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Massada Street, Haifa – story of Co-existence

Massada Street, mid-week. Flashing lights and music mark the opening of an exhibition at a makeshift home. some guy puts lebanese pop through the Youtube. Beside him, hurling two Curly Arabs Darbuka-guys. Western girl with a blue shirt dancing on a blue background painting. The crowd at the opening divided almost fifty fifty between Jews and Arabs . Hagai Ayad, a central figure gay scene and former culture of Tel Aviv, leaning against a wall, not far from another oil painting showing the remnants of oysters eaten we late.
On the other side of the road – Cafe Massada, bubbling core of local scene. Handsome Arab bartender customer ID on the Russian Jewish apocalyptic short story written last night and she looked at him with veiled. On the wall, shining images of Egyptian movie stars from the Fifties, an initiative of Lina Falah, an artist and philosophical table, currently engaged in real estate, and one of the founders of successful place, take comfort in that it gets free coffee.
Continue a bit, some flat picking up a guitar sound, a bit of noise in the store’s urban Pneakistem shirts or a boy his mother, then a curving street, entering a small community center. Just took place here as part of the events of the Gallery ‘Art precaution, the street became one big exhibition, including Falafel. Twenty Haifa residents standing under a pink and many kind of macrame passionately about the connection of art and society. Outside, a coffee urn Works, some political posters of the left factions tiny fifty years, an increased concentration of young people with a mustache, beyond what is in the West. a grown man and ice, his face almost transparent, blue sweater and shave sloppy, shaky voice says, “but what we say in Tel Aviv? Do we know in Tel Aviv? Can someone answer me “and they all taxes that they should not Tel Aviv.
Piece of a street along the 200 meters, are located a used book store called Goldmund ‘,  Pardes publishing house, a clothing store Second Hand shop, T – shirt urban shop, two bars, four cafes, one with orientation for Gay Arabs, recording studio , a poetry journal called “Elat Hamastic” Feminist Art Magazine named “Artotal” ‘conducted by the artist Rachel Luria, and there are some rumors about local bands and theater, set up the environment.
Israel has only a single cultural center swelling all the time – Tel Aviv. Many writers and artists working across the country. But that supports a prosperous scene and throws herself to a variety of areas, operates, for better or worse, only the center of Tel Aviv. Currently, only one place can win the city’s basic voice first Hebrew – Massada Street in Haifa.
Unlike present-day Tel Aviv, all Massada speaking ideology. But the reasons for the flourishing of Massada Street, both in the pocket, and tied to exorbitant housing prices in Tel Aviv, Volume grew out of idle broke artists, but today makes the city rich.This is a healthy opportunity to usurp some other cities of cultural hegemony.Jerusalem also occurs but Masada complex Hadar neighborhood in Haifa, coming out of nowhere, suddenly – that is big enough. Many young people are flocking from all over cheap and pleasant to live on the street. Rentals of the three-room apartment costs less in the Hadar neighborhood studio apartment in South Tel Aviv. As more places are opened on the street, so the attractiveness of the compound climbs. I hitched a ride with a friend in Tel Aviv street. As the interviews progressed, she began to try to find an apartment in abandoned me.
Hagai Aid a theater, a new immigrant from Tel Aviv street, enthusiastic: “I was on Sheinkin Street in the eighties Achsahrahub burst. Since always lived around the ham. But I left here Achsshinkin became the mall. I do not want to live at the mall. Masada today is real on Sheinkin Street. I live on the street versatile environment called Melchett. I went here because this area has come up with people trying to re urban art, just like then. It’s a place that gives inspiration, a place to mingle with artists and people who try to define themselves. Tel-Aviv has become too capitalist, must have a heart of Tel Aviv ‘.
– Where there are more studs?
Truth in Tel Aviv. World Haifa disadvantaged gay, but I’m working on it.

Karmelit Named Desire
Uniqueness of Masada (but it has a station Karmelit), that scene is Jewish – Arab excited. This is not the co-existence initiative funded by the European Union, but simply living side by side. Sharing between neighbors is a natural interest in the face, but today’s Israel, where Jewish and Arab culture continents moving away from each other all the time – it’s a miracle.
I never liked the term two – existence, assumes that there are depths of threats to bridge them. Ubmsda really is Abahed – existence. Like men, more or less get along with women and adults with young, without much effort.
