A week ago, along with a scandal in the “HolyLand building”, hung posters around the country with black and white photos of Olmert and Ehud Barak, with the words WANTED. Everyone was confident that the people hung the posters, treated Olmert’s arrest in question to expose Uri Blau on millions of accounts flowed Barak’s daughter ( who with his son’s investigation of him and Ashkenazi complicated affair Anat up ). Could be quick to assume that these people, perhaps amateur graphic artists, who are fighting the scourge of corruption was exposed, or students assigned to organize a media political campaign. Not invested in that thought, but immediately sympathetic public awareness, will be left or right. Suddenly caught in the hospital, two residents of southern Israel, Achsabmachonitm posters Huonteed. It turned out Shlpreuyakte related movement ‘if you will, a fascist party – New Israeli Lite, who wanted a way to protest the announcements of future Justice’s so-called Israeli politicians in the Hague, supposedly Achshiucgro by Naomi Chazan poor. That is, ‘if you will, sometime will probably thank the Hague court convicted the Barak and Olmert, now they are trying to harass the prosecution witnesses treacherous. Not just the name of the organization known as the phrase ‘if you will, it is no dream, is really a vivid imagination and ability to compete not prophesying. Though in contrast to the initial trial suggested a far-reaching idea of his optimism, here offer a far-reaching idea of his pessimism – Israeli leaders imprisoned at the International Court, if you will. Anyone who wants to see a little lunacy disease and persecution of the organization will look at Blink Home entertaining summarizing their war Wikipedia , which led to no value in the ‘if you will, Wikipedia Israel. Treatment may need to head to the organization rather nice side medication. I imagine their conferences, confident that each of them is Herzl, talking about the release of land from the Sultan and the use of quinine against malaria, and then return home and car leasing. It might have been an embarrassing mistake on their part to make the campaign the day after an explosion Olmert Holy Land case (they did not mention the failed project on their site, crammed with activities in the spirit my boy Hasamba), but this was accidental connection a lot of truth. The ‘if you will, show crimes of these villains in recent decades the leaders of our country, not over the Palestinians, they continue on our day. We are all pawns in their careers. in fact, why it’s okay that Olmert and Yasser Abmashihu Hague? if I may, I am sure that conditions in the Hague Enamu Olmert more. Another question: Is it a huge peoples – neck called ‘Maachar’ given to the police, as the press suggests, amounts reported on the money they received the Holy Land case, proving that the project is not really intended to benefit citizens of Jerusalem, is a rat less than that to give to The Hague and other documents , to be seen how the recent wars related not just to the will benefit the citizens of Israel? Ironically, the difference between what they call a “disturber of Israel radical left Maniac” (eg, Dov Hanin, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Uri Avnery, an initial sampling), and guys like Olmert Barak, that the extreme left state do not tend to steal, Olmert and Barak and Hirchson Apple steal from David allegedly on the pretext that they love her. In fact, there is a reversal: Olmert and Barak, speaking as speaking on the state symbols of their love and sacrifice Memorial Day rallies, the bottom line is important to them only by themselves. I’ve never seen these people sacrifice something, besides others. They do not care about the state of Israel and its citizens and not caring whether the plant will become a huge all over the murky smoke Ofer brothers, or Lautostrada Leviev’s capital, or a huge concrete complex of Mr. Charney, depending on who will pay more Achshioapo politics. Not just what the country’s persecuted Holy Land. And not just the financing of “if you will” Americans are crazy Christians with an interest not exempt from Hitler. All these people’s patriotism (as opposed, for example that of Benny Begin) is a cover for something else. All this farce of Ahakmfeinico shows it’s not just Palestinian cause severe, even the people of Israel are enemies, and do not care that you the reader or the reader live pay starvation, the hospital where Attaspaza would be worse, anyway if you get cancer, will fly to Sweden or the United States to good hospital and sat next to an Arab dictator’s son, not really much different from them. Not just are towers, far from land natives as they could. Akirov tower up, Israelis look like tiny ants, which is really what we are for them. They are fearful of us, running from fort fortress: Chelsea Towers and Sun then Raviv Celia or airport in 2000 to eat well – coffee and sandwich mozzarella dried. Maybe it’s a good reason why it is better that these people be imprisoned in poor conditions and the Hague’s glorious cells – they see people , wash tools in the prisons, to be known thieves kind, it will do well in their soul. Why are all the same thing in their patriotism? As I write this, I have a cute kid jumps with flags, but Abcidiam read “Bank Hapoalim, and I guess they were printed in China, such as shirts and insurance company’s flagship Alden. Other side: precisely the extreme left, called “hate Israel”, the test of action, loving the country, it is important to strengthen its democracy, which is good for everyone, as you see that the left rather he defended his executioner “if you will.” Left loving country, and fought against its pollutants, and full of love and the Israeli people, he fought for his rights. Love is full of Hebrew culture also carried out here – Most of the music and literature and art is done by so-called “disturber of Israel” and by supporters of “if you will,” or daughters of an Ashkenazi chief of staff Ehud Barak. Amir Benayoun Ariel Zilber are few, and I’m glad they express themselves, and hope that all those readers Loaharymm will be defeated, even if I do not agree with them. But you should pay attention to why there are so full of water right and support the exploitation of workers, between right and pollutants support for capitalists, who see the United States today. She loved people and the environment how to measure love the country, not declarations of war and incitement against parts of the nation. So well done to ‘if you will, reminding us that. Ronnie’s economic Zionism Dwek Yael Abecassis Short interview with Yael Abecassis La Lady Globes “recommended the Velvet Underground blog, I found a strong idea of the third paragraph, “economic Zionism” , in the context of her husband, the millionaire Ronny Douek, a founder of Hotel Chan Shaharut desert and as he and his wife bought the house in Lodz beautiful Yeh the center of Tel Aviv, mysterious way. Cries for apartments for young people in public places, the city had approved the huge building to live alone, like a castle in Citizen Kane. Easy to make fun from reading the interview, Yael Abecassis. A similar average Israeli Yael Abecassis, I always looked nice and talented girl. She sure Ronny Douek, businessman husband (who made his fortune mysterious matters related to security and shipping and Africa, according to Globes. Does not sound so good), saving the state invests in Khan that he wanted to build a hotel that is engraved like talking and he wants to please her, and that Just ‘Zionism 2000. She sure response, all chasing him. She really believes in it with envy, the “Zionist economy”, poor likes, like Israel sure who hate Israel and the world, regardless of his acts of state and behavior. The book I’m working on now, “the Israeli dream”, a story about a girl like this flag, suddenly marries a rich man, and discovers how much she hated to have, because the guy’s actions (in my story he buys textile plant to close it). But as the relationship between residents of Israel to Olmert or Netanyahu or Barak, is also here just take it Dwek rotation? (After some thought, I decided to change the ending of the post, not because of any pressure, or because I do not feel right. But precisely because I feel right. Precisely because of my position Achshuatakpti entrenched, incredibly arrogant feature.’s Not worth being right, if it can hurt people who have not done anything, as in this case Yael Abecassis.’s not worth getting people to be sad, or take a chance it would happen, for some abstract justice in this case is not constructive at all, no one earned something from the text at the end. I have no problem to be strong at the expense of Dichter, Barack Douek, but here I am knocking other people with them, not out of anyone better. can we talk about this emperor has no clothes, but what to do with his wife? So I deleted and left the arguments that matter) Cheli Goldenberg one serving me back epic End of an era: closed reader Hart

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