On Yuji Gabay, the Israeli Italo-Disco magician

Israel Radio technicians midst only to complaints received from all reset solidarity, that the halt was hit radio interviews and playing music. It’s really annoying, not fun, weird and hard to catch people’s whole life people standing opposite – I say this even though I am not familiar with the fight, provided the wages of employees and what awaits them in the future. Just saying that if a just struggle, a move unlikely. During the sanctions, stood out as a radio technician Yuji Gabbay spearhead of the struggle, Achshachibr an allegorical story about the struggle and the Broadcasting Authority.

This is an opportunity also to recall the extensive activity of Gabay, musician, composer and arranger who chose one of the genres in bizarre, “music using the road.” Although looks like “Middle of the Road” is going for sure, in the move which is a man of avant-garde, on the border of the tragic hero. Gabay worked with many singers, Uri Fineman and Yardena Arazi. But the most interesting things related productions and composition legacy lesser-known singers, who look like his initiatives.Some of them can find the YouTube page of the fertile Yuji Gabbay . For example, a singer named Dean, Dean band guys, who ran in the eighties with a song called ‘Go to Gaza “ . Or Hanni Yoffe with song “taco” BISEXUAL non unbelievable.Gabai’s efforts also pre Eurovision are enormous: with Yaron Haddad in “Odiak” his solo song itself “Get A ‘rating” (words: Nurit Bat Shachar Tzafrir). Video ratings, should pay attention dresses escort female singers of standards in forming my opinion. Despite the light associated properties Ahabidoreim genre “Middle of the Road”, has songs of Yuji lot of political and bold, like occupation in Gaza, free sex woman requires subversion against the ratings – much more Mbsiri Israeli alternative rock, alternative usually is that they and their previous best copied something from overseas that tied into our lives. Yuji Gabay, with sound Cynthia megalomania, his country was trying to import a version of Italy – the root disk sandals. clips , see him go crazy on the organic, full of passion. We wish Yuji and anyone fighting for victory for public broadcasting success.

Recommended to examine the site of Yuji Gabbay .


Decade for Ping Pong incident in 2000 Eurovision

It’s ten years since our performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. I Put the whole thing on a shelf and didn’t touch it. I think there isn’t any artist that entered as many areas that he does not understand, except for Paris Hilton. Maybe i did not touch the case because I was afraid to be identified forever as “that guy from the Eurovision” as surely feel if I suddenly Dizengoff Center Tal Sondak  (who represented Israel in 2001)
But it still a significant event in my life. At the height of the attack against us, a paper published a poll. The Options were presented, do you despise the ping pong or you do not mind the band. The survey yielded no invites the imagination that some people somewhere – a support band or like the Sameyach Happy .

The survey result was way above 70 per cent hated us. So there were times when I put the head on the pillow when I know that flowered 70 percent of the people around me, hate me, others are indifferent. A week ago was also similar survey Buweinte, and “Sameach” (Be Happy) our song was chosen as the most hated song in the Israeli Eurovision Song Contest. Again, the song had not proposed to be elected in the list of favorite songs.
Public anger against us, especially that we waved with the flags of Syria, was fertile ground for politicians who wanted to stick a knife in junior nation’s enemies and gain exposure to new light. Some cases Ahatkav my head now, but Google are the star.Knesset Education Conference was held to announce Ping Pong is a “disgrace and shame to the State of Israel and the Israeli culture”. The meeting took place almost to collapse of the security strip in Lebanon. Still, many elected officials bothered to get a special meeting to discuss the song ‘Sameah’, the record looks like Kishon wrote. Yuri Stern said that Russia did not see anything bad. Uri Porat, CEO of IBA at the time, called us, “a rogue group that led us astray scam.” Gil Samsonov, a Likud person, threatened a day after the competition: “This is a crazy band. We’ll take from them about 100 thousand dollars “. The press  mentioned electrical engineer that complain in Afula police that we raised flags of the enemy. Unfortunately, no one checked with me the complaint, if it was.
Anyone who reads the newspapers this hot spring will reveal countless texts illuminate us to shame. Even years later, “Ping Pong” became the word denotes Israel Tel Aviv stripping Vhuchmaologym try to take over the state – something which increases mucus in some people like a fantasy anti-Semitic.
Luckily, I have a basic optimism elephant skin, though, the experience of being the man to hate by an entire nation full of people you love, is not fun. Sometimes even if I was offended, I preferred to be cheerful indifference, and eventually I became convinced I had forgotten. I mocked the criticism, but in perspective, I guess I was hurt a little. I’m a Sachshiorkym him, he thinks it’s good for agriculture, but still – what to do – you are left with someone’s saliva on your face, then at least you should Sattangb.That’s what I’m going to do this article, if already dry mucus.


Price was a hate campaign. I got spit when I went to a concert in Jerusalem, the Pet Shop Boys. I continued to dance of course, because I paid for a ticket. Not long afterwards, I received a heavy blow just below my house, and knocked me to the floor, Achsahgbartan strike goes on. Maybe it was just a crazy hit, who knows, hit people on the street, or was related to reason, do not know. I could not remember how it looked Gbarber, despite the pain subsided after a few minutes, for a few months ahead I would imagine him occasionally on the street at night, and a little nervous. Gyagya also attacked with a knife at the supermarket.
It’s not only local initiatives. I filed a corner music program “Made in Israel” on Channel 1 was fired from her, though I do not remember the exact details. Guy flew from his post as the editor of “Israel, too, cultural program submitted sometime Uchovsky wave on Channel 1. Gave especially guards his name entrance to enter tries not criminal God forbid secretly secretly edit program.
This was the spirit of the times. It an electrical engineer from the North demanded us to represent many others. Of course there were expressions of support, independent thinking companies here and there. Director of `junior` souvenir Batya Rabin banned the students to finish the show, “Sheikh.” Children, in response, the students refused to show the finish and put the song outside the fence. We got to identify with them.
Witch tossing the river, if it floated, a sign she was a witch, if she were drowning, it does not help her that she was not a witch. So, when you’re public enemy, you also can not comment. Anything you say will advance a suspect, you are Public Enemy, you must be a liar and a manipulator.
Media introduced us to be dangerous, deceitful undoing of Israel. Even the few who still like us, do it for the wrong reasons, that we called dangerous and crazy people who want to destroy everything. Those who know me, know that truth is not far from it, the human race is my favorite race, and promoting Israeli culture – poetry, to art, cinema and music – is something that I gave him several years of my life.
What saved us a sense of humor just the fact we did something we believe in Him. In general, if the data show the dry – beatings, dismissals, public humiliation, public hatred – this looked very serious, but there is an amusing side to it that you are an enemy of the public. After all, to yourself you know you’re not even a public enemy.Even if I insist on taking a right to be an enemy to the public, I do not think the framework of the pop band – Dance is the way I choose. I’m not Mother Teresa, but if I had caused damage to life here and there, done that as a journalist for instance, initially was aggressive.
Who were we? Just a funny band, successful or not, contended in a silly dying. Week ran a competition that Harel Skaat, four different songs, end of which he won a song called “words”. I can not remember who was elected a year ago and what happened to him. Even if Skaat wins Eurovision Song Contest, Good luck to him, it is unclear why it is so essential to the lives of seven million people who are trying to close the month. Ukraine and recently won the competition, is it suggested that the successful people and nation came to 19, for example, less good talent?
Strange in light of competition, this sweet, I personally disliked, ping pong against the articles were really mad indicated a mass psychosis. Suggested a serious journalist with anti-Semitic Holocaust denier us in France. Then he wrote this news item we wanted to dance on memory. Of course all these things are not true, is there a need to write it?
But once you’re stripping Israel, all true for you. You need to bow your head and wait until someone else will define and leave you. And if you’re on the side – also better to keep quiet so that the stain will not be infected you too.
Why and how were four nice young men who sang the optimistic and positive and vegetables terrible monsters entire country should be shocked them with meals VI?Well, two charges were against us: one, we have the flags of Israel and Syria the stage contest. Second, we managed to finish 22nd out of 24.
For the loss in competition, my sense is, Belgium and France, two countries where the 23 and 24, the operations did not become public enemies. I also expect the Education Conference in France did not bother to convene specifically to say the name of Walter French culture Serge Ginsburg looking grave shock Eurovision lack of success. Personally, I do not think this is a problem to be last in the competition. After the end of each competition with a rating, someone must be last.
Must rank or even the quality of the song, was not alone It made us so hated. Last twenty years, four different runners perform Eurovision us weaker. Figures such as officer Galit Bell, for example, became a symbol for something, but just can not dissolved in Google to find out what happened to her since. We’re all crazy about Rachel, Sharon won the last place, going fail.
What scares us so much that they know there are people in Europe want peace? Not turned Hamas flags, but the country is divided into a quiet border with us. Peace with Syria is something that not even the current Chief of Staff pushes him, according to the press.
One of the most impudent accusations we would Ngedynu Flags fraud with Syria and Israel. And our official video broadcast a month before the race we kept waving flags.Not only that, all the promos own channel broadcast in the week before the race included us with flags and cucumbers. Nevertheless, many journalists and published eaten Haloks Channel 1 sue us for anything fraudulent. And it says really.
Not represented as well say all of Israel, but it is impossible to represent all of Israel.What David D ‘, for example, an Israeli from me? And I eat more bread from him.Virtuoso talent of course, but what I remember through song or voice Ahplctti represents me?
And Msatgiaym that stuffed politics of pure art competition like the Eurovision Song Contest. In my view, a line like “here I built my home with my bare hands”, is a fantastic political propaganda as MJ to me today that a new member in Damascus. “Saying “the IDF flowers” roaring political as the “Yes” by Guy. Art is always interested in social – political. Creation is just beautiful and lacks some critical dimension, it has no value. And what was our song altogether? That we have to live here in Israel is not afraid of our environment, but in love with her joy.
In spring 2000, we were to leave Lebanon and Israel makes sense normal. Still, all were shocked rabid flying flags of Syria and Israel together. Maybe it really was ahead of the shattering of the illusion, Satatpuggi few months later. But looking back, waving banners seem like something so soft, harmless and even childish. I was much more moderate politically and socially than I am today.
Still, the public atmosphere of the time, the lack of effect is created against us by an entire country and included the media, if I’d say we have the flags for peace would say it’s more of a group of thermal jokers drugged this. So silent, to hatred set.
Amazing is that most minor politician who introduced us to crooks and incited against us were the free food in the other raises a hand to open or to download an unnecessary war pensions for the elderly, if she would bring them to pull longer term.And we, who killed a man, not Peterno men of all mess we made no effort one Swedish Krona, we bad people in the story.
Film Ahmukomontri “Careful Camera” (mine, ore and Erez Shaul Heiman) deals with the first director Max tension Tuna Schreiber, nonexistent, I played the younger character. I added the script but half a biography: a ton balloon travels to Egypt to bring peace, but landed in Saudi Arabia and creates a diplomatic incident.


