Michel Houellebecq in Tel Aviv Mall

Michelle Houellebecq landing in Israel mentioned the visit of a Hollywood star sleepy town. Tel Aviv was divided immediately among fans Omaaakim though. Like, what do we need this Houellebecq. Who at all? Many were shocked also that he said he was pro – Israeli, if found cheating on information provided by authorities. “Am I the only one not admire his books? So here is another conclusion from the evening: his personality well I do not fall”, announced winning poet facebook page to see it cocktail. The peak was Houellebecq mis-shapes club party emerged ecliptic. This infuriated the visitors set in place, as if the author bothered them over the phone late at night. Rumors of his success that night, came through Twitter in real time. I remained at home.

My encounter with the star was on the dance floor, or the invitation-only cocktail dips, but Steimatzky Bookstore Dizengoff Center branch, while devoted to the signing of the books. Prior to arrival, Gyabbu facts Steimatzky impressive towers of books reached respectable heights. I am very excited diagonal arrangement, but Michael, an artist – a poet with helmet hair, looked at me dismissively and said “It’s beautiful to you? It’s the most Steimatzky.”

Since it’s still in the business literature that require a type of Aindbduelizm, people seemed pretty shocked that they Mahtimym the famous star of the book bound as if they were fans of Justin Beaver. The fortunate ones hid the books for signature file. If you know French, you go with a copy in the original, mass-separated you from the crowd. A woman with a copy in German (eBay) immediately won a silent appreciation of her surroundings. But as expected Steimatzky elitist destroyed the atmosphere, when it decided to put a disc of Gidi Gov background. Someone put a protest headsets.

Full of envy, I remembered the day I signed the failed Shenkin bookstore stamp on the anthology took part. I sat outside for several hours and no one came. Just pick on people who entered the store to purchase and sign them. Finally, in despair, I discovered at that time inside the store sold few copies, but the people escaped from me to not sign them. The store closed last month after the next Steimatzky branch crushed him. Not long ago, I passed the window and saw there a fashion or something.

I met Irina wroble Grobmanm magazine editor “Zerkelo” magazine impressive figure in the Russian literary scene in Israel. Is not going to buy a book of Welbeck, of course. Just came to present the artist painting her husband did Mikhail Grobman, use one of his paintings of Houellebecq quote that Islam is dumb. She offers me a postcard with a different drawing Grobman involving male genitalia. Birth stands creates a Russian named Valerie Eisenberg painted on his shirt and green triangle. He insists that there Houellebecq is not French  name but not Arab. French girl corrects him. “I hate Houellebecq,” he says. But waiting to Oracle like all of us. I’m trying to find out if he’s close Eisenberg millionaire.

The place is full, but very quiet. People do not talk to each other and a strong sense of embarrassment. I’ve never seen such a quiet line in Israel. Since I only do a little noise, someone feel safe to ask me if it’s okay to take a book signing before paying.

Then, belatedly, he came. Comprehensive store’s known him a huge smile, like mohels with experience. The silence rips a baby crying embarrasses Mom elitist. Star sits under a giant green plastic sign which appears in the picture in a raincoat, a Parisian coffee apparently. Almost expressionless face. “Oh, do not see,” says someone everyone hiding her. If a girl whispers: “Be quiet, now we are in mode of action.”

“I came to buy the book and suddenly Houellebecq case here,” says director Yariv Horowitz. A girl she thought before tempting Houellebecq, when she heard the stories of the ecliptic, disappointed looks id of the author, “He seems Sleazy.” I would like to examine what exactly write Welbeck dedication. Girl with headphones and shows me that he signed only his name. Her hands still shaking. “I do not understand why they are shaking,” she says.

Houellebecq, an author I like, especially the descriptions of sex he writes, sitting silently pilot 5 seal clerk Joy . Murmurs, Achsabpio tucked a cigarette. It seems like he’s going to eat the cigarrete. “That showed a man urinating on the world,” says a guy named Ran. The most beautiful nose he pulls a fifth of a smile. Hair brush and it reveals a gold colored watch, sipping a plastic cup from Aroma chain of restaurants. The autograph table, under the tower of books, there is also a glass of water which is not touching, alcohol bottle. “I’m depressed at least as Welbeck,” said Dan C, Tel Aviv central figure someone, formerly known branch that came to see Houellebecq, but forgot to take a book. “Take my signature.”Sharon Rottbard asks her husband Amit publishing partner in “Babel” (Babilon), Sharon Rottbard, stand at Houellebecq, to help him spell the Hebrew names. I ask her on a wild night ecliptic. “No. We took him there,” she says. She also tries to refute the rumors about him antipathy. The second time they bring the Welbeck to Israel. Last time, in 1999, not yet published his book in Hebrew.

Back of the store, walking a religious man occasionally peering at Welbeck, in his book about the city of Safed accepted as an alibi. “I read the newspaper and wanted to see how the Rebbe that,” he explains to me why it, a little ashamed. I ask what his conclusion. “We are all human beings,” he says, and returns to sit on a couch in the back. Two girls striped shirt who arrived there by chance, duplication of tin cans sold in reason. someone trying to get me to photograph her, so as not to lose the line, from which you can not see it. I’m slipping.

“First time I want a signature,” says Ran is trying to distance himself from the business. “It is clear that on previous occasions I have asked you. For example with German artist, humiliating him friend. Ran continued: “It’s embarrassing what’s happening here. Just a scene of his books – Houellebecq sitting, people standing chin fans ask him to sign.”


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