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Prophet in jeans – 25 years for Dan Omer’s Death – Israeli Beatnik

“Everybody wants to be prophets and eat from the plate,” said Dan Omer  in an interview to “Haolam Haze”. Even 25 years after his death, Omer was probably the closest thing a doomed prophet wh in the Hebrew literature, although the bottom line really did not eat from the plate, so that today only few know exactly who he was. And those who know – some of them would rather not remember.
Omer arrived early enough headlines in the short-lived career , randomly. In 1966 he published the book “the road”, a futuristic nightmare novel center with a German girl. The name ‘in’ than corresponded with the ‘On The Road’ of  Jack Kerouac. Omer tried to write like the beatniks, over-used the term ‘cock’. It was understood as an attempt to pornography and the book was censored.Supreme Court Justice Moshe Landau, the court defined the book, “Practice really disgusting about sex whose distribution is not allowed even though the scale stick, which we got used to these days. Horrifying descriptions of sex and blasphemy for signs of boring writing and literary talent.”

Good morning revolution, Dan Omer

Disqualification of ‘the road” led Omer to hunger strike in front of the Knesset. Protest tent Cafe Ta’amon “continued illegally selling copies of the book banned. He lost the trial and then appeal, but won the war, Israeli literature won him: “way” was the last Israeli school censorship rejected moral reasons. It realized it was too silly.
Moshe Bar, a bookstore owner,and friend: “Dan was a hero for the youth in Jerusalem. All visited him at the protest tent. This was a time revolution was a revolution and friends were friends. He despises permanent work in terms of surrender to work. He knew he was paying a price . He was not a food several days before someone invited him. Why? that he wrote. an angry prophet like him – there is no ”

The year was 1966, as stated. Dan Omer was 26, pretty thin because of the hunger strike. West, defeat the censors “the lover of Lady Chatterley” opened the dam and the free sex era. But Ahsixteiz Israel going to be short because of war breaking out in summer of next year, and change forever the central questions occupy the local culture.
“Way” was a very interesting book, like a bucket of 14 books – published best-selling Dan Omer. A powerful book, but not pleasant reading. The sequels do not cause discomfort or pleasure, but very disturbing. There was always something there, but the original work was his center of gravity. The work of Omer met through the “grunt”, a collection of American poetry Ahabetnikit he translated and included the Ginsberg, Corso Uprlingetti.Joel showed me to her home in Haifa when I was Hoffman. He had a photographic copy of it with pins. I’m pretty stingy and moved a year until I found the book at a lower price than 150 ₪. The book hit me. Curly bang reverberating from the book, also expressed his release points, showed that there is life beyond the legitimate cultural poetry usually politely Vmachahachahat advertisers here or choose to translate. Since, I try to publish poetry without scoring.
Through the “grunt”, Omer tried to import the song looked to Israel. This translation is not – perfect: it’s brilliant translation. Natan Zach Translate years later, the poetry of Allen Ginsberg may be true, but did not have the spice of madness that Bezeq Dan Omar. What’s the point an exact translation of the songs fact that to begin are not accurate? This book was a fountain turpentine desert for young people, who knew only the respectable Hebrew poetry, he showed her song belongs to the bad boys of the class, not only Laharsnim. The poem “growl” Ginsberg’s legal affair dragged. She was considered too obscene banned the United States. Issued by her publisher, Lawrence Frlingtti, was arrested. Today it is considered a classic.
Looked, swollen poetry movement against the American controlled and dignified, was not significant in real time. Israel was not wearing anyway. Alexander Penn wrote about looking at “I beatnik / If I had a pita \ I Pitnik. Americans will learn it on non conformity, communism, and it could be Star Singer? But today among the young singing Israel’s fashionable late decades, singing Ahabetnikit has finally Edna squad Address “style which distinguished the first issue of their magazine, the effects of the” kind “and Moise Ben Harosh young poets as Van Newein. A week ago when Shmuelofappeared with his launch of Allen Ginsberg poem translated one Fishof (first published in the studio). Poetry has entered the eighth, and use Babbitt has great power politics and cultural battering ram, seven. San Francisco a year ago, by accident, I almost had to take a ride with Lawrence Frlingtti, one of the three poets are translated in “hot.” Is now over ninety-year-old enjoys mythical status as publisher of Ahevitanyakim boss of the world’s major bookstore poetry, City Heights. Despite his age, he drives a red Toyota pickup truck, barely see the road. Fortunately, or not lucky, I got another ride. The next day he suddenly coffee jumped by case settled because it was the only empty table where poets. He took a sip of coffee, and went on Toyota. immediately jumped on the coffee some older poets excited, snarling ‘I drink the coffee of Frlingtti.

