Questions about “Diskin Affair” or the connection between Ehud Barak, Anat kam and Uri Blau

1. If so important that those two old disks passing military operation would not turn freely, why the IDF was in no hurry to arrange a quiet and quick Immunity Agreement with Israel, Uri Blau from Haaretz already wrote about his return to Israel and prefers to leave London a disk flash drive cuff links with secret materials? Does not that indicate, alternatively: a. Secret documents, how to say, not really so important for security, and the danger which is only an excuse for the affair. On. Important documents, but vengeance Uri Blau state security is important, neglected here by Yuval Diskin as a criminal? What does exactly the leaking materials Haaretz Israeli journalist “or” Yediot Aharonot “transferring all responsible editors trajectory through censorship, and serious espionage section to harm state security which has been accused of Anat up? Is Yuval Diskin see Haaretz Yedioth Ahronoth or “dangerous enemy of my relationship with them in the security field is spyware? How the IDF disabled girl whose father, she turned to formulate a course of flight, which published an article which claimed that refusal is a disgrace to the State objects in Bil’in struggle anarchists, suspected as having done something deliberately to harm state security? That’s a nonsensical argument. Let’s get back back, to understand the motives rose: “Diskin Affair” began the light showed that the IDF kills already apparent despite the Court’s decision. Anat’s intent was to alert up to that of no Supreme Court decision on targeted killings. It is also clear they targeted assassinations Diskin’s baby and glory, he was elected. I mean, here you can say that in fact the GSS into the offensive against the Supreme Court, represented the by Anat stands. In fact, beyond the obvious at the network hardware Diskin “in terms of press freedom and the possibility of a future journalist with sources in Israel, there is a security system’s attempt to find a chance to get even Secret Supreme Court judge, who went against the most fun of the ISA. Words other, more blunt, you can view this putsch and experience exchange regime in the security system. Diskin terrorists declared our enemies would love to get the documents, but it clear that a vicious enemy has not received any document not been offered. What’s not clear how a girl from Tel Aviv or Uri Blau terrorist will find a reliable enough to give him a USB flash drive. In fact, if you steal from one year commissioner and chief of staff telephone credit card, maybe already got more reliable. Regardless, it is puzzling and even a lunatic claiming the Shin Bet. It’s like someone had entered prison with a car that was standing next to a red light and before him, that could go red, then there was a terrible accident when he was run over someone. Is such a baseless accusation not showing the same Diskin psychiatric fellow fantasy that in the dangerous paranoid should be set to public safety, and certainly not to put his hands trembling so sensitive job? the past, similar cases occurred in the United States by J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, where paranoia Psycho’s secret service people against gay communists took over and led the public era ‘Blacklist’ madness Vietnam War (you should read an article the poor Estate By Aluf Benn today about the way Hoover was chasing leaks Pentagon documents). of course have to mention here a less interesting Diskin Hoover , amateur and women’s clothing. If the censors approved for publication the materials for which the affair began, should not blame the censor serious espionage Sharon Ulahshimu under house arrest or in exile pleasant Kyrgyzstan? Uri Blau accused Ehud Barak, the boss of Diskin, the fact that 6.5 million youth ran the attractive daughter, Michal Barak, during which served as security. a very serious accusation that actually investigated Mr Barak did not really responded to her, and refused to say where money. other unpleasant episodes which were related to business written of another son, the Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Ashkenazi own business when he removed his uniform. Perhaps if the case was being investigated would bring about the arrest of Burke, who knows, as might be expected to Olmert for Holyland details of her affair exposed by Guy there in May 2007 and July 2008 by Yoav Yitzhak. Meanwhile, silver millionaire it dubious sitting in his apartment Akirov extended the tenure of Diskin. Is not there a simple pursuit of those who hit the boss from Diskin to win extension of the job? That is: Is this really Diskin (although Ckerhutho) is not Barak’s poodle, designed to attack it exposed the alleged actions of the boss, and compensated for that? Notice the dates: September 2009 – Uri Blau signs an agreement with the ISA on immunity and return to its source documents, and apparently came to the end of it. But 8 October – already showing the provision of lightning. October 26 – Yuval Diskin’s tenure mysteriously elongated sixth year even though there is a law limiting the tenure of head of the GSS to 5 years, including Defense Minister Barak pressure (the same way that perhaps Olmert’s pressure on the construction project was not Holyland So of course). December 2009 – hunt for Uri Blau. Blow leaves Israel to China and now hiding in England. He reports a burglary to his home to his computer by email. 