Promenade without a sea – Elements in the poetry of Dalia Hertz, Natan Zach and the israeli sixties

I have been asked to write about Dalia Hertz, but I want to use it a springboard to dwell on formal methods – topic her singing, but singing is also common in her time.
One of the main issues the authors worked of the sixties about jumping interested reader is also visible flickering and still not treated serious, he blasts, even the loopism – the English word Loop. Poetry of the time, as formal, but also about creating. Born in the seventies and the adults of which can compare this record jump, which record player repeats the same musical court cases. Nathan Zach is the most extreme example who uses this element, which has become his hallmark exercise, like Napoleon’s triangular hat, or – say his supporters – Stuttering by Moses, but Dalia Hertz makes extensive use of more sophisticated and perhaps this technique.

Run: I wait. Margot

Many songs in “Margot” (1961), Hertz’s first book, with the opening encounter immediately get stuck brake. The title track opens: “I made her coffee. I was late.Margot poop after \ ten minutes. The point is that I want to be \ around like you (…) Margot returns. I’m helping hand. She coughs. Recall the words of \ have me want to be like \ Margot. ” the loopism here, formal mathematical, is double or triple.First, literally, there is unnecessary on the organ back to the song or the subjects, words, roots (as I. K R) that she wants to be Margot, and the double delay (I marked underlined and emphasis the rehearsals, which I did well with the other demos I hope the magazine designers “position” that will respect). Second, the fact remain, the lack of – to move, hang, coffee and chatting with Margot to belated. Besides, you can also specify a doubling of Margot and the song speaks – this long which is six times Margot tries to be like. So with Margot Margot meets 2 (the author would like to make Margot) – this also blasts. Even at the end of the song ends and wait. Margot “, indicates that something important is happening right now, this is a song full of lag, some lag, but this great!
Topographically possible to compare the song and other songs that use this technique to her residence in a small village which is a round loaf, hamlet not – Global him repeating cars, houses remain the same, dominated the grocery (or shop) remains in place, from a passing car on the way those points, But in scales, cheeses and axes occasionally jumping startled passengers.
Bushmen quoted parts of a song “Margot” Almost nothing happens. They lag the sky – on purpose on the border bureaucracy. You could – in the case of prose Fried Chicken – cut them, they sense fat – a song, but the thin fabric created here, they have a vital role: it is also a camel’s hump is fat, and without funds will not be rewarded. And sometimes songs like the camel Mthoakaym Two – hump, or three – hump.
One of the things I learned about myself as a poet, the transition from writing songs like – Haikou (established), more standard format songs, is that sometimes it is important to leave the belly of the song. In fact, much harder to use fat and succeed to raise a song, than to choose the decision Ahdyattiat, modernist option or Ahhiicoait Ahmuutrat for decoration or belly.
Margotte, rhyming is Gihmtiat Popup, upcoming anti – Rhyme or nonsense “I ask. Margot returns. I’m helping hand. She coughs” is a clear example (you can compare it to rhyme “I ask / pray”, song “Alive” by Ofra Breast / Ehud Manor few decades later).
Song without name on page 17 in ‘Margot’ is also open loop: “I blanched \ Suddenly I blanched \ as a wallas a wall stood around me. As Ned / profit, they said, suddenlypale as a sheet.” If we limit the returns can be reduced to the song I blanched as the “twin wall / standing around me / like Ned” (repeated elements, three different organs, stressed here on the bottom, tilt emphasis.) There is no need that content back, doubling the mass of the song than 8 words to 17 words, that is over 50 percent of the opening text is based on the double shuffle. This loopism bishop highlights here. the loops that grows that this is a wall that she imagines herself to him, is the wall that closes with her too. The song later also use the word ‘delete’, creates a resonance enhancement of this blasts.
First at home in ‘things’, song book locks species ‘Margot’, using this motif Loopism, although in the subject: “If I got to it from me / we / I talk on the boardwalk / bored / So we met and things.” Translation prose: Mrs. Hertz goes hand in hand with the ‘things’; fact they came to her, it does not matter, they go on the promenade, bored and then meet.
Here, the last song, ‘things’ and which correspond to open and sit Margot, too boring everyday rules, with the dramatic break-ins, just clips. Two songs are the dialogue is not – a dialogue: dialogue and monologue. The promenade of the time indicates boredom, beat, the blasts. To this song that I’ll be back later in the Promenade article.

