significance of this fascinating and miraculous discovery. I have not heard almost any serious discussion about it.  Such an important discovery of large natural resources may also destroys economies of countries, if not do it wisely.

However, state royalties on the gas they take a tiny percentage of what other countries take. The official figure is 10.5 percent as direct royalties, and  20 percent including tax. Other countries ask for 50 percent till  sometimes 70 percent. The sucker here is the state (ie, me and you) . Israel encouraged the industry for years in terms of taxation, but when they succeed, the gas belonging to the country was taken. Always when we talk about this or that area given the Palestinians, the area is all full of Israeli Palestinians in fact even I know do not deserve him, saying that Israel is a sucker, so here it is here that we are suckers.Some guy tooks our money.

As a response, different people (many of the writers works in a business related to the gas companies. I recommend to put their company name on Google or their name add the name Yitzhak Tshuva and understand why they bother to post) argued that raising the percentage of a state franchise is like raising the tax from high-tech companies that are successful. This argument is misleading, high – tech companies do not actually pumping gas belongs to the public. There is no desire to nationalize the gas even from the state (I support it), but simply to take a reasonable percentage, like other fully capitalist countries, and Tshuva will receive several billion , for taking and selling something that belongs to the state (that is, again, to me, and you). In fact, gas money will come its sale to the state: the sale of something that belongs to the state to the state.

The most serious thing happened later. In the news there were some strange news that Lebanon was staring its eye on our reservoir. The press mocked them, and they seemed to me funny, because I looked at the front of the map and the fields were not in front of Lebanon they were in front of Haifa. One of the ministers said the Lebanese just want anything that Israel has. Walla had a title “Nasrallah also want royalties.”

But this week InYnet appeared little article that changed the course of things, although I am not an expert in international law. The article explained that Israel calculates the area map in a line from the town of Metulla line, while the Lebanese see the maritime border that starts at the Rosh Hanikra-Nakura. that is, the gas is considered an on Sidon According to Israeli calculations. According to common sense, Lebanon is right, You should measure from the maritime border from the sea and not from the mountain, so some of the gas reservoir, perhaps a small part belongs to, what to do, the Lebanese citizens. And then there’s this .

The reservoir got a huge size of 2000 square kilometers (For comparison, the size of Israel within the Green Line is 20 700 square kilometers) are browsing at a Lebanese Cypriot area apparently. In fact, a common and decent gas drilling may be the beginning of neighborly relations and cooperation with Lebanon, but here again Bully Israel behaves suspiciously in the Middle East and shows the stereotype of the evil Israeli ( I do not agree with it. The Israelis are good people. The government behave outwardly evil). Notice the wording rising BizPortal site : “As time goes and the region sees the great gas potential, it is likely that eery leper wills ask for a share.” That the sovereign Lebanese state is defined (more or less) who wants what may very belongs to her.

But here, suddenly the situation changes. And here I want to jump to another subject – the event of a “Cultural guerrilla” with the residents of Sheikh Jarrahneighbourhood in East Jerusalem.  that Mermit wrote Beautifully. Anyway, I was interviewed during the event to channel 1. The nice reporter asked me if I do not feel bad that the contents were anti – Israeli. I Did not understand what he means, that poetry was not anti – Israeli, but against the settlers who steal people houses and forced their residents to sleep on the street. I see Israel as something that not only steals houses to people, but also includes other things: the people who go to sea and got hurt by jellyfish, bad bands, Yapis, 7 Eleven cashiers and me. Does the reporter meant the poem of Zelda that Hadas Gilad had read? Then he said that someone (poet Yuval Paz) read a poem about the Flotilla, he asked what would happen if. Well, the song that was able to rally the soldiers to throw flowers, too. It seemed to fit anti – Israel shocked him. I told him, I consider myself a pro-Israeli  much more than Netaniahu and Steinitz, who do not care that most Israelis are hungry, Wereuhu everyone miserable minimum wage. I much more pro – Israeli that businessmen pollutes the land of Israel. Here I return to the topic of patriotism to natural gas.

Notice of BizPortal aggressive wording, supported by international law not treat us any price to escape Mlhikela international court trial. The recommendation did not go to international law but simply to act in a man named Moshe Shahal, former energy minister and now a lawyer of one of the burning, Noble Energy Company (and the Ofer brothers, the wave). So that describe the success of the concept evaluation Moses occurred on the site:

That Israel has actually expanding the territorial waters in accordance with the definition of “special economic zone” actually go by the rule – the strongest controls.Kerry, a military solution to political crisis level and in international law.

Incidentally for those who remember the debate over Taba, where we were convinced that she belongs to us, but the reality was quite different. Debate over Taba destroyed the momentum of the peace with Egypt, and finally lost the piece of this tiny land.

Strange way that mixing between the state law is trying to move or not move and Moshe Shahal, a private attorney, the American company, in this case ( an item on the Appendix for the case of a revered local newspaper Zichron Yaacov ). Uzi Landau, a right that I necessarily appreciate usually once I knew to emulate, said he was ready to defend the Israeli discovery – American: “We will not hesitate to defend by force of marine gas reserves.” I mean, that, Israel will open the Lebanon war if you’d like to return the theft. Suddenly, the discovery again is not the business of the American investor and the answer, but all of our business, a patriotic interest in fighting to the last drop of our blood. I mean, there’s a lama in a way, but otherwise privatization. IDF is ready to fight with another state to protect private business, Shmatakmcne customary royalties on the market providing a few minutes earlier. This is the new patriotism, post – patriotism, like a film buff antennas of Gilad Shalit funding Ituran Rami Levy, tied not to love country but love the bank account of a businessman (Why Ituran Rami Levy did not contribute without asking for credit on the first page a few days continuously?). who knows, maybe the next war breaks out to protect the bank account of such person.

In the meantime, I recommend everyone sign up for Facebook Group ‘I want royalties from the gas’ .

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