“Western” Magazine for cinema / Poetry evening with cultural guerrilla in Ramle arab village Dahamesh, Israel

Western (Maarvon)  – a new Hebrew Film Magazine was first published independently. This is No. 6 issue of “Western” – a magazine that targets the audience loves movies without being subject to the requirements of public relations on the one hand Velez Youth ‘academic jargon on the other.

maarvon 6 cover.jpg

Advertisers Western writers on the leading form of matter thought and passion also freshly movies. The journal is printed in 4000 copies and sold not only in bookstores but also in: Colnoaym, cafes blast. Western-sheet so far published in the package of a poetry journal. The current issue of Western we are distributors alone.

We raised this week for the event network all Western 5 free call, you can read the rest of the previous editions freely.

Western no. 6 mostly focused on local work. This issue publishes the paper trail end gate on the work of the Palestinian director Suleiman and provided Ailia multiplayer debate about movie Ajami. Foundation’s new film Bride of the sea called Jedaiah by Noa Regev Elad Smourziak. Also, the new issue of the Western History section includes the original work with a wide article about Israeli cinema sound tracks Saleh returned to the present by top Tartakovsky Aharoni said by providing the identity of the Carnival marriage of convenience (1988) A film by Haim Buzaglo. Also, Karin Rivkind conducted interviews with staff collected were arranged on the prisoner’s new documentary film – the year of a Western movie. Of ongoing interest to our readers to reveal the works of the top directors working today so far published Western articles and interviews with artists such as Pedro Costa, Peter Watkins, Jaya Zangeka Wabdrahn Cisco and more. This issue discusses the value of a conversation with a trail of Thailand Apichteaponge Weerstkul director who is accompanied by words against opening a window to Western readers to the work of this fascinating director.In addition, in translations we publish manifests manifesto later translation of Galauber Roche (Western 1), we present this article by Cuban filmmaker Julio Garcia Assepinoze “for the film’s not perfect” (1969) with words of background and explanation by Dr. Zvi Tal. Spreadsheet includes An article by the thinker is also the North – the famous American Frederic Jameson ideological Antiquities News, new cinematic project of Alexander Kluge.

Front of the Hollywood cinema, Abulafia developed a reading focusing on achievement of Bruno, Sacha Baron film – Cohen, along with Aaron’s poetry book Saturn “shit, death.” Joshua Simon analyzes American romantic comedy since Something About Mary and genre Ahbromanc contemporary. Section “I saw that …” homeless bastards are reviewed honor of Quentin Tarantino, what works of Woody Allen, few of Renan Shore, Il Divo’s Paolo Suarntinu way through Vegas wedding of Todd Phillips, silk stockings of the most Mmulian, Awtaar James Cameron, Lisandro Alonso’s Liverpool, a good Jew Coen Brothers Synecdoche, New York Charlie Kaufman. In addition, we are pleased to continue to publish works of cinema in creating local directors: Roman’s eyes Abulafia, blue and white metal of Mike Akiicoab, Akondmande of Oren Shai, this time Dan’s telecast, Wisconsin’s Jonathan Ben Efrat Golan Vichy, tits of Holly and Daniel Wren Aplberge , Dana Goldberg’s Alligator Western special – Hilarious full script of the film, Roee Rosen it appears Hani Furstenberg monologue Stand – Up.
Ramla and Lod cultural guerrilla
الرملة – اللد هنالك حدث شعري جويرلا تربوت مع قبيلة دهمش
Culture Guerilla in Ramle with the village Damsh

Between Kafka to the poor’s sheep

Single dirt road leads to the village Dahamesh in Ramle, all 600 residents live in the same address: the Hasmonean Street 6, Ramla. The village is not recognized as part of the city and allow the court adequate transportation for the children of the village, so they get to school. Ramelait neighborhood that is not counted, there is no paved road in the village, there is no garbage, no sewage or electricity neat. Nor is health care and welfare. Municipality will not even collect the property tax payments. to prevent the residents to develop their territories, the area was declared an agricultural area – but do not let water.