Zach: getting into

Natan Zach, Hazel poets of the period, went a step further and made them shuffle Abatakatanut trademark. Many of his songs is the only formal means. Sometimes he left no room to talk in a song, except the very repetition. I quote two poems are full of Natan Zach (from the book “songs”), “Evening Song” “night / when she told me my girl / youto walk down the street / I would go more complicatedget in and walk /walk and walk more complicated. Or “alone” (which ends with perhaps half – Exit) “is not good that man should be alonebut he alone among the so and so. \ Hewaits and he alone / He paused and alone / And he alone knows \ even if Itamaamacome.” Abnyrah is sometimes unpleasant, at the opening song called “an accurate description of the music he had heard of Saul in the Bible:” Saul is listening to music / Saul hears / Saul hear some music? \ Saul hear music.
Return this works better for Zach’s wife at tea my teacher Lmtamtika (dictates Lmtamtika original). Also because there’s been mathematical, and partly because the word is also stuck Mtamtika (dead + dead + statistics). And because after his wife died, he must be alone, then stuck Achabshir. We can assume that before she died, the condition of the teacher and his wife was stuck Uparbuli. Here too, humor breaks the loopism this melancholy, more thoughtful songs. After all there is out of melancholia blasts: funny song came out, it seems the poet’s death certified math teacher’s wife. Return a broken record that serves the song. An example similar to the way back to serve the song was over something she’s estranged Aaron Shabtai (Tanya, 2008, or the country in 2007) to “Ben-Gurion Airport, which describes the echo return the terminal, although there is Atakatanut, but repetitive, or” box ” of Nimrod Kamer from “I want to file you” (2009) in which repetition monotonous description of what he did with his girlfriend during their relationship once frustrating, testifies to the generality of the relationship. Displays in reviews – some the the “d-time” option relations pale. And here also have volcanic eruption montonic: the enormous amount of email received speaker Bashir.
Loopism comes as the use of square roots of words which indulging in double symmetrical Zach: Itamaama, Mtamtika can also specify the “anyway” or “This Is It” (the song “a final farewell,” the second song in the “songs”) or “sniffing” ( song “alcoholic”, the third song in the “songs”). Ie the first three songs in the “songs” (released in 1960 and 1962) both stuck, as opposed to the book, “songs” (unless you refer to the letters that Jean Yore Dea M also repeated the title word ‘songs and different ‘).
The same is true of other books of pure honey in what is considered his period: for example the song ‘What sweeten days’,’ How come star (one dare), and countless other songs that contain the same trick, just better or more successful Zach. It is interesting that it was chosen to researchers Zach’s claims at face value Zach felt that his writing is devoid of – symmetry and without an artificial order. For example, in “Love in the back” (2005), Professor Yair Mazor said that Zach is the symmetry of the lack of background – symmetry is grotesque effect of symmetry (I’m short the claim).Rachel Weasberod Bible “other days” (2002), devoted an entire chapter of pure artistic means, and therefore could not ignore the rehearsals with him. But she interpreted it and restore the natural speech, a claim that does not meet with the pure content to mention here, but is a reasonable interpretation of ‘Margot’ and ‘things’ of Hertz, which is hands-free language. Reader Open University’s official, appointed Weasberod number one after the other five pure poetry and artistic means, perhaps because students should be tested on this, good Lord have mercy. Element ‘return’ pushed her number four. My opinion is the measure Zaki, such as Cubist technique Picasso and other artists in his day, for instance.
When the runner, introduced her as having influenced the number of visitors over-Secretary-General. Hamutal woolly also referred to the researcher’s influence clear on the run at a landscape – Nationalism, Gender and subjectivity Israeli poetry fifties and sixties “(2006) from gender. The central theme is the comparison of Hertz between what they call “feminine women poets, urged the claims of Practice Run axis imagination – pure. Today’s comparison between different songs, “Zach’s second book, released a year before” Margot “, I do not think there is too much similarity between the Hz pure greatness and better songs. They are opposites: Zach understated minimal run thrown chatterbox. I will note, perhaps intuitively or gastronomic, that a good runner when wet than when dry and pure than good. Even their repetitive use is reversed. His use of thoughtful, her stuttering. I mean, with Zach the blasts is designed to show him Achamakne, puzzled and in Hz.

