Hungry Mimouna


Founders Garden crowd the streets begin to fill the central Mimouna. Moroccan elderly Filipino carry a wheelchair. A large sign advertising the ‘medallion transit camp of the’ Federation of Moroccan Jewry, one side of the stage. “Soon we will open the tent so you can greet the Mayor Mercy Melloul,” says an official guideline on stage.The name of the mayor, who was released just analysis, interspersed with songs, too.Bass luck hiding the mayor’s name on the sign behind the stage.

Mahal was built garden center honor, color, huge and busy food sweet. Is fairly empty because I arrived half an hour early. Like all media arrive soon, I should stick to Isaac Herzog. After he said what he said or not said about Amir Peretz Moroccans, he now comes to finance it. I have a feeling that Herzog does not reach the end. But it is already here, arrived first, ahead of time, as Sachpau Blvd.

Instead of substantive election, Labor Party swept to the question of what he said Isaac Herzog on my mother Moroccans Yachimovich Princess used against Ram Caspi. It would be fascinating enough electoral system for the differences between the candidates, reasonable people total at last. But here I am funded with Isaac Herzog, the Mupltut kind imposed enormous fish flour, face to the politicians. I should try to understand if the Moroccans Excuse Herzog. As if there is such a thing as ‘Moroccans’.

Someone arguing with the guard he wants Mupltut. “It would be enough for everyone,” says Aponkecioner Benzi suit with gold. Who had to eat a lot Mupltut to not get involved with the hosts is Herzog. Trying to push him to a chair of gold. “Do not try to put me in a chair, do not want”, he dares to say, say on his behalf.

Entered into colorful tent-motion Peacocks Meir Shitrit. If time was the golden boy of politics, with only the thin, broken voice puts his fears, something has changed.Herzog looked shocked, in Venice jumps back his hair, he puts on his glasses and then removes them every five minutes. Minister Sheetrit many elegant, with a beautiful tie, looked happy and relaxed. I hear Herzog huddles with someone Federation of Moroccan Jewry and says “There were misunderstandings,” and the other nods. But do not think that moving someone. Federation slipping all the people of it, as if they did something wrong. I ask them about the statement, and they say I have not heard about it in fear.

‘Contempt’ s is the guest of honor, an example of integration “, tells me someone. “His mother then Egyptian.” Integration Herzog was easy enough I suppose, his father and grandfather was chief rabbi president, and since then the Father is close to a stone.A woman trying to divide fezzes everyone just trying to put the red hat on his head, but Herzog refuses.

Reuven Rivlin comes at me and shakes his head despite not ever met before. He seemed most happy wearing a red fez, he talks about Mimouna motto this year, Social Work, and say nice things about the treatment of foreign workers, but pompon of fez entered his eye. I ask him why did not leaders in the fez as a duty in the Knesset, and he does not support, saying “just ridiculous media acts like. But put you in a turban, so Atahabs. Rivlin excited that officially returned from the islands of Tonga.”Incidentally, the King of Tonga said hi to your dad,” he says despise Y.. I ask Rivlin way it was. He says, “The main thing is that they will vote with us. They believe they are part of the Ten Lost Tribes. ”

“Herzog-year member of the Honorary President of the Federation”, tell me Moti Elmaleh, nice speaker of the Moroccan Federation. I ask Herzog few years is a member of the Presidium, and he says he was not a member of the Presidium of the honor. “But I’m a lot of years coming events. From childhood I celebrate the Mimouna.” It also offers all the media make Mimouna national holiday.

A little art. Gift Melloul, tent designer, explains to me that the table in front of me had twenty thousand shekels, and is the only of its kind. “Winning pitchers are 150 years, each twenty thousand shekels.”

– Oh dear. I saw one of them fell.

“It’s on my side. This section designs.”

– But what to do with pitcher Percy Moroccans?

“It’s the same thing. To give the wow must pitchers Persian”

Sheep continues, but Herzog remains. Belatedly, the mayor comes and sits in a chair of gold applause of those sitting who are concerned about his health. Official event can begin. Herzog guest speaker costs. Almost nobody claps. After that, the mayor also speaks almost no one (outside the tent city his associates) did not clap.

I’m trying to find out what happened. It seems sad that people out there that are not received Muplta. Mupltut concentrated encampment politicians, who eat even though they are not hungry. And outside, there is hardly Muplta Medicine. People tell each other ‘company Dine’ But what funding without pastry honey. The audience surrounds the yellow iron poles. They are quiet, but sad eyes say one thing: Muplta. Tray occasionally comes to the masses, but he already Achorsm by the politicians closest to the municipality. The few who get Muplta cause jealousy out there. Maybe it’s as if the social situation in Israel, the possibility of a place that eat up vomiting, Achsabced other hungry people. Someone offers to open the doors to the masses, but a young man with a beard that casts a veto. Outside, you can not buy Mupltut. It has maximum sugar white grandma hair outside the compound sold two men in five shekels. People are begging me to bring them Muplta. I try to sneak out beleaguered shipping, finds only a light blue sugar cake. But I can not find the people who wanted to. So I can myself and it tasted pretty good.

(Ha’aretz published a shortened version, and rose to the Internet for some reason. Thank Lraz, by the beautiful editorial comments)

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