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The Surprise Birthday party of the minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer (Fuad)

Surprise birthday party event’s 74 halls Fouad fell near Kingston’s bachelorette party a girl named Danit, set it at a restaurant next to no name. Three beautiful tiger style in the city of Or Yehuda, each several inches on the heels of the height of the number of seats Labor Party tried to enter their event, but had problems with security chain. They stood with bags full of bottles and win it with the police sad. What are they guilty bachelorette party fell on that day of Fouad’s birthday? The police insisted, the girls insisted. Great luck suddenly discovered the senior officer familiar with the same Vmachris Danish, rustling his many decorations on the dress Ahbeleinit more beautiful when they hug.Ahbeleinit invites him to the wedding beautiful. And slip some available.
I think to abandon the journalistic mission to follow. It sounds more interesting item to crack. But trailing away. Apparently due to liquidation in Dubai, this silly trivial birthday have extraordinary security arrangements. Fouad is the equivalent perhaps of our God – Mbhuah. Because I have no GPO certificate, refuse to get me. I made a big mistake and got passport instead of an ID card, security guard on suspicion of looking at my many signatures from Egypt and Jordan. She told me to sit and wait for the decorative rock, along with an Ethiopian who apparently works without any certificate. We look at along the green lights spilling over the rocks around the hall and the guests who come to Kingston, mini minor politician spat officials, most of them very nice.
Last time I saw Fouad, was Achsahatahra Labor’s odd primaries against Avrum Burg.So I took his shirt headquarters of Fouad will do the job, I went with her occasionally.Beautiful orange shirt. I especially remember this event planned at the height of Fouad activists speech, fly pigeons to symbolize his commitment to peace. But they refused to leave the cage.
Event heats up slowly and I went to the bathroom. Mr waitress naughty go from one cell. I lather my hands, accidentally breaks the pink liquid soap dispenser, and run quickly away.
Port services, ten Bedouin march toward a gold dress quietly, refusing to give too much information about them. Bedouin gold number one: “Our mentality Fouad know and we know his mentality. He honored us. We respect him. He’s trying to help us and that takes time.”
– For a long time?
Yes, sixty years.
They walk slowly and suddenly a woman with a ponytail bouncing blue pants funny: “You are pretty nice. You something. You are so beautiful.” The self-confidence, is probably known to man, But I do not know who she is and probably will never know.
Eric Chinese became the first singer on Fouad says, “He’s a bastard”
– It fits into Israel is our home, your party?
“He appeals to all parties. Is very suitable for everyone.”
During the short interview, his agent requires me three times to register when the next appearance of Fuad. I’m in a hurry to escape, and finds Raanan Cohen as an excuse. “Fuad I like that he a man of action”, says Raanan Cohen, who until recently was chairman of the Industrial Development Bank, and according to himself had done a good job. He says he now wants to be chairman or chairman of the Electric Factory Pais, two fun jobs.
– What did he do?
“He’s a man of action”.
– But what he did as an act?
Changes in various infrastructure systems. Such as roads.
– There’s a certain road he made you more like?
All infrastructure.
– He did more than you or less than you?
I do not do comparison. I suggest you open the internet and see what I did.
Later I ask if you ever did to him a surprise party, this question it is very stressful, for some reason.

Secretary General Labor Organization, a man named Michel Halimi, Fuad explains another advantage: people overseas like to hear it. ”
– What’s the most important thing Fuad did?
“He has done so much that you can not choose.”
– What?
– Has identified a bridge for you to him?
“All kinds of nodes.”
– I do not have a car. What Fouad help me?
“He has improved interchanges.”