Avidan, Amichai: There’s nowhere to go

Avidan is also in this Loopism, but less than Hertz or Zach. In The Boxes hysteria “(Songs of pressure, 1960-62) came out around the time of” Margot “Hertz, and” songs “of Zach, Avidan opens Abnyrah win is clear:” There are people who do not have anything to lose, some people \ that them. What, they do not, what.nothing to lose? “.
Or the song “power of attorney (personal problems 1954-57) beloved by many:” What justifies more than \ the loneliness, the great despair \ strange carrying the burden of the \ great loneliness and despair big \ is the simple fact, cuts / We do not really where to go. ” Thematic here Atakatanut formal. What’s the song later, this house comes back more or less. And as for Zach in “Arab city” or in The Friends of the runner, use of the word about Judaism, to suggest the movement is in the negative sense, stuck. Zach is going to more complicated. Hertz is going for a promenade bored. Avidan and with nowhere to go early. Something I do not agree: there’s nowhere to go.

Avidan loopism with tiny – Atlaviabit (almost completely absent in the first book out of the fifties) dissolves with his progress as a poet shattering for science fiction,
Firing anti rattle rattle Vahciput – poetic. He lived in a small Tel Aviv, but his picture in Tel Aviv following a fictional, so you can also read the “Tel Aviv nights with David Avidan – guide to the night”, one of his important books, which describes Tel Aviv MB – corporate fiction. In the book, he describes rounds in Tel Aviv with the car, techniques mackerels, while central heat and power detection, revolutionary sexual attitudes, but the last chapter, he describes Tel Aviv, futuristic, Avidaniomit, raging 24 hours a day. Course in the last Gulf: Desert Storm Songs “(1991), his last volume of poems, dealing with the Gulf War, in the middle school, Avidan presented a picture of a Patriot missile launcher facing the sky. A picture that contains all the latest pathetic Avidan, who wants to be launched into the sky, but in fact be broken. Believes in the sanctity of American produce bright, but a dead end Patriot missile failed, noted screen, end up hurting his own side: Avidan wanted a world of tigers and sheep, and was the first to be eaten. It is interesting to compare the Patriot with Avidan and the artist’s work a Strauss, a decade later, she stands under the guise of an Indian rocket placed in Jaffa, next to the Iraq war II, so did combines art, kind of ballistics. Even his longing for Llweini spyware and traveling LSD, or the dignified manner and his fondness for seances, related to his leave Amanyrah Ahatakatanit – Domstit. I think that criticism, the nature of bourgeois stuck drawn, it is preferred to the melancholy side of stuck Avidan, poems “family”, not the wild side, his spaces ridiculous, culminating in his film “message from the future” (1981). During the psychological, I will note that preference may be more of his songs stuck Zach became “hits” are related to the melancholy element in the blasts, favored by conservative or bourgeois literature students who are currently sour their lives, because he is secretary of the blasts in themselves, their little doubts minimum pretensions family ease digestion, compared with the invasion of subversion and danger ballistic world. Although you can find the songs stuck in popularity even more Troielit explanation. Detective culture, Eli Eshed, referring to composing songs of poets, said the free time to writing poetry and harms the ability to compose, however, creates a back blasts, the same rhyme and weight, easy on the Composing songs, success, and touch audiences beyond poet poetry enthusiasts. This is particularly true pure (“Alone”, “How come the star”) but the Avidan.

Repetition paper is also in Yehuda Amichai, Poet for a period of “generation who, although less than in pure or Hz. It can be found at the opening of “fail again” (not to remember, 1971): “Last year, \ I was happy here / I’m happy here this year \ because a year ago / I was so” open “rash quiet”: “Rash quiet \ end year / on the brink. Who? \ on the brink / without a door. ” To a full course at Mercy “: opened in” El Maleh RahamimGod had it not been full of mercypity were in the world. And not just a “symmetry ends in” know that if God full of compassion / mercy in the world were / not only there, become one of the best-known songs, also thanks to the education system.