Mount hands

After “the way”, an eagle at the center of Omar Dan. Meaning of occupation of the Six-Day War (which six volunteer, even avoided before) tearing it. He was signed few of the prophetic ad left-wing “compass” in September 1967 calling for immediate withdrawal from the territories, one in fact had predicted one of the processes vandals lied about Israel since then. Present-day Israeli mainstream, was a betrayal. With euphoric state, the very officer Omar opinions, that tended to be too annoying. He decided to leave London to establish a commune and lead a revolutionary movement, together with the local branch of the compass, and even claimed the CIA. Islands. Yee bothered to follow him.
Dan back in the seventies Omar big time. ‘This world’ suggested Amos Keinan write a literary column. Keenan too lazy and recommended Dan Omar. Section “paper tiger” Omar became a literary critic who knew the most brutal tongue of Hebrew literature.Aaron Megged wrote about, “continued Beredidotho literary disabled.” On a book by Amnon Navot: “less promising novel Israeli fiction in the eighties and the worst novels.” On the young flush Rooney wrote: “wild growth of marginal culture in school. Lulls the reader.”
Invective techniques were fixed Omer: when he wanted to hurt someone, and that’s what he wanted usually use the name of exile. For instance the editor of “Now” Gabriel called Mr. Munbeaza focus and added it the name was probably meant to hurt, “the professor from Be’er Sheva.” Today, the focus misses the then enemy, reconciled with him before he died. Focus: “Omar was a strange, our powers. Gunfighter wild goat found in the Hebrew polemic top. He did not write his own poetry is important, but it does not matter. Today there are no side effects like Dan Omer. There is hardly a lone horsemen with their own opinions. I see imagined him. with old thin face, sitting on a cloud in the sky, arguing with the poet Maxim Gilan.
Hebrew poetry has become more disciplined geeky?
Hebrew poetry is not disciplined, this company.
Dan has Omar legacy?
Do not think. He was forgotten shame. It must not be forgotten. Is an important man.I’m not saying that great with him. We fought. All right.

For action, the literature section, a paper tiger, has become very popular, so that increases the circulation. Pitchforks pierced through the minds of the less holy holy cows. Amnon Birman, Atsabcne member of the Jerusalem bohemia, tells of the importance of the Tiger: “In an interview to ‘paper tiger’ I said Avidan started to lose his bearings. Avidan was friends with my father, Abraham Birman, who was his English translator. This world left on Wednesday. On Tuesday At midnight, my father gets a phone Avidan. He answers the phone in a panic. Avidan other end. He says to him, you get older, your son expressed freely. Avidan off, and did not come to the funeral of seven of the Father. ”
Uri Avnery, editor of this world, was delighted with the purchase: “Dan Omar was very aggressive and it was good. Literature, like any field, perhaps more than any field, needs people that make an argument. I gave him total freedom. Has never censored or repaired, and it made much annoyance. I got a lot of criticism about how I let him write. ”
Today there are phenomena like Dan Omar?
The press has become flat, has no mountains, everything plain. Society needs to advance debate, people who have opinions and want to express them on their noses and the wrath of others. I took it, because I thought people would provocative read, even if they are not interested in literature. It worked. ”
But it was also insulting to receive a green phlegm you bother to book a few years.Dan Omar died at age 44, there have been many joys. Baruch did not deny a man who said ‘good riddance’. Some have compared the sense of joy can feel on the death of Rabbi Kahane. Menahem Ben and today, it suffered quite a bit, insisting that Dan Omar was punished by God stroke for his sin as a critic ( a graceful response Menahem Ben ). Amnon Birman disagree, “said Omar died that Dan did not contain the hatred. It was defamation, but there were many who loved him.”

An Israeli dream, Dan Omar

Mr Line

I met Dan back at Ariela Omar, in the second floor where you can read periodicals. A few years before I took the day off from any spot dedicated to reading literary journals. Absolutely, the first sheets of ‘line’ beginning Ahsixteiz presented the most advanced and interesting texts. Signed editors bar Jonah Fisher, Rachel Shapiro and Dan Omer.

Beauty of the ‘line’ is a wild selection delicate at the same time very careful of the materials, a natural combination between art and literature. Still, few refer to the “line” as a milestone in its preliminary version.
Poet Harold Schimmel excited when he recalls the days of line, which was first given to the journals where his songs: “I wrote a time on American art. The editors said, we do not know how you pay.’ll Write a check for your name, fill in what you think you deserve. This Their management was. Dan Omar was very against what was going on in the country. He was the opposite of Libra. which was nice, he then did not write Hebrew. and he just published his poems in English, Hebrew and all the vocals.
Assessment of him as a poet?
“My wife once said Dan Varda he knows he is not the same league of Amichai and others, but it is important to write songs. He said that poets Type ‘A’, but also poets Type B and C has a right to exist. They work as hours dedicated not less. This approach appealed to me. My wife was also impressed by his modesty. ” Schimmel also published poems in ‘yellow pages’, a magazine for value Den Omar. Then ‘yellow pages’ also became Omar Dan’s company, through which he received payments magazines where he worked.