June hyacinth, musician (band decapitated Lips “), is one of the founders of Alternative Music Label Pat \ Keith. He went to Haifa to open instead of disabled musicians. Shinaah her bags after his sister, rays, a fashion designer. June hyacinth: “I wanted to create a musical scene in Haifa. It’s not easy, but I can say that every night I can get drunk with interesting people. This month we had five shows in five places in Haifa and two kinds of festivals. And the crowd arrives. There is a sense things are happening. Haifa is also mixed city. cooperation between Jews and Arabs is the chance for life in this country. not out of it must be together, but it’s interesting to live in together. If there is a chance for this place, Israel is only through the model of Haifa, Haifa through the mix. ”
Eran Prager is the owner of Cafe Masada, the scene where he opened two and a half ago (“Everybody thinks we’re open a lot of years”). He sees his own action, beyond the boiling espresso, something political. Prager accidental accidentally arrived, after his girlfriend then, and opened the Cafe Masada ‘to establish a coffee would be rested for Arabs and Jews. Responses to requests: “This morning a customer came. Pointed to this sign, ‘freedom and justice to Gaza.” Demanding to download. That it is not suitable ”
– What do you do in such cases?
. “I say, not fit, you go.”
– Posted Ssarabtam time to serve people in uniform?
New worker arrived and thought we were not serving soldiers. On his own, he refused to put a soldier. And created a story. But what he did against the spirit of mine. We want everyone to enter and talk and listen. I know sitting here left-wing soldiers without uniforms, I was a soldier like that.
– It seems you do something more ideological – art than running a coffee shop?
Politics here is the only thing that saved me, because I was really dull run a coffee.Treat customers municipality is boring.
Lina Falah, 29, Druze, the last in the country Sami’a, accommodation is a tall girl and determined: “Talk about Haifa as a place with coexistence. But there are only exist in Haifa and sub – existence. Or as they say the Arabs, coexistence between cute and rider. Abmsda have Two – a real existence. on the street you see Jews and Arabs who left exposed to the Jews and Arabs not to be exposed at eye level. It happens at the meeting in a cafe in artistic activities. ”
– How it works and why here?
It happens in a very organic, it just happens. Begin with the Jews who come to live here tolerant Arabs, that the street has a name of a bohemian leftist. People who consider that maybe Itahachko evenings.
– There are still conflicts?
Very little.
– And Druze? Standing in the middle?
Language I can say I knew the first time really I connected with them Druze. My Druze essence is just a curiosity here. They say, ‘Oh, Druze, cool.
– The rest of Israel more difficult for you to be not Jewish?
I am not an example. People do not know if I am an Arab. I do not look, and I have an accent, and Hugh hated.
– So you want here?
I’m pleased with her actions. But like drugstore Laundromat 24 hours. (In the background shouting that there has been a drugstore) Ok, so take off the drugstore. I just want a Laundromat.
Rachel Lurie, editor Artotal, an online newspaper Pmnisstti art, artist and poet herself: “Many years have severely fantasies Web newspaper difficult. I decided to fulfill them now because it is a possible target Barrtotal create an artistic dialogue that goes beyond art.
– Weird Sabmsda has two newspapers, you Mastic.
That’s very nice and I’m proud to be part of Mastic.
– Fun in Haifa
I’m a little roll in Tel Aviv. The combination is very interesting here. I live in students who do not live near the market.
I see a lot of side effects and some crime. Just quiet. There are many Arabs and Russians, but all in all nice.
Hadas Ben-Artzi, actress delighted to play my father’s next film, Eagle, is a colorful character. We’re going to eat hummus in Abu Shaker downtown, ten minutes walk on foot (“I’m trying to convince them to open a branch Abmsda. I have no power to go down every time”). On the way, she waves hi to all security guards and selling Triiningeym loses her dog Ahatahsit Matilda at every intersection possible.
Ben-Artzi: “When I came here for learning in London, I did not know who is against whom. So I decided to like the Beatles start performances on my roof. Provide a platform for artists from Haifa, not only from Tel Aviv. It was important to me to be cultural and that it will not easy. It was not long until Shliroay my roof reached 1400 people. I write a script on the street now Masada. like a Florentine, just a little different, because there are Jews and Arabs here. I call Lmsda Street lost souls. It gives legitimacy to a street. It does not happen anywhere else here. Even if You’re two blocks up, you’re at the foot of Caramel, and it is impossible to create.

Masada shall not fall again

Haifa beauty is still the same sleepy town mall mall moving crises. In the coming years, is Thank up the third largest city in Israel, in favor of Rishon Lezion. Masada complex is a weekly Zebahabat in the city. On Maxim magazine comes out singing called Mastic, the editor Lila Weber Meital Nissim, and gives expression to young artists around. To understand the uniqueness of the compound can be told that the newspaper is distributed at four points of Haifa in Haifa, and all along the street Masada.