Go back and tell you the ping-pong, the press presented a joke band established for the competition. During the nineties, after arriving from Beersheba to Tel Aviv, I was a punk band called “Akneac \ Pop” We had cute songs, but business stalled. At the same time, I became a member of a handsome journalist named Guy Asif tried to work on a project to be close to the optimistic pop trance music was the height Vahhauc, reaction to music on the radio controlled brittle depression.
Dance Hits wrote – pop like “I have loved Givati”, ” Burger Ranch “ and “city girl” and we would certainly be a crazy success on a formula that we should love the audience.And what a man just wants to be loved for a while.
I sat at home one evening with my friend then, an artist called Little, composed a poem. I recorded it at the tape, so as not to forget. It took about ten minutes. She asked not to play him more, because she could not tolerate. I played the tape of Ping-pong enthusiastic producer, Dvir Volk (along with the production of works Efrat votes), he shocked them said ‘Forget it, if this song in the album, I’m out. I knew I had hit the hand.
Studied a lot of singers to get into the band. We tried to work with some, not getting along. Then again we did auditions. Most of the candidates were military band singers. We wanted something that would be sweet on the one hand Poppy, on the other we looked for independent thought and depth, because we think Pop is a serious matter lightly.
And so, after countless auditions and troubling half a city to recommend companies can sing the players headed for modeling agencies in the field, Ancgernu the Yifat Giladi, below pajamas were, my ex was, and her roommate, eh Eden, the city had just arrived. With singers, we started to record album. Ronen Ben Tal studio enough. I liked the materials. Invested many hours of recordings of the future album sketches, fashion and morality. Sympathetic record companies, but did not want to invest in the composition of pop in those years. Numerous recordings have made the album an expensive business. Cheaper and manages to take someone with an acoustic guitar and songs about someone leaving him. Although in most cases, she left him justice.
We were a dead end. Gyagya offered to promote a song for Eurovision laughter. I really like the pre competitions, the guiding haircuts, and I supported. But had a three-minute song and all our songs were longer or inadequate Eurovision Song Contest, but the same song that was not clear whether to enter the album.
In January 2000 I decide to listen to advice. Asia my friend explained advised to buy high-quality toilet paper that cared we were sitting, and care. I’m going home with the cylinders, and hear the song answerphone message we sent several months ago, received the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m dumbfounded.
From the first day, the media grumbled the song selection. Anger at first seemed positive scandals. That the Eurovision Song Contest title without scandal and Eternal Euro – a disgrace ‘newspapers is boredom. Most of the anger that first turned Uchovsky wave, one of the judges on the committee, is closely related to the band.What is right. Uchovsky’s argument was that this small country is informed of the introduction. Let’s just say it did not satisfy the Yosefi sisters, who finished second.
We were already engaged in improving the song. We took C – Party song that dealt with foreign workers in general, with the line, “Now I have a new friend from Romania.”News, Baez spoke about peace with Syria, which inspired us hope. I remember a sheet of paper with the flags of Israel and Syria moved me very much. So we turned the line now abroad I have a new friend from Damascus. ” It’s my opinion, musically beautiful part which gives the song a lot of respect for tradition as the Eurovision Song Contest. Still, maybe I should leave the poor Romanian song.