Nice girl named Liat Shochat, standing near Halimi, says she has to say, after that first she was ashamed to speak: “I Company Or Yehuda Council host the Fouad and we are very proud that he came to Or Yehuda.”
– I must mention in Or Yehuda is very beautiful. I was not here long ago, the city looks great.
“Do not write it, i am in the Labor Party.”
– I really like the traffic lights ongoing Ducks. And a very beautiful green lights.
‘It’s not us. We in the opposition. No way to write good things about the ducks. ”
– It’s just ducks?
“There are pelicans flamingo.”
– What’s wrong with them? They are really cute.
“Dealing only with this city.”
– How would you define the ratio of Or Yehuda Fouad?
“Fouad is the king of Or Yehuda”
– And the Prince?
“Unfortunately there is no prince. Fouad was very helpful to the city.”
– Would be another twenty years Fouad Street in the city?
“I’ll be the initiators of the request.”

Moroccan cigars emerge, and that signal the entry of Fouad Peres. Reuven Rivlin trying to shake their hands, but was pushed sideways for a purple hair and orange sweater that really jumps on both detected by Galia Slomaonub, a member of the Labor Party and head of mortgage bank to a medium: “I’m very attached to Fouad.
– In my opinion the nicest here. You deserve to be Sarah.
“Maybe MK. No one tenth straight step, as we say.”
– And if you be so MK from Fuad?
“When we get to the river go through it.”
– Has been caught under the MK leaves your benefactor?
“Step by step.”
Later, she tells me about a teddy bear full of candy and the bank’s Board donated Ethiopian children in Jaffa. She says I have to see this. She gives me her phone and loads it pay me to talk to her, she has a lot of items related to bears in them candy. , I slightly pressed any context with her.

All important ministers huddled around a central table, center Peres, Ehud Barak and his wife, Mrs. Fouad Yaakov Neeman. The center of a table lamp Emerald ugly, I do not understand how the ISA approved. Corner, Tzipi Livni looks a little rider block. Very crowded table, right shoulder and rubbing his shoulder. Barak and his wife pink pressed completely against the traditional grapefruit juice. That the guards push them back too .
Everyone in this table, suddenly become snobbish and do not want to be interviewed me. Even ministers and two as Braverman. I look Alilaizm – are quite smug look like children of six in the garden. They’re trying to maintain civility and not eat, but Defense Minister could not resist that fork after vine leaf vine leaf, which put them in a small tortoise. Snobbish as usual table, and I go to the other table where the Minister Gideon Ezra and Amnon Cohen of Shas sit and eat okra. Ezra: “Fouad Turkey ties strengthened recently, with all blunders were.”
– You say that Israel is destroying our home, Fouad facility?
“In the case of Turkey, certainly.”
– Why do not you sit with the ministers accepted, but on the side?
“We’re not pushing.”

The speeches begin. Eric Chinese rose, and Yaakov Neeman tapped with his finger on the table to show people. All waiting Eyal Golan. Peres says, “I was a lot of bar mitzvah celebrations, I saw no such celebration. You are the minister brings the sun’s energy.” Fuad’s younger grandson, was eight years old, should be an exciting record of the event, but from things he wishes unclear. Turns out that Ehud Barak has a birthday this week. Saying that, the wound crashed to the floor potted roses and carnations.
During the boring speeches, I try to write the story, to send it on time. But there are plenty of distractions. Place a plate over to the Moroccan cigars including pastels and all sorts of oily foods. Boaz Shapira cool and admired from Channel 1 takes quite a bit. Radio’s cute reporter Tamar Levy takes a bite cigar and returns it to the plate. Is, I think a mother. I can a little pastel, get tired quickly. I go back to the entrance, trying to write out the item. Suddenly, I find a character curly stroking my legs., I raises his head and examines the character and revealed miracles made, musician and camp award. I try not interview him because he always interviewed at these events, but it requires saying “Fouad is a person with a soul the size of his belly.” ice guard turns into a tight dress I see back, surprised to discover his bald head tattooed. After a few moments reveals that Eyal Golan, a singer that I really like, but do not appreciate the clearing a new image.
Then indicate Fouad surprise party and discovers that this was a scam: “organizing accidentally sent me an invitation that says I have a birthday and keep it secret. But I’m mostly angry that she wrote, did not bring gifts”.

Here are pictures of scenic Dadush