Diving board

Can be summarized that this is a crucial means of style poets of this generation. I do not want to enter the debate Zach – Alterman. I have no party interest, and I want it shares. I do not think this debate is too important, anyway, people would get tired of writing verses Apompuzeime or miss them even without Edhiptho of Zach. This war is particularly interesting talks poetry cafe or public lectures subscribers, the revenue side of literary scholars and poets. Since this section is not written charge and there is no point bothering to add another floor on rickety foundations of this argument.
However, you can raise a claim Ahsixteiz Singers, led by Zach, gave up on a string – this weight for Halupioat. That they surrendered one Mnyiriste through art, in favor of another, even more fake. Ensure that Mgihiach the claim that poets’ generation who “wrote a free rhythm, then this Halupioat shows the locked served their time more Mbshir disciplined, even if it is a rhyme and collected, is at least moving forward, from the past into the present, or present to the future, Instead of the past into the past. Of course, through art Melanie is also a beautiful thing that generates bright blue when shrapnel smashed, with sophisticated content or subject, such as Saturn’s political sonnets, songs of wild Omamushtrim Avidan or text slob singing Sivan Dr. Baskin or container, for example, today.
There is no formal means of termination of this or that, but: A.. Argued that there is such a formal way. On. Claimed its use was common or too common in a certain period. III. Attempt to understand the role that formal means, and what political position – poetic. The question is whether this means It describes the spirit of the author and mood Run – Zach – Avidan, or glued. Ie we specify whether Venice is like a casino or she reconstructs the Venice Venice blue Nevada, casino of Sheldon (This example is problematic: the Venezia is should be noted).
I think this measure is most natural. You may even be the connection between this character blasts tiny grocer – the life of Nicky Mapai in Israel at that time. If we continue political arguments – they are always poetic questionable (questionable as generational claims, I cast shells not trained here), you could say that it related to the jammed state Israel’s then, isolated island in the Middle East, a small town to slam on the promenade, like the song ‘things’ that run huddle with things on the boardwalk and
Does not even look at the sea (the sea, the waves and the sand is not mentioned in the song what is happening on the promenade, only the poet and ‘things’), with no allies other than ‘things’, talking about death (mine acquaintance) and with a sense of Shaw – Shaw song ends military with whom this book (“It’s confidential, it’s top secret”).
Disclaimer on the symbolic weight bead (perhaps) some Aenternzioanaaliut, although they strange climate of the Middle East as fur hats, and the transition Latakatanut, suggests Israel might be small, should be investigated by someone else. In any event, even if far-reaching Abteenutye I, I think there is a situation where contact means art of the period, as Azrieli Mall, Temple of the neo – liberalism Index – a comb, the separation wall, affect served our time. Even his famous essay on ‘poor stuff’ than 1986 Sarah Brietberge icon is talking about features fixed more or less and materials of artists from Tel Aviv “and” with it “mood affected period. This article is brought, by the way, Zach’s quote, too, that maybe he and the Loopism contemporary poets can read through the article of the Code.
If we continue to analogy in the art world at that time I recognized that the video works – art made by artists from Jerusalem the day, users Abnyrah similar moves back forcing Simpolim visual and sound again and again. Video Art and the Tel Aviv it flows better. It may be related to the secular blasts felt in West Jerusalem. As someone who lives in Tel Aviv, then, maybe it’s really true comparison Vsixteiz Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West that gives you a limited number of places, you navigate the content again and again, desperately belligerent. Front of Tel Aviv is seen as part of the world.
However although this technique is sometimes interesting to use (like in the song “Margot”), I must admit that I did not have too much fun sensitivity of this technique.Perhaps because I live in Tel Aviv and more open which is very easy to travel to Cairo, or Paris. No longer a hole in the Levant.

Another thing to stop him is the ease of use of this Abnyrah, in which each line can turn a thoughtful existential chance to sing – pop. For example the opening of the article can become, “I was asked to write about Dalia Run \ about who I was asked to write? The Dalia Hz. But I \ I just want to use it as a springboard \ if I wanted to jump \ board will be \ Dalia Hz. Even if I wanted to cut \ board will be \ what I was asked to write about, Dalia / she board \ Run “.

The article was published issue “was” Run the new Dahlia.

Precious Shmuelof Greetings, Friends mg Rilla culture “on his new book,” Why I do not write love songs Israelis. ”

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