Our choice was surprising. Almost never selected one alternative competition field the Czech Izit that always tried to highlight what the center, central center so he really does not exist in reality: You have people in reality they really Moshe Datz Orna. And media interest in his son. TV and radio stations, newspapers, waiting for what we say.In this situation, you can do two things. Play the game Hayroweziuni, humming a sweet smile cliches or try to exploit the benefit of moving the media radical ideas, the spirit of Sex Pistols sang “I’m using Abane.am. E \ I use anarchy ‘, ie sees the relationship with the media as part of the work.
בחרנו לא להיות מלוקקים כפי שמצפים מלהקות אירוויזיון, אלא לומר – כה רדיקלי – מה שאנחנו חושבים. למשל, סירבנו להצטלם עם חולים שמנוצלים כדי לקדם את סלבריטיותם של אנשים. ניסינו לפעול בגישה פאנקית ולהציג את הערכים ההומניסטים שאנחנו מאמינים בהם, בתוך תחרות האירוויזיון המשודרת למאות מיליוני צופים. היינו בטוחים שיהיו מי שיעריכו את התעוזה והרעננות בלקחת את התחרות הכי מיושנת ופומפוזית, גם אם מקסימה, ולהפוך אותה לשדה פעילות מתוחכמת וערכית יותר, בלי לפחד ובלי לדפוק חשבון. טעינו, בדיעבד: אנשים מעריכים אנשים שלא דופקים חשבון רק כשהם בארץ אחרת או מתים. העיתונאים פה פירשו את הגישה שלנו כהתנשאות ונעלבו, הציבור חשד, חובבי האירוויזיון התחלחלו, גם אנשים מתוחכמים יותרשחשבנו שיבינו את העניין עיקמו את אפם, והפכנו למשהו שהוא בין בדיחה צבעונית מדי לאסון לאומי.
בניגוד למה שנראה מהארץ, התחרות בשטוקהולם היתה כיף. למזלי, אמא שלי היתה איתנו בשבדיה ולא חזתה במפלי השנאה. בחרנו לא לקרוא עיתונות ישראלית כדי לא להתעצבן, והיינו באופוריה. בשטוקהולם היינו דווקא גדולים. עיתונאים חרוצים חיכו לנו בירידה למטוס, עם מלפפוני-ענק, כמחווה לשורה האלמותית “אני רוצה מלפ
פון” (בצהובון שבדי כלשהו נקראנו ‘סנסציית הסקס מתל אביב’, ובעקבות זאת שאול יהלום השיג שורה בעיתון כשדרש להוריד את סצינות העירום מהקליפ וטען ש”זה יציג את עם ישראל כעם בהמי”). היינו השראה לשיר משותף ומרגש שעשו נציגי קפריסין ותורכיה, שתי אומות עם דם עכור. פגשנו אנשים ממלטה. כמה הזדמנויות יש לאדם לפגוש אנשים ממלטה? כל מיני עיתונאי מוזיקה גרמנים התחילו איתי. לא גיליתי להם שאני סטרייט, כדי לשמור על סיקור חיובי. הייתי מוכן לתת את הכול עבור תהילת המולדת.
באירופה דווקא חיבבו את זה שישראלים שואפים לשלום. לא היתה כמעט ביקורת בסיקור הבינלאומי הרב. אם הייתם קוראים על להקה רוסית, שבזמן המלחמה הקרה, קוראת לידידות ושלום עם אמריקה, או להפך, האם הייתם זועמים על חבריה?
בגלל ששבדיה מדינה משמימה מבחינת חדשות, נמצאנו מדי יום בשערי הצהובונים הפופולאריים, מתחרים באייטמים מתחום חיות הכיס והשדיים המלאכותיים. מסיבות העיתונאים יצרו עניין רב, והגענו אליהן חבושים כובעי טמבל עם הכיתוב ‘עם ישראל חי’, מדברים בכובד ראש תוך כדי ריקוד. ככה נראית תהילה.
אחד הדברים הנחמדים היה מסע שלום עצמאי שערכנו למרכז תרבות סורי בפאתי שטוקהולם. לא פנינו לשגרירות הסורית, כי איננו חובבי משטר הבעת’, אלא רצינו להציג משהו אנושי. וכך, צעדנו עם פרחים ועיתונאים למרכז התרבות. המקום היה ריק למדי. מספר ילדים חמודים יצאו בדיוק מחוג ג’ודו לבושים חלוקי קרטה, והיו מופתעים לראות את האנשים המוזרים עם כובעי הטמבל והמצלמות. העמדנו את האורגנית על מזרני ההאבקות הצבעוניים, והתחלנו לשיר את “שמייח” בעברית ובערבית, “או הו סבבה”. לבסוף החלו בקהל להתלחש: התגלה שלא מדובר כלל במרכז תרבות סורי, אלא במרכז תרבות של העדה האשורית. המילים ‘סיריה’ ו’אסיריה’, הלא היא אשור, דומות מאוד. על כל פנים, לא הצטערנו על מסע השלום השגוי: זו הפכה לתרומה שלנו לקשר בין העם בישראל לבין העדה האשורית. מאז ומעולם היתה לי חיבה לשפות המזרח הקדום.
האנ.אמ.אי, העיתון החשוב בעולם (אז) למוזיקה אלטרנטיבית, בחר בנו כמועמדים שלו, ולעג לכך שאנגליה האימפריה המוזיקלית שולחת זמרות בארים מזדקנות ולא להקות מעודכנות כפינגפונג. זו היתה השנה היחידה שהאנ.אמ.אי שלח כתב במיוחד לאירוויזיון, את סטיבן וולס, אחד מכותבי המוזיקה הנודעים, שפרסם ספרים חשובים על פאנק ועודד אותנו מאוד.

גם בהימורים היינו במצב סביר. עמדנו במקום עשר, כשהצמד הסולידי הזוכה, שני מורים דנים מזוקנים, נמצאו בהימורים במקום 15. אחד הכתבים הישראליים, התגלה כשועל רב אינטואיציה, כשהימר עליהם ועשה קופה לא רעה. אבל אנחנו רצינו את המקום הראשון, וכה טפשים, האמנו שנגיע אליו.
היינו בדילמה קשה כשהאירוויזיון התקרב. רשות השידור נבהלה ודרשה מאיתנו לעלות ללא הדגלים. הם הכריזו שאחרת ההופעה תבוטל וניתבע על ידי רשות השידור בסכומים גדולים.
המנהלים שלנו נאלצו לבקש שנחתום על דף, שנישא בתוצאות הכספיות. מיטל ויעל, זמרות הליווי לא הבינו איך זה נפל עליהן. הן לאו דוקא חולקות את הדעות הפוליטיות שלנו ויכלו באותה מידה להופיע עם ירדנה ארזי, למשל, ולפתע הן תחת קטגוריית “עוכרי ישראל”. ב”סיפור שמח”, הסרט התעודי מרחיב הלב שעשה עלינו אלון ויינשטוק, רואים שלמיטל ממש לא היה כוח אלינו.

Still, we refused to lower the flags. Then it was announced, two days before the race, the candidates off. Should go to luggage and go home. We started to pack, ashamed.There were tears in his eyes, because you have given the competition for six months of our lives and we thought (mistakenly, in retrospect) that we have a chance to win.Cancellation never happened kind of Eurovision. The management of the competition intervened and said she would not cancel the song. Eytan Fox, our director, Jewish achieved a compromise: we appear as we want, but IBA’s name removed from the address, alas.
We were very nervous. At the last moment we appeared, with the words’ me happy, instead of life, because we thought it would be the chance of winning, on the advice some experts had predicted there was no chance to win when everyone is singing in Hebrew and English. In retrospect, we had to sing in Hebrew. Because if you lose, At least in your language. Although performance was weak, very much for my taste the crisis because of all the nerve-racking stress, enjoyed the show. When we left, we thought we will win, even though we were right first impression, it is considered the worst location.
The first country was Holland chose us. They counted the points, one after another, and when we got low points, but we were glad more. We were convinced that we receive the Meadows Foy. But we got nothing. And state below. With great difficulty, we managed to gather somehow 7 points from France and Macedonia, since I have affection for the people of Macedonia. There was thrilled published years later my songs.
Eurovision Song Contest is over. Jerome Green lights went out. We returned home, defeated but happy we were on our own. Gyagya defined it well in “Happy Story” Achsahshuvah the feeling defeated politician to that of the election. I still feel we won the Eurovision Song Contest we lost him. Dismissively by TV. Version label already printed in a future single, album, and stopped our market, “the moral fashion”, which our labor hard almost three years. We set to rest and return to work as an alternative, but we did not do it.
Since then, every Eurovision Song Contest, from selecting representative to the Eurovision Song Contest itself, there is something we call “season.” Numerous researchers Mvsotym radio announcers – from themselves, turn to us to Snatraein like the other candidates of the past. But we refuse. So, luckily, Eurovision did not cling to us, because we did many things since then. Hatred itself has expired and we became an amusing anecdote, a hot commodity fresh quiz historical holiday supplements.
I’m not ashamed to another Abalilotia Eurovision Song Contest, on the contrary, just sad and my grandparents were offended talk badly about their grandchild, maybe I should say I’m sorry that electrical engineers anonymous Afula police squandered morning. Still, it is important to me to note that for me, who failed there was no ping pong, but Israel, perhaps even the / the reader / Z.
Less recognized as a street or contest. ” Since I took out several solo albums in all sorts of esoteric labels in the world, eh Matakltat appears in disco band – House Nu Moon. ” Yifat did several exhibitions a boy named. Guy took out an album of “doves” Hebrew music honor did not forget.
October this year, is Eytan Fox, who actually piloted the leaky sailboat in his stained, photographed film based on an anonymous quartet accidentally comes Eurovision, and fighting there with the Israel Broadcasting Authority. If this works like the previous films, the legacy of ping-pong will continue to pulse echo. Eurovision our operation, merged between politics and culture was nothing I returned it often since then, one of several partners. Jive parties against the “occupation” Seven years ago (starring another Fox film, “Bubble”), and now as part of “cultural guerrilla” poetry reading event organizers to aid workers struggles and social affairs, divided and Kiryat Gat, the Garden of Science Rehovot, Ackerstein Yeruham . Ten years later, I can say I learned a lot about Stockholm’s cultural power, the power and the ease with which companies can make public each of us enemy of the people to stone him in the town square, and I still think the song ‘Sameach’ is cool.