– Copyright Hifaim veteran as a. Joshua responded in the magazine?
We did not get to them, not tried. We operate only in the ghetto of Massada. There is no one consultation, there is no action here, we can learn from it. And that is precisely good: everything you do here is significant. All pioneers, it’s like to go into the wilderness without a map. He is also a pain in the desert flower.
Weber Lilac’s gaze distracted and dreamy. I saw her first appearance on the roof of the music label organized by Pat \ Keith half a year ago. She demanded to be given respect for the Lhifaim, not just artists who came from the center, a swing to go with another poet, mustached, and eventually appeared in two Halokl – patriotic applause of an enthusiastic audience.
For some reason, it is her innocence and directly led to a move that was supposed to be a highlight of the scene and eventually set up his dream of Masada terrified Art Haifa against the establishment dismal reality.
To promote, Mastic, Lila thought the organization of the art exhibition from the booklet. Because she did not quite understand art, she says, decided to take more curators to manage project. At this point, the idea came from her slim Weber, became a huge exhibition for anything called ‘art care, which took place at ten locations in Haifa, with a number of curators, dozens of artists, nearly all local.
The exhibition was to be a show of strength of the work area. All businesses on the street have become galleries for the exhibition. With commercial Biennial cast on the advice of some urban branding consultants, with external curators, an event created here came from the bottom up and swept the whole street with thousands of visitors to the exhibition and then a street party. Instead ₪ million budget, the show closed here ten thousand shekels. Many people arrived and at eleven pm and the music was supposed to be closed by law and a host of old neighbors who want to sleep.
But the fate of parties organized by young people just do not close at eleven. Catastrophe occurred, there was a party Casual: veteran officers were experienced formation event day. Neighbors have complained about dancing under the house, because there were police officers, a Police patrol car was sent to take care of business. They reached the street which was full of dancers drunk disbanded after a successful exhibition, some artists and exhibitions. Like the American Civil War began a few kids throwing snowballs at soldiers English, H, one artist, was drunk and decided to dance on the car because she thought it was disco lights, a fight developed, which gave police the green light to go celebrate.
I received numerous complaints of police violence. Walid Zoubi, a trainee doctor in a hospital, Caramel. Is one of the regulars sitting at the Cafe Masada: “I went to a party, after a successful exhibition. Police came and asked me a go. I told him, I live here, where I might get around? Arad city down? I do not bother you. Then Lena came and told her to leave. She said, I live here. He told her, shut the fuck up, ya dumb. She said, do not talk like that. Then I see the Lena gets hit and flies to the floor, unconscious. ”
– She did something?
She did not do anything. Is a girl, all gorillas. Bomba received large. She was just a circle on the forehead, like animated movies. She fainted and gave her a neurological evaluation, no signs of bleeding in the brain. What I’m trying to wake her. She sees the man hit. Pointing to, say, shoot. He was afraid of tearing it off the car. I tell him, it hurt. One choked me, the two pushed me. So I flew back, because I do not want to stop. After it gave her more blows in the car. There was a party really, really good.Bummer ending this way. Was really Cool and beautiful.
– And how your feeling now?
It’s discouraging that you are trying to revive the neighborhood. My neighborhood is important to me. I am originally from Nazareth, but see the type of home. There is also the positive side. Police kidnapped persons, they have no political awareness, an opportunity for them to understand that if the police act like Haifa, how it is living under an army. They understand the degree of frustration. Why people end object.
– And yet the relationship between Jews and Arabs here are very different from the country.
I do not like at all to talk about Jewish-Arab relations. I went for coffee, and it occurs to me to even think who a Jew and who is Arab.
Hagai Ade, now works as marketing of the Haifa Theater. Although little institutional position, frustrated police: “Police do not know to deal with region. She interprets wrong. Instead of nurturing, Masada is the key to understanding the city revival, against everything establishment workers. If there is a chance to be the focus of Haifa culture, so it is just here.”
Chen, an artist, who was among the first riot, grabbed quite a bit: “They burn gas poured over me. Something you throw the Arabs, a small amount. They dismantled me at least a half tank. When I started turning blue and I could not breathe, they beat me with clubs. I am a woman, not interest in them, stomach, near the womb. Friends took me to an office of publisher Pardes rescue me. They stripped me, because everyone started to vomit because of the smell of the clothes. What an awful police are not called an ambulance. Ahrebctam, swell? Call an ambulance. I have scratches Ein yet. all hell shower. days resin. All the chest and left arm was full of burns
, I left meat out. It was a dark day. No one knew where people were. Did not know what state I am. Sought in hospitals. Street for two days later seemed shocking. “.