Finance Jonah Fisher, grazed for editing, tells how he began ‘line: “I Mhuclaartz in 61 and played with the idea to edit a magazine for art. I met Abteamon Dan Omar told him. Dan said that he would like to spend a magazine for poetry young. So I said, let’s do together. Dan Omar knew the blessed object, will be willing to finance the first issue. Dan, our friend Rachel Shapiro. We worked together for two years at my apartment to get the first issue. when he appeared in the paper, Baruch said he will not want to finance.’ve lost money, so we continued. We worked pretty harmonious Together, the flow very well, when it flowed. until that happened that caused unpleasant to stop any possibility to cooperate and we stopped to say hello to one another. ”
Difficult. What I did was so nasty. It’s like a couple divorces, all the good years are affected by separation.

Radio cute man

Filmmaker Micha Ambassador Dan had a friend of Omar, “We knew for many years. We cooperated together when I was on Army Radio Radio Magazine asked him to be my Ahsiidakiak.
How Radio reluctant in those days employed proud?
The right of the commander of Army Radio. It made lifting an eyebrow. That Dan did not try to be Apoca muddy. He tried to provoke and arouse attention, do not take things to their bodies. He had good instincts for public relations. We knew other boys young guard. He was Shmucnik impressive. Very moving. After that, he mocked the Christian faith Radziner Hazan Yaari young guard. ”
Were you fighting?
“I do not think so. This can be attributed to the censure. Not so easy to quarrel with me. I realized pretty quickly that the best way to irritate him, she did not Marivaux him. It Ichas him even him. He was looking for Don, no question. Not afraid to fight, verbally and physically. once got beat up a bunch older, ashtray once got beat up a taxi driver who was all the years he remained silent, and to confirm or deny that he killed Bernadotte.
You were among those protesting the censorship “in”?
I came to the tent. Identification. You know, I thought then and I think to this day, fortune who took it away in two minutes, attracted attention. The tent had a little anecdote. Extra Fine coffee friends came to see him and to show.
You can talk about the legacy of Dan Omar?
Eventually, he was producing a lot. Wrote all the time, he was great – like me. Things went well and for quality. Once a song. Once an article. Groups were always the most important they thought them to be remembered forever, and vanished.

Year of nothingness

David Monsein is a real estate according to his profession, but professional bohemian by any other measure. It’s about the first time he encountered the phenomenon: “In the sixties, I went up the street. I saw a swarthy guy with a goatee looks at me suddenly. I tell him, what is looking. He says, I’m looking at. I asked what he was doing. Say, I’m a young poet. I tell a joke, you can read me? He says, meet again in three hours a weak. I laughed, but it intrigued me. , I come to the cafe, waiting at a table Read it to me. He says something like “It was a night of nothingness, the clock stopped on the porch playing cards, beauty gave a divorce himself. Since he is very into bohemia. In the evening we used to go every day Lbeachhuas. Was there Raip Elias Maronite Christian who ran the place. One day he tells me Dan, you are drinking every day. you are here anyway, want to be waiters? we said yes. So Raip said, ‘OK, you take the top, is lower. I worked one day, is a long time “.
How Dan Omer was the waitress?
“He took everything seriously. Then, he was the one who led the retirement of Nitzan Ltamon bohemian coffee. Shkedy coffee bud regular customers came, my brother Amnon – Naomi, told him he had a debt, and asked him what about the money. Then Amnon said to him ‘If you need money, you work. Following this, Dan Omar led the disposition of bohemia bud Ltamon. who was by then coffee shakes. There were tables and beautiful, beautiful images like in the sixties. came Coop and made changes and made the order, Formica and taste. It has become a central place. In 65 Dan Omar was based guys had to say. He told the London, it was like to go to the moon. He came back in love with Alan Ginsberg. was a revolutionary of coffee shops. ”
And you?
“Omar’s and my views were completely different. He was a compass, I was not, I would do with business. I said Let’s get him the book ‘Jesus in jeans. We got stuff we printed it.”

It was a good deal?
“Even half a book did not sell. We released him, he added a sticker on his name, and sold himself. I have not messed around in publishing, only myself.”
What’s unique about Omar?
“I’ll tell you a story. One day we hitchhiked and got to the kibbutz. The man did not eat or drink. Said, I do not take food from a kibbutz. If I do not work, I can not. He did not eat or drink for two days.”