Questions about “Diskin Affair” or the connection between Ehud Barak, Anat kam and Uri Blau

1. If so important that those two old disks passing military operation would not turn freely, why the IDF was in no hurry to arrange a quiet and quick Immunity Agreement with Israel, Uri Blau from Haaretz already wrote about his return to Israel and prefers to leave London a disk flash drive cuff links with secret materials? Does not that indicate, alternatively: a. Secret documents, how to say, not really so important for security, and the danger which is only an excuse for the affair. On. Important documents, but vengeance Uri Blau state security is important, neglected here by Yuval Diskin as a criminal? What does exactly the leaking materials Haaretz Israeli journalist “or” Yediot Aharonot “transferring all responsible editors trajectory through censorship, and serious espionage section to harm state security which has been accused of Anat up? Is Yuval Diskin see Haaretz Yedioth Ahronoth or “dangerous enemy of my relationship with them in the security field is spyware? How the IDF disabled girl whose father, she turned to formulate a course of flight, which published an article which claimed that refusal is a disgrace to the State objects in Bil’in struggle anarchists, suspected as having done something deliberately to harm state security? That’s a nonsensical argument. Let’s get back back, to understand the motives rose: “Diskin Affair” began the light showed that the IDF kills already apparent despite the Court’s decision. Anat’s intent was to alert up to that of no Supreme Court decision on targeted killings. It is also clear they targeted assassinations Diskin’s baby and glory, he was elected. I mean, here you can say that in fact the GSS into the offensive against the Supreme Court, represented the by Anat stands. In fact, beyond the obvious at the network hardware Diskin “in terms of press freedom and the possibility of a future journalist with sources in Israel, there is a security system’s attempt to find a chance to get even Secret Supreme Court judge, who went against the most fun of the ISA. Words other, more blunt, you can view this putsch and experience exchange regime in the security system. Diskin terrorists declared our enemies would love to get the documents, but it clear that a vicious enemy has not received any document not been offered. What’s not clear how a girl from Tel Aviv or Uri Blau terrorist will find a reliable enough to give him a USB flash drive. In fact, if you steal from one year commissioner and chief of staff telephone credit card, maybe already got more reliable. Regardless, it is puzzling and even a lunatic claiming the Shin Bet. It’s like someone had entered prison with a car that was standing next to a red light and before him, that could go red, then there was a terrible accident when he was run over someone. Is such a baseless accusation not showing the same Diskin psychiatric fellow fantasy that in the dangerous paranoid should be set to public safety, and certainly not to put his hands trembling so sensitive job? the past, similar cases occurred in the United States by J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, where paranoia Psycho’s secret service people against gay communists took over and led the public era ‘Blacklist’ madness Vietnam War (you should read an article the poor Estate By Aluf Benn today about the way Hoover was chasing leaks Pentagon documents). of course have to mention here a less interesting Diskin Hoover , amateur and women’s clothing. If the censors approved for publication the materials for which the affair began, should not blame the censor serious espionage Sharon Ulahshimu under house arrest or in exile pleasant Kyrgyzstan? Uri Blau accused Ehud Barak, the boss of Diskin, the fact that 6.5 million youth ran the attractive daughter, Michal Barak, during which served as security. a very serious accusation that actually investigated Mr Barak did not really responded to her, and refused to say where money. other unpleasant episodes which were related to business written of another son, the Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Ashkenazi own business when he removed his uniform. Perhaps if the case was being investigated would bring about the arrest of Burke, who knows, as might be expected to Olmert for Holyland details of her affair exposed by Guy there in May 2007 and July 2008 by Yoav Yitzhak. Meanwhile, silver millionaire it dubious sitting in his apartment Akirov extended the tenure of Diskin. Is not there a simple pursuit of those who hit the boss from Diskin to win extension of the job? That is: Is this really Diskin (although Ckerhutho) is not Barak’s poodle, designed to attack it exposed the alleged actions of the boss, and compensated for that? Notice the dates: September 2009 – Uri Blau signs an agreement with the ISA on immunity and return to its source documents, and apparently came to the end of it. But 8 October – already showing the provision of lightning. October 26 – Yuval Diskin’s tenure mysteriously elongated sixth year even though there is a law limiting the tenure of head of the GSS to 5 years, including Defense Minister Barak pressure (the same way that perhaps Olmert’s pressure on the construction project was not Holyland So of course). December 2009 – hunt for Uri Blau. Blow leaves Israel to China and now hiding in England. He reports a burglary to his home to his computer by email. 14 January 2010 onwards – Anat up under house arrest with a mysterious contrary conclusion in any case. She Uri Blau are public enemy. Today there is an Internet campaign to close the “country”, the paper reveals affairs employer Barak, Lieberman and Ashkenazi (managers hunt on up – in any case), in the intervals listed in it. Charges the paper turned against Prime Minister Ehud Barak about the millions, and against Gen. Neve (who became CEO Sittipas Light Rail destroys the center of Jerusalem) on the elimination of repeated violation of the provisions Abgic turns back to the newspaper, accusing the defendant. Someone wrote that the conspiracy theory, I think the common argument in Ma’ariv, for example, has got Anat materials to harm the security of the state is it nonsensical conspiracy theory. It is clear she had no motive for doing such a thing, and she could turn to the foreign press (her uncle the Washington Post.) I shows clearly shows where the motives are clear benefits have survival lie careerist people is their name means. It was not a contractual closing Dichter between Barak and Ashkenazi, but simply have a question of ‘man, Uri Blau, let Andepok him as he Zrnke us, it seemed to him what a’. 9. Why journalists from all media bodies of the leaks are based on routinely documents that do not resent such a course of basic democratic countries (even if always problematic and tied her coat of trust, but is the lifeblood of the free press), becomes something that is considered treason and espionage serious? Why not single out a call to condemn the Israeli secret police service? Why are journalists so no Kogieliut their colleagues? Is the blood journalist murky competition between publishers – especially dislike the Ma’ariv Ha’aretz – more important than press freedom? Should not the free press that would protect against today joins the secret police continues to grow here at the expense of Israel’s precarious democracy? Important to note that the ratio of some of the press case is a black day in the Israeli press. It is also a journalist who said that the leak is in the Central Command. This was definitely a betrayal. 10. If you are exposed to the body when you work through the High Court order to eliminate people in violation, would you report releases to avoid this in the future? Who is faithful to his homeland – it makes everything, including self-sacrifice, to trial maintained and be a state of law, or It’s shut up our thighs when he knows his head is not worn Mkoymym Who should be prosecuted, it breaks the laws, or it warns about it? Is worthy chief of staff security minister raised serious acts suspicions against them, would run chase against the journalist reveals its origins, an Israeli citizen, while GSS use of force? 11. Is there a connection between that almost all journalists investigated for the secret services (Ronen Bergman, Pedahzur etc.) that secret services and exploit their power and admiration to the frightened public to bully the press whose visit them? Imagine that Olmert would stop the Yoav Yitzhak? For example, Deri was listening to Mordechai Gilat? 12. Uri’s computer may already stolen Thailand GSS mentioned by sources such as the discovery that Ehud Barak allegedly receiving money through his daughters, as above even those that showed Lieberman made sure that millions will flow to his daughter 25-year-old face, and his occupation as chief of staff was not us army business. Can I count on Diskin or agents will not u bosses or the people that he might in future be their party (like Lieberman, who took the hefty time) the information to help them get away with it? After all cases, such as the Holy Land, are in fact stealing from the public face for a few people with power, people like described here. 13. If for example a more central arrest journalist Uri Blau, or will refrain from entering the country, on the pretext of making some top-secret document, like Nahum Barnea, for example, that the blackout be imposed, would then be understood that Israel was moving toward North Korea? Or that he would be considered a traitor. And if Ronnie Daniel secretly arrested for embezzlement of some sort? Will there be one to tell Channel 10 that he was betraying dangerous?