Eyal Lavi, with Goldmund books: “Without police, Masada is not a violent street.”
– So why the police kept an eye on the street?
Because there is a lot of people with Arstut. The police have an instinct, a man with dreadlocks, do a search. This street is very leftist. A high percentage did not do military, the connection of Jews and Arabs here, great. It’s a natural thing, no one think it makes the region.
– No friction between Jews and Arabs?
During the ‘lead casting was the tension, but people sat talking.
– There’s a bumper sticker, for example, slaughtering pilots.
This coffee Masada. Place of his political opinions known. I vote Meretz, and is considered here and nationalism. But it’s Heart of Masada. This coffee house is an institution.
Il Friedlander, 52, is curator in charge of the social art presented at the Community Center. Is a European-style silver, looked a little like an orchestra conductor. After the successful opening of the art care, decided to get himself on the street: “I stayed all night at the opening and I was already drunk. I saw the party. It’s not the kind of reasons for my age, I wanted to, but I saw the police take young people and take them. I started screaming. I told the cops, what are you doing here? Will go away, there is an art, there is joy. There are exhibitions. I grabbed a police officer and began to preach morality. He told me, you under arrest for assaulting an officer.Stories of people said they pushed me and I fell. But do not beat me, just pushed, acted on his face did not like humans. I found myself screaming with rage, that the first clouds I did not understand what is in this turmoil, like never belong here.
– You look respectable person, not someone who stop and put under house arrest.
I’ve learned something from everything. I learned that the government here is not for me. He him. This layer of elite that cares for herself. I, the Pacific Citizen, on their cocks, the police here do not deal with criminals. But with Lflapim, artists and students, people with long hair, God forbid. Since I cut my hair did not stop me on the street.
Eran Prager, Masada Cafe owners, he has an earring to pay the harassment: “I are investigating at least once every two months. They take students by the police, if he know about it once the drugs, were they doing with the search procedure for these students, teaching them how to look at us. I happened a few times they were interns. ”
June hyacinth, musician: “Teaching is supposed to be head over town, the place will live in peace. But they go Where they have considered. Last year, six times I searched for knives in the street.”
– How did you react to searches.
I told the cops, ‘Hey, but I’m Ashkenazi.
Kimchi Rafi, Director of Economic and Social Branch North College, one of the organizers of the exhibition: “There is an amazing activist scene there, of Jews and Arabs. Haifa is the most central place in terms of organization Ahpmnissteim the Arabs. It’s no accident in Tel Aviv has no problems, that Tel Aviv and yellow, the Ashkenazi high socioeconomic class. ”
– Yona Yahav came to see the exhibition?
No. But he sent his messengers to take all the spruce. See how lovely. That scene.There Soho.

– What happens actually?
“Haifa undergoes a process Frifrilizcia. Has a move where the city actually lost economic forces and human favor of the State of Tel Aviv. Some race of the establishment is trying to be like Tel Aviv. To organize mass events that will become the commercial role of Haifa, Tel Aviv. I believe her approach is to try be a tail to lions, but to make the Haifa to be the leader of the North. Battle of the failed privatization, in care of art, said, come see what a wonderful creation occurs here. especially in this room, the neighborhood began to Haifa, Haifa’s Farrah.
– Citrus Now what?
“Railway station that anyone can go it moves away. If you can indicate strong areas, if you fail, do you coming south. Room apartments have a cheaper, it allows students to Arabs, to live there. Haifa is the cultural capital of the Palestinians in Israel. If you A young Arab man who lived in a village in Galilee, want to experience urban life open, then you came to Haifa. ”
– And the exhibition?
Look knocked. The police knew that was going to be an art event with a seria of openness. Known to be sensitive to the people on the street. So that day they send cops fucking experienced Lanupshon Hanukkah? Then Achsazrah a phone call, send policemen. Police officers see a lot of people think and what to distribute. Do not blame them. Are children aged 20. Behave like scattering scene. We worked a few months volunteers, was an outstanding success. But again the title is – violence Abmsda. (Haifa police response: “The police are taking care of law enforcement and responds to events. Every complaint will be reviewed on its own merits)
Efrat Levin, the moving spirit behind the exhibit, concludes sadly, “do this pioneering art here, because there’s nothing here. It’s not like Tel Aviv and you’re just looking for a niche. One Gallery has a commercial here? No, no nothing, nor ever was. violence in the exhibition for me is part of reality. This suggests that art tries to beautify and illuminate, a more powerful reality. ”
– How did you feel about something in fact so much time volunteering, you did something so beautiful, and finally it ended like this?
The horror of the world.

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