On Yuji Gabay, the Israeli Italo-Disco magician

Israel Radio technicians midst only to complaints received from all reset solidarity, that the halt was hit radio interviews and playing music. It’s really annoying, not fun, weird and hard to catch people’s whole life people standing opposite – I say this even though I am not familiar with the fight, provided the wages of employees and what awaits them in the future. Just saying that if a just struggle, a move unlikely. During the sanctions, stood out as a radio technician Yuji Gabbay spearhead of the struggle, Achshachibr an allegorical story about the struggle and the Broadcasting Authority.

This is an opportunity also to recall the extensive activity of Gabay, musician, composer and arranger who chose one of the genres in bizarre, “music using the road.” Although looks like “Middle of the Road” is going for sure, in the move which is a man of avant-garde, on the border of the tragic hero. Gabay worked with many singers, Uri Fineman and Yardena Arazi. But the most interesting things related productions and composition legacy lesser-known singers, who look like his initiatives.Some of them can find the YouTube page of the fertile Yuji Gabbay . For example, a singer named Dean, Dean band guys, who ran in the eighties with a song called ‘Go to Gaza “ . Or Hanni Yoffe with song “taco” BISEXUAL non unbelievable.Gabai’s efforts also pre Eurovision are enormous: with Yaron Haddad in “Odiak” his solo song itself “Get A ‘rating” (words: Nurit Bat Shachar Tzafrir). Video ratings, should pay attention dresses escort female singers of standards in forming my opinion. Despite the light associated properties Ahabidoreim genre “Middle of the Road”, has songs of Yuji lot of political and bold, like occupation in Gaza, free sex woman requires subversion against the ratings – much more Mbsiri Israeli alternative rock, alternative usually is that they and their previous best copied something from overseas that tied into our lives. Yuji Gabay, with sound Cynthia megalomania, his country was trying to import a version of Italy – the root disk sandals. clips , see him go crazy on the organic, full of passion. We wish Yuji and anyone fighting for victory for public broadcasting success.

Recommended to examine the site of Yuji Gabbay .

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