A week ago, along with a scandal in the “HolyLand building”, hung posters around the country with black and white photos of Olmert and Ehud Barak, with the words WANTED. Everyone was confident that the people hung the posters, treated Olmert’s arrest in question to expose Uri Blau on millions of accounts flowed Barak’s daughter ( who with his son’s investigation of him and Ashkenazi complicated affair Anat up ). Could be quick to assume that these people, perhaps amateur graphic artists, who are fighting the scourge of corruption was exposed, or students assigned to organize a media political campaign. Not invested in that thought, but immediately sympathetic public awareness, will be left or right. Suddenly caught in the hospital, two residents of southern Israel, Achsabmachonitm posters Huonteed. It turned out Shlpreuyakte related movement ‘if you will, a fascist party – New Israeli Lite, who wanted a way to protest the announcements of future Justice’s so-called Israeli politicians in the Hague, supposedly Achshiucgro by Naomi Chazan poor. That is, ‘if you will, sometime will probably thank the Hague court convicted the Barak and Olmert, now they are trying to harass the prosecution witnesses treacherous. Not just the name of the organization known as the phrase ‘if you will, it is no dream, is really a vivid imagination and ability to compete not prophesying. Though in contrast to the initial trial suggested a far-reaching idea of his optimism, here offer a far-reaching idea of his pessimism – Israeli leaders imprisoned at the International Court, if you will. Anyone who wants to see a little lunacy disease and persecution of the organization will look at Blink Home entertaining summarizing their war Wikipedia , which led to no value in the ‘if you will, Wikipedia Israel. Treatment may need to head to the organization rather nice side medication. I imagine their conferences, confident that each of them is Herzl, talking about the release of land from the Sultan and the use of quinine against malaria, and then return home and car leasing. It might have been an embarrassing mistake on their part to make the campaign the day after an explosion Olmert Holy Land case (they did not mention the failed project on their site, crammed with activities in the spirit my boy Hasamba), but this was accidental connection a lot of truth. The ‘if you will, show crimes of these villains in recent decades the leaders of our country, not over the Palestinians, they continue on our day. We are all pawns in their careers. in fact, why it’s okay that Olmert and Yasser Abmashihu Hague? if I may, I am sure that conditions in the Hague Enamu Olmert more. Another question: Is it a huge peoples – neck called ‘Maachar’ given to the police, as the press suggests, amounts reported on the money they received the Holy Land case, proving that the project is not really intended to benefit citizens of Jerusalem, is a rat less than that to give to The Hague and other documents , to be seen how the recent wars related not just to the will benefit the citizens of Israel? Ironically, the difference between what they call a “disturber of Israel radical left Maniac” (eg, Dov Hanin, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Uri Avnery, an initial sampling), and guys like Olmert Barak, that the extreme left state do not tend to steal, Olmert and Barak and Hirchson Apple steal from David allegedly on the pretext that they love her. In fact, there is a reversal: Olmert and Barak, speaking as speaking on the state symbols of their love and sacrifice Memorial Day rallies, the bottom line is important to them only by themselves. I’ve never seen these people sacrifice something, besides others. They do not care about the state of Israel and its citizens and not caring whether the plant will become a huge all over the murky smoke Ofer brothers, or Lautostrada Leviev’s capital, or a huge concrete complex of Mr. Charney, depending on who will pay more Achshioapo politics. Not just what the country’s persecuted Holy Land. And not just the financing of “if you will” Americans are crazy Christians with an interest not exempt from Hitler. All these people’s patriotism (as opposed, for example that of Benny Begin) is a cover for something else. All this farce of Ahakmfeinico shows it’s not just Palestinian cause severe, even the people of Israel are enemies, and do not care that you the reader or the reader live pay starvation, the hospital where Attaspaza would be worse, anyway if you get cancer, will fly to Sweden or the United States to good hospital and sat next to an Arab dictator’s son, not really much different from them. Not just are towers, far from land natives as they could. Akirov tower up, Israelis look like tiny ants, which is really what we are for them. They are fearful of us, running from fort fortress: Chelsea Towers and Sun then Raviv Celia or airport in 2000 to eat well – coffee and sandwich mozzarella dried. Maybe it’s a good reason why it is better that these people be imprisoned in poor conditions and the Hague’s glorious cells – they see people , wash tools in the prisons, to be known thieves kind, it will do well in their soul. Why are all the same thing in their patriotism? As I write this, I have a cute kid jumps with flags, but Abcidiam read “Bank Hapoalim, and I guess they were printed in China, such as shirts and insurance company’s flagship Alden. Other side: precisely the extreme left, called “hate Israel”, the test of action, loving the country, it is important to strengthen its democracy, which is good for everyone, as you see that the left rather he defended his executioner “if you will.” Left loving country, and fought against its pollutants, and full of love and the Israeli people, he fought for his rights. Love is full of Hebrew culture also carried out here – Most of the music and literature and art is done by so-called “disturber of Israel” and by supporters of “if you will,” or daughters of an Ashkenazi chief of staff Ehud Barak. Amir Benayoun Ariel Zilber are few, and I’m glad they express themselves, and hope that all those readers Loaharymm will be defeated, even if I do not agree with them. But you should pay attention to why there are so full of water right and support the exploitation of workers, between right and pollutants support for capitalists, who see the United States today. She loved people and the environment how to measure love the country, not declarations of war and incitement against parts of the nation. So well done to ‘if you will, reminding us that. Ronnie’s economic Zionism Dwek Yael Abecassis Short interview with Yael Abecassis La Lady Globes “recommended the Velvet Underground blog, I found a strong idea of the third paragraph, “economic Zionism” , in the context of her husband, the millionaire Ronny Douek, a founder of Hotel Chan Shaharut desert and as he and his wife bought the house in Lodz beautiful Yeh the center of Tel Aviv, mysterious way. Cries for apartments for young people in public places, the city had approved the huge building to live alone, like a castle in Citizen Kane. Easy to make fun from reading the interview, Yael Abecassis. A similar average Israeli Yael Abecassis, I always looked nice and talented girl. She sure Ronny Douek, businessman husband (who made his fortune mysterious matters related to security and shipping and Africa, according to Globes. Does not sound so good), saving the state invests in Khan that he wanted to build a hotel that is engraved like talking and he wants to please her, and that Just ‘Zionism 2000. She sure response, all chasing him. She really believes in it with envy, the “Zionist economy”, poor likes, like Israel sure who hate Israel and the world, regardless of his acts of state and behavior. The book I’m working on now, “the Israeli dream”, a story about a girl like this flag, suddenly marries a rich man, and discovers how much she hated to have, because the guy’s actions (in my story he buys textile plant to close it). But as the relationship between residents of Israel to Olmert or Netanyahu or Barak, is also here just take it Dwek rotation? (After some thought, I decided to change the ending of the post, not because of any pressure, or because I do not feel right. But precisely because I feel right. Precisely because of my position Achshuatakpti entrenched, incredibly arrogant feature.’s Not worth being right, if it can hurt people who have not done anything, as in this case Yael Abecassis.’s not worth getting people to be sad, or take a chance it would happen, for some abstract justice in this case is not constructive at all, no one earned something from the text at the end. I have no problem to be strong at the expense of Dichter, Barack Douek, but here I am knocking other people with them, not out of anyone better. can we talk about this emperor has no clothes, but what to do with his wife? So I deleted and left the arguments that matter) Cheli Goldenberg one serving me back epic End of an era: closed reader Hart

“Western” Magazine for cinema / Poetry evening with cultural guerrilla in Ramle arab village Dahamesh, Israel

Western (Maarvon)  – a new Hebrew Film Magazine was first published independently. This is No. 6 issue of “Western” – a magazine that targets the audience loves movies without being subject to the requirements of public relations on the one hand Velez Youth ‘academic jargon on the other.

maarvon 6 cover.jpg

Advertisers Western writers on the leading form of matter thought and passion also freshly movies. The journal is printed in 4000 copies and sold not only in bookstores but also in: Colnoaym, cafes blast. Western-sheet so far published in the package of a poetry journal. The current issue of Western we are distributors alone.

We raised this week for the event network all Western 5 free call, you can read the rest of the previous editions freely.