14 January 2010 onwards – Anat up under house arrest with a mysterious contrary conclusion in any case. She Uri Blau are public enemy. Today there is an Internet campaign to close the “country”, the paper reveals affairs employer Barak, Lieberman and Ashkenazi (managers hunt on up – in any case), in the intervals listed in it. Charges the paper turned against Prime Minister Ehud Barak about the millions, and against Gen. Neve (who became CEO Sittipas Light Rail destroys the center of Jerusalem) on the elimination of repeated violation of the provisions Abgic turns back to the newspaper, accusing the defendant. Someone wrote that the conspiracy theory, I think the common argument in Ma’ariv, for example, has got Anat materials to harm the security of the state is it nonsensical conspiracy theory. It is clear she had no motive for doing such a thing, and she could turn to the foreign press (her uncle the Washington Post.) I shows clearly shows where the motives are clear benefits have survival lie careerist people is their name means. It was not a contractual closing Dichter between Barak and Ashkenazi, but simply have a question of ‘man, Uri Blau, let Andepok him as he Zrnke us, it seemed to him what a’. 9. Why journalists from all media bodies of the leaks are based on routinely documents that do not resent such a course of basic democratic countries (even if always problematic and tied her coat of trust, but is the lifeblood of the free press), becomes something that is considered treason and espionage serious? Why not single out a call to condemn the Israeli secret police service? Why are journalists so no Kogieliut their colleagues? Is the blood journalist murky competition between publishers – especially dislike the Ma’ariv Ha’aretz – more important than press freedom? Should not the free press that would protect against today joins the secret police continues to grow here at the expense of Israel’s precarious democracy? Important to note that the ratio of some of the press case is a black day in the Israeli press. It is also a journalist who said that the leak is in the Central Command. This was definitely a betrayal. 10. If you are exposed to the body when you work through the High Court order to eliminate people in violation, would you report releases to avoid this in the future? Who is faithful to his homeland – it makes everything, including self-sacrifice, to trial maintained and be a state of law, or It’s shut up our thighs when he knows his head is not worn Mkoymym Who should be prosecuted, it breaks the laws, or it warns about it? Is worthy chief of staff security minister raised serious acts suspicions against them, would run chase against the journalist reveals its origins, an Israeli citizen, while GSS use of force? 11. Is there a connection between that almost all journalists investigated for the secret services (Ronen Bergman, Pedahzur etc.) that secret services and exploit their power and admiration to the frightened public to bully the press whose visit them? Imagine that Olmert would stop the Yoav Yitzhak? For example, Deri was listening to Mordechai Gilat? 12. Uri’s computer may already stolen Thailand GSS mentioned by sources such as the discovery that Ehud Barak allegedly receiving money through his daughters, as above even those that showed Lieberman made sure that millions will flow to his daughter 25-year-old face, and his occupation as chief of staff was not us army business. Can I count on Diskin or agents will not u bosses or the people that he might in future be their party (like Lieberman, who took the hefty time) the information to help them get away with it? After all cases, such as the Holy Land, are in fact stealing from the public face for a few people with power, people like described here. 13. If for example a more central arrest journalist Uri Blau, or will refrain from entering the country, on the pretext of making some top-secret document, like Nahum Barnea, for example, that the blackout be imposed, would then be understood that Israel was moving toward North Korea? Or that he would be considered a traitor. And if Ronnie Daniel secretly arrested for embezzlement of some sort? Will there be one to tell Channel 10 that he was betraying dangerous?

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