My New Book, “The Israeli Dream”

On Tuesday i published “the Israeli dream”, a new book I was working on for nine years. After four books, ‘the Israeli dream’ is not out of my first tiny and family publishing house, but in the “Xargol – Am Oved”. So you could say I no more piss in the shallow pool , now I do it in the big one.

a Commercialization? I do not know what that great expense to create itself. Maybe it will mean that more will be exposed to books than before, critics will have to maybe write reviews. Cool as a given sales numbers that matter I can not find too much, except my desire to return the investment spending, and get me books in the future. I always prefer reading one smart risk and steal the book than a thousand assholes buy the book at full price to put in the bookcase next to another book at the same height. Publication certainly would not think like me. I hope at least.

Many people tell me ‘Good luck. That’s what they say If they are, but I think the book had been printed by reaching the stands. Eli Hirsch, editor, did a nice job here. It was interesting to see how it works. Phase I enjoyed more is the warehouse of the work, I took a few copies home. I arrived with my handsome poet Aaron Shabtai, and he remembered where people working there for many years and they remembered him, from the book ‘Love’.

I think this time people who do not like things I normally do, in terms of poetry, music, art, theater, etc. – will love the book. In most areas in which I am doing I am trying to get out of doing extraordinary things better or worse, trying to test the limits of their own domain and often embarrassing people causing them anxiety. That’s the idea. In contrast, in prose I am much less Awngerdyst. In fact I am quite conservative in terms of structure, language and movement of plot – as a writer, very important to me to have a story. I’m Old – School, so called. I’m also not really a case of prose material poverty, my Hebrew is not only thin is really furry. So that people who love the poetry of my music, I’m doing other things, the book will be disappointed. People who always did not understand what is good at what I do, will find themselves in school. Although I could be talking nonsense. Plots are still not really Yochi Brandes.

The school week could be reached with an employee book stalls – grasshopper one transaction at a price two famous. I’ll be there to sign on Thursday and Saturday, the 10th and 12th June, to recommend the second book you get for free. I agreed with the expenditure could be soon to get the books too, the shops that sell such alternatives.

I guess the next few weeks this blog Atask naturally a lot of things related to the book.I plan launches in Beer – Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem and Nazareth, except that the main Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Slightly on the cover designed by Tamir Lahav – Radlmsar. I found the image on the wonderful Public School : Photo of Gordon pool in the sixties or seventies, was taken from a book on sports and leisure facilities in Israel, taken by Max Galpaza.

Text back cover of the book:
‘Israeli Dream’ takes a new direction literature – funnier, more social, more wild, more serious. Roy “Chicky” Arad writes prose manages to be like pulling together, skip the legendary elegance and realism, dark and luminous, Poppy and political, to restore confidence in the power of literature to offer an original view on the Israeli reality – a view that does not ignore the ridiculous and violent sides, greedy strength, but also know the beauty.

The heart of the book was the novel, the Israeli dream, rise and fall of a newspaper cutting of lots Talley Papo, describing the quest from the provinces to the nerve center of the media tell – and then spring to rest and settling somewhere – in a bourgeois – Quality suburb – where her life again reversed, leading it re-engagement with all the sharp knives Israeli dream know to hide and pull out.

Romania joined the stories setting out a series of meetings between the innocent characters – supposedly corrupt – the face: A young rock and confused wrote caught perverse sex scene with a slick politician in Be’er Sheva, a rich kind that goes fascinated by intellectual Apomapozi Tel – Aviv, solid bank clerk from the country that falls into the trap contains Real estate Liszt a tiny Tiberias, Israeli no other good features swept the surprising charms cheap travel package to Barcelona: All characters who inhabit the great threats of the Israeli comedy.

More Links:

Port for the Israeli dream, I was interviewed by Maya Rock at the gallery of the country. You can take a peek.

Page Israeli dream Hargol Publishing site.

I translated two songs – bit of Peter Orlovsky who died this week – Winat. The name Cosmos blood.

I’m supposed to sign the book next Thursday and Saturday stalls with work – grasshopper. Welcome.

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