Western no. 6 mostly focused on local work. This issue publishes the paper trail end gate on the work of the Palestinian director Suleiman and provided Ailia multiplayer debate about movie Ajami. Foundation’s new film Bride of the sea called Jedaiah by Noa Regev Elad Smourziak. Also, the new issue of the Western History section includes the original work with a wide article about Israeli cinema sound tracks Saleh returned to the present by top Tartakovsky Aharoni said by providing the identity of the Carnival marriage of convenience (1988) A film by Haim Buzaglo. Also, Karin Rivkind conducted interviews with staff collected were arranged on the prisoner’s new documentary film – the year of a Western movie. Of ongoing interest to our readers to reveal the works of the top directors working today so far published Western articles and interviews with artists such as Pedro Costa, Peter Watkins, Jaya Zangeka Wabdrahn Cisco and more. This issue discusses the value of a conversation with a trail of Thailand Apichteaponge Weerstkul director who is accompanied by words against opening a window to Western readers to the work of this fascinating director.In addition, in translations we publish manifests manifesto later translation of Galauber Roche (Western 1), we present this article by Cuban filmmaker Julio Garcia Assepinoze “for the film’s not perfect” (1969) with words of background and explanation by Dr. Zvi Tal. Spreadsheet includes An article by the thinker is also the North – the famous American Frederic Jameson ideological Antiquities News, new cinematic project of Alexander Kluge.

Front of the Hollywood cinema, Abulafia developed a reading focusing on achievement of Bruno, Sacha Baron film – Cohen, along with Aaron’s poetry book Saturn “shit, death.” Joshua Simon analyzes American romantic comedy since Something About Mary and genre Ahbromanc contemporary. Section “I saw that …” homeless bastards are reviewed honor of Quentin Tarantino, what works of Woody Allen, few of Renan Shore, Il Divo’s Paolo Suarntinu way through Vegas wedding of Todd Phillips, silk stockings of the most Mmulian, Awtaar James Cameron, Lisandro Alonso’s Liverpool, a good Jew Coen Brothers Synecdoche, New York Charlie Kaufman. In addition, we are pleased to continue to publish works of cinema in creating local directors: Roman’s eyes Abulafia, blue and white metal of Mike Akiicoab, Akondmande of Oren Shai, this time Dan’s telecast, Wisconsin’s Jonathan Ben Efrat Golan Vichy, tits of Holly and Daniel Wren Aplberge , Dana Goldberg’s Alligator Western special – Hilarious full script of the film, Roee Rosen it appears Hani Furstenberg monologue Stand – Up.
Ramla and Lod cultural guerrilla
الرملة – اللد هنالك حدث شعري جويرلا تربوت مع قبيلة دهمش
Culture Guerilla in Ramle with the village Damsh

Between Kafka to the poor’s sheep

Single dirt road leads to the village Dahamesh in Ramle, all 600 residents live in the same address: the Hasmonean Street 6, Ramla. The village is not recognized as part of the city and allow the court adequate transportation for the children of the village, so they get to school. Ramelait neighborhood that is not counted, there is no paved road in the village, there is no garbage, no sewage or electricity neat. Nor is health care and welfare. Municipality will not even collect the property tax payments. to prevent the residents to develop their territories, the area was declared an agricultural area – but do not let water.

Damsh residents are citizens of Israel, the Occupied Territories them stood the village are privately owned areas. In many cases these lands were given to compensate the 1948 refugees. Instead give them their rights and integrate the urban system Dahamesh rapidly developing all around (yes, real estate transactions at the expense of agricultural land, sometimes illegal, and often), municipal orders bulldozers repeatedly clarify – you’re not wanted here. New neighborhoods are like old neighbors.

After all the efforts of village residents to be recognized, regulating the legal position in the home of dozens of families through and referrals resources development failed, after the court orders that allow such recognition answer dragging their feet, disregard for the cancellation, have no choice but to protest against injustice. Protest on behalf of equality between one citizen, equality against the law, equality, and the allocation of resources, the most important equality – equal recognition. Protest called basic rights of every person to live with dignity, confidence and welfare at home.Vmkoplat double right of those who once pushed his house, and no one allowed him to establish a home again. Right of those who managed to rebuild the lives, and now, raise one urban order, may lose everything.

City Hall has been said Debra Dean raised about the village cut off. Single dirt road, construction project has been approved. We must play the equivalent, most urgently.

Cultural guerrilla who can call for more pain at the arbitrary and illegal deportation of people from their homes, anyone who Shammas criminal discrimination, distinguishes between one citizen, and anyone who is prepared to voice protest and solidarity with our brothers and sisters Mdamsh join us on Thursday, 13-5-2010

Meet on Thursday at 18:00, with line 451, the central bus station. 6th Floor, 619-620 Continuous

Drive us from Ramle protest tent.

The show starts at eight o’clock

Cast by a – at:

Osnat Skublinsky
Oren Wilkins Jeremias
Ethan Kallinski
Almog Behar
Ashkar Alden Cohen
Boaz Yaniv
Daniel Oz
Gilad Hadas
Joshua Simon
Yuval Ben-Ami
Naaman dovish
Jonathan Conde (Systeme Alia)
Yanai Israeli
Yael Birnbaum
Lilach Weber
Who – Tal Nadler
A Strnfeld
When Shmuelof
Neta Ahituv
Abed Natur

An Uzi Dvir
Eran Cgub
Raji Abtehis
Ronnie Hirsch
Roy Chicky Arad
Shai Arie Mizrachi
Tell Masalha

Music: Yuval Ben-Ami

Moderator: Joshua Simon

Guerrilla Culture


على الطريق بين دمش والرملة, يعيش شخص في نفس 600 العنوان: الرملة, 6 شارع هسمونيم, القرية لا يعترف بها كجزء من المدينة, والمحكمة العليا هي التي قد الجهة الوحيدة تسمح بتوفير المواصلات لطلاب المدارس. الحي من هذا ليس لديه الرملة ممهد في طريق القرية, أما خدمات القمامة والصرف الصحي والكهرباء والرعاية الصحية والاجتماعية فهي معدومة.

كما لا يتم جمع ضريبة الأملاك من هذه القرية حتى أن تطور نفسها تستطيع, وقد تم الإعلان عن هذه المنطقة أنها منطقة زراعية ولكن للأسف لا يتم توصيل مياه الري إليها أبدا.

ولكن على الطريق نفسه, تمت الموافقة على مشروع للبناء. لذا يجب علينا أن هذا المشروع الاحتجاج ضد

انضموا إلينا للمشاركة في هذه المسيرة يوم الخميس 13-5-2010 في تمام الساعة السادسة أمام محطة للحافلات في تل أبيب, الرملة كما يمكنكم أيضا السفر بالقطار والانضمام إلينا في خيمة الاحتجاج نفسها. وسوف يبدأ العرض في تمام الساعة الثامنة.

On the road between Damsh and Ramle, 600 residents live at the same address: Hasmonaim Street 6, Ramla. The village is not recognized as part of the city and only the High Court could allow transportation to school for the children of the village. This neighborhood of Ramle doesn’t have paved road in the village, garbage, sewage or electricity, health care and welfare.

The City Hall doesn’t even collect the property tax payments. To prevent the residents to develop their territories, the area was declared an agricultural area – but do not let water being conducted up to there.

On that same road, a construction project has been approved. We must protest against that project.

Join us on Thursday, 13-5-2010 at 18:00 in front of the bus station in Tel – Aviv, Ramle (you can also travel by train) and then join us in the protest tent for the protest itself. The show will only begin at eight o’clock.

Interview with Mustafa Alami, Palestinian Paris Hilton

Mustafa Alami lives in the Middle East like no one does. He opens the morning (better to write, the afternoon) withbreakfast in the restaurant’s precious “American Colony” Hotel in East Jerusalem. In the Huge buffet, he chooses tiramisu with tongs, then decide whether to go east to some disco or to open a pub in Amman or Ramallah. Maybe west: Tel Aviv, usually fish restaurant and a club or pub and  Haoman 17 or Rothschild 12, where the waitresses walking twenties clothes mingle with depressing business aristocracy of Israel.

Achsahachatbah be known, it will be in Dubai for what he defines as “ping, entertainment, tanning.” We went around, Lee had long nights in Tel Aviv or Ramallah bars do rounds. Every time I in Jerusalem, I send him SMS, and if he did not detail one of the Gulf or the Montreal branch of the family company, we celebrate, with a growing entourage during the evening.