Amnon Birman, Atsabcne League, comes once a week to Tel Aviv. We meet at the Cafe Bialik, I tell him my mother was director of logic puzzles forum brings me a book and crossword puzzles with a beautiful dedication. Birman came to prepare another puzzle to tell about his old friend: “I really liked it, there were many who loved him. He loved me. Do not know if there was a lot of people. September 67 Compass members including Dan Omar was called to depart from the territories. It was very popular . There was also Shimon was a columnist for Ha’aretz, there were letters to fire him because of the ad. Once it was possible to put all these people in an apartment, now can not put them in Bloomfield “.
His love of literature?
You can compare Dan Omar Amos Keinan. Both writers fail, not good, because they Plkttistem, see reality in black and white. They were Msionarym. Amos was a genius satirist. But when he tried to write a book, I could not read. And Danny. Like Keenan, Dan was an excellent editor and translator of genius.
Dan would you say that?
No, Keenan did not say.

Outside the black and white pages, Dan Omar was a tireless forgetful. Nurit Manet, his third wife journalist Yedioth Ahronoth former tells of their first date had shouted at people. “He took me to the party’s newspaper covering television. Until we arrived, he was warm and charming. When we party, his tongue cut the bodies. He met guidelines are known and told them ‘you free food. Everyone went off and could not comment. Since then, the quality of the fight was gone , you do not see her anymore. Even that amount of knowledge that man was a phenomenon has gained. He had a photographic memory, and read very quickly. He was turning the page, already digested. There were few books read paste daily. He had a huge archive of all home related Israeli culture, from late 19th century until his death. everything was sorted. He was set for war. The soldiers were in Tours arranged. It really was a fighter, a general of all this information. Dan saw himself as a knight whose function is to keep the Hebrew culture, the integrity of the culture Hebrew. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to form the blood-creates adult mass. At the age of 40 you are just starting to write. Hebrew culture has lost something clean, not busy serving no one ”
Against who?
“I remember he had a hard fight, for example, Dan Ben Amotz. Every Friday, Dan Omar was out with his own. Dan with his adopted son. Amotz Danny White said, if you dare today, would remain forever. It became a terrible hatred. The amount of knowledge that the person This phenomenon was gained. If the quote was arguing, he would take the book. He had a photographic memory.
How quickly read?
Were slightly smeared and read two books. He was turning the page, read digested.
What was his agenda?
That changed with the birth of Athaliah. He woke up at 11. Weekend was all night writing the paper tiger. Also wrote the city and then all of the local newspaper reports.Zisi autumnal saw it as an enemy nation. Where he could, he fought it. He represented the opposite, his existence, his decision making. Literary aspect.Autumnal trying to be civilized, serious, dignified, important, and hierarchical. The last thing that really matter content. Dan was reading all the newspapers and literary supplements from England, Germany and New – York. Today, the Internet Sminternat, but he knew the amounts of agar and filed, in what was then the world’s very few systems. He built archive regarding to Israeli culture, from the late 19th century until he died. And nothing was done regularly. Reads, sorts, cuts. It was hard to fight it, because everything is so well sorted. He was always a collector. His dad was town clerk, and brought the first computer ever enters the system. Dan prepared himself for the computer age is very young. When we reached the National Library, took us there with a red carpet. So adored him. Consulted on the materials arrive. He received them very beautiful gifts. If there was multiplication of rare books, they would let him.
Book through the net was a provocation or literary value, too?
Things that were absurd in the way, became a reality. Cynicism and the ability to like it fine and obvious. So it was a protest, not to go there.
What’s the best thing he’s written?
He did not write it. He wrote poetry, which later seemed too sweet. Dan’s tragedy that he died before what he really wanted to write. All that was preparation. This is the real tragedy. That he had not what he wanted. Infinitely many investigations have left.
What is he alive?
Did not let him work, he was very black list. What kept it, had radio and television. He made a huge work of translation and research without his name. That’s what support it. Nobody gave neatly ordered not to employ him. But they were all sycophants, has not and Out. This is a very specific atmosphere. Its leftovers you see today.

“God freed ridges down its assets,
Wore blue jeans and faded …
Down and joined the herd without the leader, a herd with no thought
Parisian fashion flock adapted Caprice. “
Dan Omer, from the song “Long Night”

The word ‘Probaktoar’ is commonly used derogatory word. But a provocation – even cheaper – is part of the work, it just means art, some of the criticism that creativity can and must take. Provocateurs are those lie down on the wire and then vilified. Without challenging as Dan Omar culture and society was left behind. Nurit then girlfriend Anna recalls: “One day, Gideon Hausner, the prosecutor of Eichmann, across the street, Dan Omar said, ‘Hey I know you. Hausner was satisfied. Dan Omar says,’ Yeah, you’re the Metropolitan Opera. Hausner told, Not at all. So Dan said, ‘What, you do not voice of six million Jews? “. He did not like the Ahshuanim Pro.”
Sometimes it was more difficult