Japanika Sushi Rothschild street, Tel Aviv \ \ guerrilla culture in Ackerstein bricks factory, Yeruham – Personal Summary

Eighth candle of
Hanukkah: Chinese workers
with kaffiyeh

Sushi counter
I put a coin
Take a coin

She wants
Combination B

American girl with
A white purse with
American girl

Bottle of soy sauce
Half full
With air


The poetry  demonstration in Ackerstein was one of the successful events of “guerrilla culture”. I think it was a turning moment in our activities. Employees took part in earlier and there was a  strong religious atmosphere to the demonstration. Leah Shakdiel and a religous local journalist named Mimi, spontaneous emotional speeches. Shakdiel  greeted  Giora Ackerstein, the CEOm because his granddaughter was born exactly on the demonstration day. She blessed her that you understand her own money is an effort of others and appreciate it (hope I’m not too interferes with her), put Moses spoke meets Egyptian persecutors beat is on, and discuss the concept of ‘we’.

Eli Eshed, a famous blogger of pop culture, read verses from Amos, he wore a red shirt (his hat mysteriously disappeared and appeared that evening on Ben-Gurion’s grave and then disappeared again). Despite the difficult situation and the great injustice done to the factory workers, so the owners will gain a few more pennies, we went from the demonstration in a good mood. We left with a feeling that we strengthened the staff and they strengthened us. that was different from such an event In Kiryat Gat’s textile factory Polgat, a year before. Then, we fell depressed that the plant was closed.

Workers in the struggle against evil (Ackerstein also build the separation wall and probably will build the wall against the African Holocaust on Sinai and Israel border) and I am convinced that the workers will win it. Because they have nothing to lose – they work 16 years longer, 12 hours a day, receiving 20.70 Shekels per hour (6$). They just want to live from theeir work, what’s the story?

This is the front of the state of Israel in 2010, not the battles that go out against imaginary enemies from the Akirov towers. The battle of us is not against  Iran,  Syria, or the Palestinians. The front is the town of Yeruham.

The most exciting moment was actually our relations with police, who generally harassing us. Here, In the poor town of Yerucham,  kindly policeman turned to us and said he was angry at us. When we asked why, he explained, “because you do not come to us, to demonstrate for Yeruham police.”

Here are some photographs of poets Daniel Oz and Hadas Gilad .

Two interesting texts written after the event:

The coverage of the new site south of Dimona News , Dan Bunbeidah

Ethan Kallinski the poet Alex Ababieve , Black Labor

Note Ltokabakist rising without name:

1. Anything can be achieved even if the vicious way of auction. If you were building a guillotine on the way here’s a tender, it was still an evil.

2. Mr. Giora Ackerstein provides a livelihood for many families, but poor living conditions in this humiliating and dangerous threats as shown in the ‘facts’. What is certain is that many families provide a livelihood Ackerstein, which is not so poor. And he did not appreciate it.

3. I’m not here to defend my paper, but I hope they do not employ people who work with them for 12 years, ten hours a day, still a salary of 20.70. I hope they were not hiding cases of physical injuries. You could say the Yediot Aharonot, and Globes, where I worked before, many things, but a treat employees with respect proportionately. Of course there are a lot of repair. I hope that spins agency talkbackers let you work more than 20.70.

4. If you think I catch a ride on Ackerstein, know that I would love to get a ride, allow employees, two-thirds of them want to join what must you do by law.

Eli Hirsch’s Poetry Book

Eli Hirsch launched a new site that presents the reviews he writes literary supplement of Yedioth Ahronoth

The site itself is certainly very important, because Hirsch (along with Menachem Ben) is one of the few who critic regularly  Hebrew books of poetry. I have reservations about Hirsch’s taste in poetry, which is after all “good taste”, for better or worse. But there is no doubt raising the reviews to the Internet is a matter that is important to document the period in poetry. Eventually, the site is really a new encyclopedia of poetry.

-Should pay attention to the interesting exhibition of Tzeela Katz RIP – Eran Hadas Walla! Culture

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