Playboys like there are many in Israel, young people who just want fun and dancing until the light throw up pieces of newspaper packages supermarkets. But it’s harder to Palestinians. Most Palestinians just trying survival. While there Beleinym Ramallah, but difficult for them to move freely. I happened to go to sea with the Palestinians were in tears of excitement, because they knew there was a possibility they would not see the sea all their lives.

No one can stop Alami, with his Jerusalem identity card spoiled London accent, the result of study in Britain. It may also smile, full of kindness and generosity. Hard not to fall in love with joy.

Even without talking about the specific differences in our bank account numbers, types I and Mustafa. I’m a Monk who can survive a whole evening on a warm soda. He will take Kelamary or alcohol will invite the most expensive, and ensure that everyone around him arranged. He of course will not let me pay for anything.

Once, one of my pastimes East Jerusalem, I managed to convince a friend Likudnik scared of Arabs, without telling him we turned east. He immediately fell in love with his good temperament. Let’s say Sachsliberman says he speaks Arabic, he does not speak the language of the Alami: a sober person, who wants to live in peace with the Israelis and even pleasure around, just give him his country and he will do here the best party in town.

First stop: a cocktail at the British Council in East Jerusalem

British Council stands a few dozen steps from the garden and plucked where demonstrations left Sheikh Jarrah five hours earlier. It’s a huge castle, surrounded by barbed wire. This is a formal event and I had to send SMS your name and my passport. When I arrived, I was glad to see that my name appears next to the Italian attache.

The barbed wire, the atmosphere is of a class party, only without the songs of Subliminal, but a mixture of pop hits since the beginning Hapstiz Arab. Bartenders, dressed in kaffiyehs British cadets ridiculous, selling drinks with a bad taste comic names like ‘whore three dollars, calmed my fear of creating a diplomatic crisis. Fifty fifty participants are Arab and Palestinian diplomats yuppie geraniums add atmosphere around us smug Sakha. German diplomat junior who had just arrived to the area I heard an Israeli reporter, asks me a summary of the situation in the Middle East in a row – two.

I am with my yellow pad is too large, standing at the empty swimming pool, waiting for Mustafa, an hour late, is of course a previous party. Although only nine-thirty. When he arrives, turns out he knew the half of those present. Kissing all the girls. Second after his arrival, belly dancer costs purple clothes. Mustafa whispers to me that she must be an Israeli, that the conservative Palestinian society is almost no Palestinian belly dancers.

Mustafa speaks of love: “My first girlfriend was Jewish. We met when she was 17. We went three months, until I moved to learn. She visited us in Ramallah. My mother loved her very much. Now she’s back to back, married with children, but for me, love will remain first.

I dance a little, at some point doing the wrong step Hookah accidentally breaks one of the Germans Haoureintlastem. It’s time to escape the next stop.

Station 2: Beer Ahbordre Lane, East Jerusalem

Ahbordre Lane is one of the secret places in Jerusalem. Dance is one – bars and hot in the city, but most Ahbeleinym the West have never heard of him, that is managed by East Palestinians. It seems that only I the Haloks of the city was reunited.

It’s Pub – a relatively large restaurant and quite luxurious. Inside, you can dance to the Lebanese pop fashion. Outside, you can eat good food and breathe the air smells wonderful Harvey Flowers probably did not grow up in Gush Dan. The only thing reminiscent of the conflict is the name of the pub and the existence of many people without legs. I hope this is not related to something that Israel had done, but fear it is so. I hate to ask a question like the good atmosphere, everyone was happy, and missing lame sitting on a stool – Bar rocking the crutches with joy.

– Achbelein professional, how do you compare between Tel Aviv and the United Arab?

“Tel Aviv is more fun style. Dubai or Amman and more shiny. I really like the Tel Aviv. Is a bubble Beautiful Boxer. You forget yourself, your identity there, you forget you’re different from other Israelis. Incidentally, I met Dana Aenternsnel whiskey A – gugu Vahctlmanu together. Once, Tel Aviv was the number one city in the region, along with Beirut. But Amman also becomes a central city nightlife. serious a night that includes a good restaurant in Jordan Joy Club. Islands. According to exceed NIS 800 per night. Dubai can reach 400 dollars a night club good. ”

– I notice you always wear brands.

I love design. My favorite brand is Dolce & Gabbana. I started with affection when I had the designer clothing company with a taste and she taught me.

– How are you so poor environment, go with the Prada sunglasses?

I’m not showing off. I wear it for me. I like to look good and buy the clothes mostly in London or Italy. I do not buy to gouge eyes, but because it makes me feel good.Other rich buyers racing cars. It seems silly dusty country like ours.

Ahbordre Lane is where I met Mustafa first year and a half ago. This of course started talking to me or my girlfriend started then. Who remembers. He was delighted to see an Israeli visitor to the Palestinian areas quickly and we became friends. Mustafa rushing from table to table friendly with everyone, until he settles on a beautiful black-haired flirt. They occupy the square, and slowly becoming the only couple on the floor. It is not resting.

An hour later, I’m Chris, his cousin, who tells me that even as a child was very fond of girls, just trying to pull him to move on. But he continues to dance, it appears totally in love. Eventually, he takes phone and sailing away. “When peace,” says Mustafa. “I’d love to take to my Israeli friends in Beirut, after a breakfast at Tel Aviv Eilat day later. It’s my dream. But that after the Palestinian problem is solved. A lot of Israelis want this but are afraid. And Palestinians. Easier to be afraid and easy to control through fear” .

– Maybe instead of politicians, should Sbeleinym conduct the countries.

Yes, parties put down the walls you forget your troubles for a short time. I do not call the Israelis as an enemy.

– Will tell you not a patriot.

I am a patriot. My family helps charity, we built hospitals. Patriotism is not just holding a gun. People with you say we want to throw the Israelis into the sea. Although Palestinian do not want it. That being said 60 years ago. With peace, with Israeli technology and the young age of the people in the Middle East can create a paradise here for Jewish – Arab.

We drive the car of Mustafa hear terrible music. He once heard the hit song all day “like girls”, and now he is making me more Hebrew Dance Collection Volume Shocking Fall.

Station 3: toy, West Jerusalem

The photographer Atta complains that usually do not bring it to places west of the city.Toy pub full of local newspapers this week just chose him as number one in my life tonight. Mustafa fought to put us in front of Dorman’s frozen face cool, and finally went and embracing her.

At the entrance, Adi Talmor owner, says he really likes the Alami: “Mustafa is very old here, he knows to spend money. We have a lot of the good guys from East Jerusalem. People who know how to drink and dress.”

“I love the toy because they do not let me feel as good because I am an Arab. There is no racism in general, than Alami.

– There are places that put you because you’re an Arab?

“In places like this that I speak English.” Mustafa laughter number of cases of identity tourist walking alongside racist things said Israeli threats against Arabs, and burst out laughing.

The whole club full of toy plunging the narrow size of Greece, it seems as if the girls here are analyzed 16 Breast, and many men. Ramallah has become a cliche is vibrant, but also a passionate rant Jerusalem since no attacks. I suddenly discovers Mustafa standing at the bar trying to dance with two girls dancing like lesbians. But the other guy is too, and it remains far from them. His typical dance reminds injection Basso. And when he dances – all love. Somehow, I’m starting to get tired. It is half past two. It seems that Mustafa has just begun to dance. Mustafa I download the bar, shaking his hand and continues.

Station 4: Old City, Jerusalem

The next day, one o’clock at noon. Mustafa stood up slowly. He had shoes with a suit, glasses and Prada. We’re going Lsitadl, the hotel’s ancient city cousin Chris. Sitting on his roof, watching the Temple Mount.

Alami family is an ancient and respectable family. Already 600 years in East Jerusalem. They always were a family of peace. Musa Alami, Palestinian leader heads of families, spoke with Jews and fought to the partition plan accepted by the Palestinians. Cigarettes into the family business, now Mustafa trying to expand the project to other fields as well as other cleaning products. Mustafa: “Musa Alami had seen a vision of two states, what the whole world can see today, even 60 years ago. He said, Let’s sit down with the Jews. They will stop here. All is not appreciated in Israel. If we would listen to him, had saved the life of so many people. But then the situation was different, thought Jews would leave. which was a mistake. But you have to get used to our existence. Jerusalem is clear discrimination. We pay the same taxes, but we can not build, our bad roads. I want to have two states and build bridges between them. Occupation is destroying the value of your beautiful Israelis and Jews. ”

“I connected with the Israelis when I was in London,” he says. “I lived with a partner in an apartment. We both liked hummus and loved this beautiful country. I thought it was stupid Sachsngesoar country, did not stay friends. Palestinians want peace as you are, but also want to be treated as equals. Without barriers or settlers abusing his son. I think there’s just a lack of familiarity between the parties. I once asked in class, some were in Ramallah, Israeli and Palestinians really see? were only two, and they were there as soldiers. ”

– What would be another 20 years?