Damsh residents are citizens of Israel, the Occupied Territories them stood the village are privately owned areas. In many cases these lands were given to compensate the 1948 refugees. Instead give them their rights and integrate the urban system Dahamesh rapidly developing all around (yes, real estate transactions at the expense of agricultural land, sometimes illegal, and often), municipal orders bulldozers repeatedly clarify – you’re not wanted here. New neighborhoods are like old neighbors.

After all the efforts of village residents to be recognized, regulating the legal position in the home of dozens of families through and referrals resources development failed, after the court orders that allow such recognition answer dragging their feet, disregard for the cancellation, have no choice but to protest against injustice. Protest on behalf of equality between one citizen, equality against the law, equality, and the allocation of resources, the most important equality – equal recognition. Protest called basic rights of every person to live with dignity, confidence and welfare at home.Vmkoplat double right of those who once pushed his house, and no one allowed him to establish a home again. Right of those who managed to rebuild the lives, and now, raise one urban order, may lose everything.

City Hall has been said Debra Dean raised about the village cut off. Single dirt road, construction project has been approved. We must play the equivalent, most urgently.

Cultural guerrilla who can call for more pain at the arbitrary and illegal deportation of people from their homes, anyone who Shammas criminal discrimination, distinguishes between one citizen, and anyone who is prepared to voice protest and solidarity with our brothers and sisters Mdamsh join us on Thursday, 13-5-2010

Meet on Thursday at 18:00, with line 451, the central bus station. 6th Floor, 619-620 Continuous

Drive us from Ramle protest tent.

The show starts at eight o’clock

Cast by a – at:

Osnat Skublinsky
Oren Wilkins Jeremias
Ethan Kallinski
Almog Behar
Ashkar Alden Cohen
Boaz Yaniv
Daniel Oz
Gilad Hadas
Joshua Simon
Yuval Ben-Ami
Naaman dovish
Jonathan Conde (Systeme Alia)
Yanai Israeli
Yael Birnbaum
Lilach Weber
Who – Tal Nadler
A Strnfeld
When Shmuelof
Neta Ahituv
Abed Natur

An Uzi Dvir
Eran Cgub
Raji Abtehis
Ronnie Hirsch
Roy Chicky Arad
Shai Arie Mizrachi
Tell Masalha

Music: Yuval Ben-Ami

Moderator: Joshua Simon

Guerrilla Culture


على الطريق بين دمش والرملة, يعيش شخص في نفس 600 العنوان: الرملة, 6 شارع هسمونيم, القرية لا يعترف بها كجزء من المدينة, والمحكمة العليا هي التي قد الجهة الوحيدة تسمح بتوفير المواصلات لطلاب المدارس. الحي من هذا ليس لديه الرملة ممهد في طريق القرية, أما خدمات القمامة والصرف الصحي والكهرباء والرعاية الصحية والاجتماعية فهي معدومة.

كما لا يتم جمع ضريبة الأملاك من هذه القرية حتى أن تطور نفسها تستطيع, وقد تم الإعلان عن هذه المنطقة أنها منطقة زراعية ولكن للأسف لا يتم توصيل مياه الري إليها أبدا.

ولكن على الطريق نفسه, تمت الموافقة على مشروع للبناء. لذا يجب علينا أن هذا المشروع الاحتجاج ضد

انضموا إلينا للمشاركة في هذه المسيرة يوم الخميس 13-5-2010 في تمام الساعة السادسة أمام محطة للحافلات في تل أبيب, الرملة كما يمكنكم أيضا السفر بالقطار والانضمام إلينا في خيمة الاحتجاج نفسها. وسوف يبدأ العرض في تمام الساعة الثامنة.

On the road between Damsh and Ramle, 600 residents live at the same address: Hasmonaim Street 6, Ramla. The village is not recognized as part of the city and only the High Court could allow transportation to school for the children of the village. This neighborhood of Ramle doesn’t have paved road in the village, garbage, sewage or electricity, health care and welfare.

The City Hall doesn’t even collect the property tax payments. To prevent the residents to develop their territories, the area was declared an agricultural area – but do not let water being conducted up to there.

On that same road, a construction project has been approved. We must protest against that project.

Join us on Thursday, 13-5-2010 at 18:00 in front of the bus station in Tel – Aviv, Ramle (you can also travel by train) and then join us in the protest tent for the protest itself. The show will only begin at eight o’clock.

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