“If a Palestinian state, it will be one state in 50 years. This country will be another country, do not know which country, but certainly not Jewish.”

– What’s your crazy best tonight?

Two years ago, we were at the beach Herzliya in the morning. We played volleyball all the sea. We met there, and Israeli friends, both Palestinian and international and many. The day was very beautiful, there were no barriers between us, then in the evening we all dance.

– It does not sound crazy.

It’s pretty crazy.

– The peace in Israel are bad comments. How is Palestine?

“People do not understand – you normalize relations with Israel after what they do to us? Although the wall and the occupation? I tell if I have the ability to contact one Israeli will not be another generation to live on hatred then it is worth. It’s a way to send a message that the Arabs are not terrorists but people with dreams and goals, never gave them a state. in England I learned about the Holocaust and antisemitism, and understand completely what the Jews want a state sure, but I also understand that the Palestinians want to live in security ”

– Do you maybe you could close a deal with Bibi, but he would say that you do not represent anyone.

The Israelis are always looking for excuses. They said Arafat did not represent a problem, and Abu Mazen is weak. Look what Salam Fayyad has done. There are many like me. What do they want the Palestinians? Freedom, welfare and stability.

– You were talking to a settler?

I have no problem talking with anyone. All human beings. But I have a problem talking with someone showing me a shorter, a servant.

Station 5: Acorn bands night, Ramallah

After the bars and cafes around Ramallah, the Palestinian meal in the superb “Darren,” We go to Shadow digging. ” Instead, the Arab bands night taking place.Rising bands like “Enough”, you can set Achzi. Z Top of Ramallah, a kind of sleep – Lite. Tell Anafr, rapper from Lod, a political rap bomber. Mona, a Britney Spears of Haifa, breaking hearts. And more. Good atmosphere. Place is full of young people totally happy. Funny nice cultural visit is an offense. Has a military order prohibiting me as an Israeli to go out in the islands. If caught at the exit, I’ll be trouble. Grounds of the Order are perhaps security, but they certainly do not contribute to the rapprochement between peoples, stuck to each other and sentenced to be next to each other. To me, the fact that dancing is illegal to spend rather adds interest.

I see the Mustafa dancing, thinking but not yet optimistic conditions Playboy. Mustafa Paris Hilton is under occupation. Every second all around him could collapse. With all his Prada, he lives under occupation. It feels I’m young Israeli who was born in an independent state, do not know, really hard for me to absorb. After he spends with Israelis, he can get into a humiliating checkpoints, which are by nature often of his family.

Chris Alami described the checkpoint as a humiliating feeling a sense of who went to audition, he was not going to. ” Mustafa especially angry about the Wall. Reasons are practical. Is irritating him, that “because of the wall, instead of five minutes it takes me 40 minutes to get to work every morning. It’s going to be worse because the road to Ma’ale Adumim will be for Jews only. Because of the closure on Gaza, 40 percent of revenues of the enterprise of our cigarette disappeared in one night” .

– What smoke there now?

See the canals of cigarettes and international companies like Philip Morris,. They take advantage of the situation. We had to give up because of the closure 45 are working.It broke my father’s heart to fire people who work sometimes for decades.

– You do not smoke.

“Smoking is a personal matter”

– The fact that you make a living from something that causes cancer does not bother you?

“We do not make people smoke, but to provide the need of people who want to smoke. We for example do not advertise.”

– You try to sell cigarettes to Israel.

We’re businessmen. Palestinians and Israelis recognized, we have a plan to export to Israel. It’s a natural market with great purchasing power. We have office in Ra’anana and we Israeli employers. My vision, Jews and Arabs working together in one company, prosperity on both sides, an open market and are an example of the Middle East.

(Published two weeks ago in Yediot Aharonot)

My New Book, “The Israeli Dream”

On Tuesday i published “the Israeli dream”, a new book I was working on for nine years. After four books, ‘the Israeli dream’ is not out of my first tiny and family publishing house, but in the “Xargol – Am Oved”. So you could say I no more piss in the shallow pool , now I do it in the big one.

a Commercialization? I do not know what that great expense to create itself. Maybe it will mean that more will be exposed to books than before, critics will have to maybe write reviews. Cool as a given sales numbers that matter I can not find too much, except my desire to return the investment spending, and get me books in the future. I always prefer reading one smart risk and steal the book than a thousand assholes buy the book at full price to put in the bookcase next to another book at the same height. Publication certainly would not think like me. I hope at least.

Many people tell me ‘Good luck. That’s what they say If they are, but I think the book had been printed by reaching the stands. Eli Hirsch, editor, did a nice job here. It was interesting to see how it works. Phase I enjoyed more is the warehouse of the work, I took a few copies home. I arrived with my handsome poet Aaron Shabtai, and he remembered where people working there for many years and they remembered him, from the book ‘Love’.

I think this time people who do not like things I normally do, in terms of poetry, music, art, theater, etc. – will love the book. In most areas in which I am doing I am trying to get out of doing extraordinary things better or worse, trying to test the limits of their own domain and often embarrassing people causing them anxiety. That’s the idea. In contrast, in prose I am much less Awngerdyst. In fact I am quite conservative in terms of structure, language and movement of plot – as a writer, very important to me to have a story. I’m Old – School, so called. I’m also not really a case of prose material poverty, my Hebrew is not only thin is really furry. So that people who love the poetry of my music, I’m doing other things, the book will be disappointed. People who always did not understand what is good at what I do, will find themselves in school. Although I could be talking nonsense. Plots are still not really Yochi Brandes.

The school week could be reached with an employee book stalls – grasshopper one transaction at a price two famous. I’ll be there to sign on Thursday and Saturday, the 10th and 12th June, to recommend the second book you get for free. I agreed with the expenditure could be soon to get the books too, the shops that sell such alternatives.

I guess the next few weeks this blog Atask naturally a lot of things related to the book.I plan launches in Beer – Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem and Nazareth, except that the main Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Slightly on the cover designed by Tamir Lahav – Radlmsar. I found the image on the wonderful Public School : Photo of Gordon pool in the sixties or seventies, was taken from a book on sports and leisure facilities in Israel, taken by Max Galpaza.

Text back cover of the book:
‘Israeli Dream’ takes a new direction literature – funnier, more social, more wild, more serious. Roy “Chicky” Arad writes prose manages to be like pulling together, skip the legendary elegance and realism, dark and luminous, Poppy and political, to restore confidence in the power of literature to offer an original view on the Israeli reality – a view that does not ignore the ridiculous and violent sides, greedy strength, but also know the beauty.

The heart of the book was the novel, the Israeli dream, rise and fall of a newspaper cutting of lots Talley Papo, describing the quest from the provinces to the nerve center of the media tell – and then spring to rest and settling somewhere – in a bourgeois – Quality suburb – where her life again reversed, leading it re-engagement with all the sharp knives Israeli dream know to hide and pull out.

Romania joined the stories setting out a series of meetings between the innocent characters – supposedly corrupt – the face: A young rock and confused wrote caught perverse sex scene with a slick politician in Be’er Sheva, a rich kind that goes fascinated by intellectual Apomapozi Tel – Aviv, solid bank clerk from the country that falls into the trap contains Real estate Liszt a tiny Tiberias, Israeli no other good features swept the surprising charms cheap travel package to Barcelona: All characters who inhabit the great threats of the Israeli comedy.

More Links:

Port for the Israeli dream, I was interviewed by Maya Rock at the gallery of the country. You can take a peek.

Page Israeli dream Hargol Publishing site.

I translated two songs – bit of Peter Orlovsky who died this week – Winat. The name Cosmos blood.

I’m supposed to sign the book next Thursday and Saturday stalls with work – grasshopper. Welcome.